Willard residents, workers due tax refunds because of error

Matter involves 1/8 percent income tax levy approved last May.
Aaron Krause
Feb 24, 2014


Residents and those who work in the city will receive tax refunds due to an error by city officials.

They had advertised that the city would start collecting money on July 1, 2013 from the 1/8 percent income tax levy approved last May by voters. In reality, the city ordinance stated that collection was to begin in January of this year.

City manager Brian Humphress said the error was noticed too late.

"We're the ones that found it," he said. "Nobody brought it to our attention.

The city manager said city officials will issue refunds to city residents, who must file city income tax returns and those working in Willard.

Humphress said the city doesn't have tax records for a few of those individuals living elsewhere but working in the City of Blossoms. People who only work in Willard can call city hall to see if their records are accessible. If they're not, Humphress said a city employee will explain how to obtain a refund.

"But we're going to return all of the money," the city manager said.

Corrected tax forms are available at city hall, the Willard Post Office, the Willard Memorial Library and online at www.willardohio.com.

Humphress said the error won't have a negative effect on police operations. The fund has "plenty of money," Humphress said.

In a related move, city council on Tuesday introduced an ordinance to appropriate from unappropriate funds in the police income tax levy fund $128,000 and to amend the 2014 annual appropriations in the same amount. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide funding for unexpected refunds due to the premature collection of the 1/8 percent income tax.




Ok wow so before you all waste your time calling the City of Willard = dont waste your time...

The lady will just tell you to fill out "the online form" -???

I have no idea WHERE the online form is??? Go ahead and go to the City of Willard website and try to find it!? It is impossible to get your money back folks...
It's NOT up to us to waste all day trying to find some form --then try to fill it out (which is impossible since there isn't one) --sure they're "Going to return all the money" HAHAHAHA nope no one's gonna get anything.....jokes on us!