Trio charged with aggravated rioting at Norwalk bar

Three Norwalk men jailed on felony charges; three other suspects charged.
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2014


Three men have been jailed with assaulting a Norwalk man in connection with a fight at a local bar and three additional suspects are expected to be arrested.

Damarquis C. Brown, 31, of 206 Jefferson St., Stephon Harkness, 25, of 10A State St., and Michael Zika, 24, of 224A E. Main St., have been arrested and are charged with one count each of aggravated rioting. If convicted, the defendants faces six to 18 months behind bars.

The fourth-degree felonies are in connection with a Feb. 9 incident.

"They were at Bluto's. The victim and a friend went out to the patio to smoke. These three (suspects) and two others came out to the patio and ultimately got into a fight. They poured beer on him and physically hurt him," Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said. "Another person joined in the melee.

"He (the victim) had bruises and cuts. I don't believe he went to the hospital," he added.

It's unknown what started the incident.

O'Hara said three other suspects hadn't been arrested as of Friday morning. According to Norwalk Municipal Court records, prosecutors also filed aggravated rioting charges Thursday against Stewart W. Harkness Jr., 31, of 14 W. League St.; Adewale A. Olaniayn, 37, of 56 Parsons St.; and Dennis M. Adams, 20, of 56 N. Linwood Ave.

"Aggravated rioting is when a person along with (at least) four other people engaged in disorderly conduct to cause harm to someone," O'Hara said.



former local

Guy on the left looks like he needs an attitude adjustment.


Give me Joe's attitude at Maple City Tavern any day of the week over going out at other Norwalk bars and getting jacked.


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Why haven't the others been arrested? They're in Norwalk, their faces are all over fb partying it up all weekend!! It's a shame six men gotta jump one, cowards is what they are, not men!


Go figure!!! Instead of one on one they have to have their "homies" jump in and cheer them on. Profiling at its best lol. Stay classy my fiends.


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Same three guys that tried to start a fight with me and my bf at charlies and the one in the middle spit on us they have nothing better to do but go around like a bunch of thugs and start fights with the ones who are by themselves its a shame and i hope they get what they deserve!!

David Deerest.



If the victim was white, there should be some hate charges too. If it was 3 whites beating a black, Obama would be here with free phones and food stamps for all!


Man that's the truth! Maybe we should all wear our "Polo" shirts in support of this guy like everyone wore their "Tryvone" hoodies to support him! If the tables were turned and this was one black guy against 6 white men, I can't imagine what would happen!

Most Wanted.



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Former local, you are right about the "adjustment". #2 appears to think, "This ain't happenin' to me, cause I say so." #3, needs to wake up and read the charges. Good comments all around, but Mommy... PLEASE buy a punction mark or two. You have some good points but they are hard to separate into different thoughts. The article DID provide one good explanation, too - it takes 5 people or more for it to be a riot, rather than just a fight or disorderly conduct. I was concerned initially when I saw that only three people had been charged in the first part of the article. The riot charge makes it a felony, which sounds appropriate in this case.


im sure the 2 dudes was part of a group that jumped 1 of there dudes a couple weeks ago. A riot lmfao sorry F#@#ing pigs. so did they have there riot sheld and all there riot equipment? did they use tear gas? did they last i knew there had to be a big group of people out of controle. if you jump someone with your dudes you better expect it coming back to you and your dudes.


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People like you and these scum bags are the reason Norwalk has turned to crap!! Let's hope you're the one getting jumped next time....and maybe you won't be as lucky as this guy who wasn't hurt that bad.


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Rollo, Arnold Jackson, and Tootee.


Everyone has an opinion, which is fine.
Do we know the whole story?
Do we know what "actually" took place?
Granted was it right? No, not by any means but why wasn't it in the paper a while back when the victim and his friends were out jumping people in the bar? Or all the times "this group of boys" (victims and his friends) have gone out fighting and acting like fools?
Sounds like before we read about this article and feel pity, maybe we should ask around and see how much trouble the "victims" have caused as well.


So are you saying the victim deserved this since he had fought others in his past? I think you're actually making the scum thugs sound worse....have they been holding a grudge since the last fight and looking for the victim to jump him so they could "get even"? That's like premeditated crap then, and to me is even worse!!


Re-read what I wrote, I stated the "victims" have gone out and jumped people as why haven't they made the paper, or been charged with their past fights.
Personally I know all parties involved, and I can tell you the "victim" starts just as much crap in this town as any other person.


HOW long till these punks scream racism? lol. I mean it must been the white victims fault or the white cop fault it had to be something LOL. TYPICAL ghetto thug punks who would get whiped 1 on 1. has there ever been a harkness that wasnt trash?