Fire destroys local pizza place

(UPDATED with video) An overnight fire ravages interior of Jim's Pizza Box in Milan.
Cary Ashby
Feb 19, 2014


The fire at Jim's Pizza Box happened about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

(NOTE: To see pictures, click HERE.)

The Milan Township Fire Department received mutual aid from Norwalk and Huron firefighters.

"We had it under control within the first hour," Milan Township Fire Chief Brian Rospert said.

There were no injuries to the three occupants in the two apartments above Jim's Pizza Box, but the interior sustained extensive damage.

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



How sad, Jim is a great guy that always made us feel at home in there. Hope he gets back and running soon.

Kottage Kat

Double post.

Kottage Kat

Sad for the West family and the Milan community. A place where everybody knew your name and treated you like family.
Hope he can rebuild


oh no, So sorry for Jim and his employees

just a suggestion13

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What a butthole! I hope something like that doesn't happen to you. I don't know the guy, but you shouldn't trash someone when they're already down. Not to mention, hiding behind a screen name. Everyone else seems to like him.


Was the cause of the fire determined? If not wouldn't be surprised if the police come knocking on your door after such a hateful comment.

Happy Hermit

You S.O.B.!

Bleeding Turnips

Jimmy did tons for this community and the schools. No one did more and asked for less in return. We all love you Jim and the whole West family.
God bless, and rebuild soon!

Kottage Kat

I did not see the comment, however anytime ANYONE as Jim for a donation he went above and beyond to donate, always giving more than asked for.
cannot imagine anyone who could say one derogatory word about this more than kind, more than generous gentleman and his family.
God Bless you all, and hurry back.


Best wishes. Hope I can get more Calzones.


I used to live in Milan, I'm supposed to move back to the area in the next month or so. I can't wait for the day that Jim's Pizza Box re-opens. I'm very sorry to hear about the fire, but Jim has a good business mind, and given all the support he's getting already, I have no doubt at all that he'll come back. I'm also glad he has a location in Huron; and I have to believe the Huron location is going to be flooded with extra business, at least until the Milan location is re-built. God bless you, Jim! Your restaurant was, and I believe will again, be a staple in the Milan community.


Jim has a unique business model among area restaurants. He cares about customer service. May actually be novel for all of Ohio. Rebuild and they will come. Until then, see you in Huron.

Cliff Cannon

Best of luck, to a really wonderful family at a really horrible time. Knowing the West drive, dedication & spirit. I'll bet we will be eating in Milan before long. Can't wait !


Such a tragic thing for our Milan community. Jim has given so much to our village and schools, super guy and such a great family. So sorry to see this, and can't wait to see the new pizza box!


Jim is a good guy, grew up knowing the guy.. had a few kids birthday parties there..
why did i have to look at Smittey,s face.. Get him off the video for goodness sake.. Still tryin' to be on the know it'al stage/spotlight huh?...?
must be related to cliFF

Really truckin?? If Jim wasn't available at the time, Smitty was the perfect person to interview. He is a part of the Pizza Box and everyone loves to see him there!!!


I agree. I don't know what Truckin's problem is. And he's always dissing on cliff, who at least has something positive to say. Truckin is Mr. Negative... Best wishes to Jim. Can't wait to eat there again!


This is by far our favorite place to eat. We have made it a weekly event for our family. We love everything about it and can not wait for Jim's to open again! Smitty is a friendly face @ the pizza box that we look forward to seeing. He is always asking if the food was good and making conversation. I can't think of anyone better to interview.

William Jeffers...

Great business ran by a great guy! Now it's time for the community to help Jim just as he has always helped the community.


Wonderful guy and my prayers go out to all.......wondering why people have started the tshirt sales to raise funds to support the rebuild? Did he not have insurance to cover this?

Kottage Kat

Selling T-shirts on Facebook. All proceeds go to the West family.
Please support this,as we all know Jim would be first in line to help if it were us.
Thank you
Kat ,,


All the way from TEXAS we send our love and prayers to the best spaghetti and meatball maker and all his family. May the good Lord help you rebuild real soon. You know we come all the way just to eat your good food and enjoy your wonderful hospitality.
Your San Antonio Family