Man wins car at NHS basketball game

Tom Sharpnack and The Chevy Network donated 2013 Chevy Spark for raffle.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 22, 2014


Jarrod James walked away as the big winner after he was selected as the winner of the 2013 Chevy Spark during a recent Norwalk High School basketball game.

The booster project started back in August at the Norwalk Public Schools All Classes Reunion, held the third week of August. It came to an end at half time of a Norwalk Truckers boys basketball game in February.

Thanks to Tom Sharpnack and The Chevy Network, the Norwalk High School Athletic Booster Club sponsored a car raffle with the proceeds going directly to the construction of the All-Sports Complex to be built on the Norwalk High School campus. The raffle tickets were printed and donated by Firelands Fas Print.

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Did he actually win the car? Or is it a free 2 year lease?

JMOP's picture

The breadbox costs about $13,000. I would hope he did win the car, a not win just a lease.

Congrats though. I would take it if I won it too.


They won the actual car! St.Paul also raffled off a Spark.


That's awesome. At the Auto Show at the I-X Center, they advertised they were giving away a car-a-day. It was actually a free 2 year lease. What a joke!