Huron County grand jury indicts 11

Charges range from drug-related crimes to robbery.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 24, 2014


A Huron County grand jury has indicted 11 suspects on various charges.

The grand jurors met Friday and the results were released today.

Those defendants and their charges are:
Devin S. Epsinoza on possession of cocaine.
Randall T. Ladd on one count each of theft of a credit card and theft.
Lou V. Willis on possession of oxycodone.
Alaina L. Rowe on possession of cocaine.
Leandra M. Kimbro on complicity to trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance.
Brandon R. Taylor on complicity to trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance.
Nathaniel W. O’Brien on robbery.
Daniel Veytsman on possession of weapons while under disability.
Natallia R. Stokes on eight counts each of receiving stolen property (checks) and forgery.
Kirk H. Urbine on domestic violence.

In other action, grand jurors declined to file charges against Nicole M. Bautista Zamano on attempted forgery.

Look for the full story in Tuesday’s Norwalk Reflector.


just a suggestion13

I went to school with you devin wtf happened u were all anti drugs and yelled at me for smoking pot and now your in way over your head with hard drugs. Just cant believe it, hope u straighten your life out.

Scranton Tibbs

My money is on the Urbine family to take the top spot in this years Huron County Families of Distinction. Look out Harkness & Slone clans, you got some competition.


Scranton Tibbs, i bet your a winner yourself!


scranton tibbs IS a winner!

Scranton Tibbs

Your = you're. Third grade English. Obviously, loulou, you come from one of these area families of outlaws.