Obrenovich says new restaurant coming to town

Norwalk businessman says he purchased all of Uptown Café owner's kitchen equipment in 2013.
Joe Centers
Feb 23, 2014


Stan Obrenovich says a new restaurant could open in uptown Norwalk as soon as April.

Obrenovich owns the building in town that was home to Uptown Café, which closed earlier this month. A public notice on the door reads: "By order of the Tax Commissioner, Vendor's License 39-021327 is under suspension. Miguel A. Lugo, DBA: Uptown Cafe´, is prohibited from making retail sales at 5 E. Main St., Norwalk, OH., on or after Feb. 10, 2014."

Obrenovich said Lugo's lease is up and that he purchased all of Lugo's kitchen equipment in 2013.

Obrenovich said he is in the process of cleaning the restaurant and "hopes to have a new tenant in by the first of April."

He said he has had inquiries from possible renters.

"I still believe the Uptown Cafe´ has the best pizza in town," Obrenovich said.





Fibber Mcgee

So now we have " Mayor Job,& Cockroach Cafe, Love it..

J Cooper

Kat, go check the wheels on your house, can't defend you bud job lose Duncan, so you go into act mode. Can't wait until you have another tale of one your many professions that always seem to match the article.


They did have good pizza. The sauce was a little too sweet. The best
pizza east of Chicago and west of Chicago just burned out !

Kottage Kat

Thank you for your kind words.


Re: "'Sewer' Park."

A lesson on capital flow which is obviously lost on you with your "kind" clever observation.

The wealthy leave, briefly return with a check and then go back to CA again.

Meanwhile, the family's legacy continues to decay on the edge of town. But AT LEAST they got a park out of it.

Kottage Kat

Yep, another spot for a weenie roast, perhaps.


Re: "Yep, (snip)"

Which was still more than what ol' "Job" has done.

Kottage Kat


J Cooper

"My deepest apologies for the errors." your support for jobs Duncan?


One point everyone is missing. It's Norwalk(Herionville). Put a tax on Herion sales, the town would be rich. Most likely no one would have to work, they could just cut all of you a check. It would justify avoiding the problem. And maybe the city could put another cruiser in the Bluto's area on the weekend. Maybe even pay for anger management for the crazy weekender with glasses. Get mad if you want, but it's a start. Think about it, Seriously!


What the **** is herion?

HS Sports Fan

This person must not read the Reflector daily or they would have spelled heroin correctly. Spelling error aside this person might want to run for office. Knows the issues and looking for solutions. The secretary would do the typing anyway. Makes way too much sense to me also.

Kottage Kat



lol keep making fun of Nagy, at least he pays his taxes & employees. See ya chef Lugo don't come back. Meanwhile if you want the best pizza, make the drive out to Chuck's.

J Cooper

Actually according to the county auditor's website Nagy hasn't paid his 1st half taxes yet.

Dr. Information

The first half of taxes due most likely have not been recorded yet as they were due just last week if you do not have your mortgage escrowed.

J Cooper

I paid mine of the 14th, the last day to pay them without penalty and they were credited on the 18th.

Dr. Information

I was just saying, they might not of been recorded yet even though paid. Also, sometimes there are discrepancies, or disputes. I had one years ago over some property I purchased.

former local

You are taking a big chance running for political office as a job creator, then jobs aren't created.


Re "running for political office as a job creator,"

Totally out of the purview of most local politicians.

The 'real' control lies in Columbus AND DC with their tax and regulatory power.

Mayor McJob had no plan, only a clichéd campaign term that he repeated ad nauseam - "jobs."

In retrospect, unfortunately (or fortunately) for Mayor Lesch; she never seriously called him on it.

To think that politicians can ACTUALLY 'create' jobs is a major fallacy.

Tom Paine's picture
Tom Paine

I'm not saying "Stan knows Norwalk" but at least the guy's trying to make his downtown better. Like him or not, it's obvious (through his deeds) that Stan loves Norwalk.


That's what it takes: Risk capital.

"If you've got the money honey, I've got the time." - Hank Williams.


I think it would be great if someone(reflector?) would explain what the sign means in layman terms.


It means that the owner didn't pay his taxes, so he wasn't allowed to sell anything.