Sex case involving pair of 16-year-old girls remains under investigation

Suspect is a 29-year-old Huron County man.
Cary Ashby
Feb 15, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation of a man accused of having sexual activity with two 16-year-old girls.

Detective Kayla Zander said the suspect is a 29-year-old Huron County resident who became acquainted with the girls, who are friends, through Facebook. She declined to say when the man met the victims in person.

"He currently has not been arrested," Zander said Thursday.

The Reflector isn't naming the suspect because he hasn't been charged.

While Zander declined to be specific about the sex offense, she said the incident reportedly happened on Seminary Street in Norwalk.

The juveniles' parents reported the allegations to the sheriff's office Feb. 7. Zander said the complaint came in late during third shift and she began investigating the case the following morning.

"Since this (complaint) came out, the individual has two warrants for weapons under disability when a gun was found in his residence during a safety sweep," she said.

Deputy Eric Bardar found the weapon Saturday and logged it into evidence.

Suspects are charged with having weapons under disability if they are found in possession of firearms while they are on probation or parole.

"The gun was stolen out of Clyde. It was tied to a burglary in Clyde," Zander said.

The sex case remains under investigation.



Investigating this but the powers to be refuse to arrest State Patrolman Vitte for showing porn to a 5 year old and masturbating with him ?

This is CRAZY !!! We must demand accountability of ALL, including the those in power!


I understand you are angry and want someone to do something. But you need to get your facts straight. The child was a preteen....12 years old, NOT 5. The 5 year old that you might be thinking of was the girlfriends son that he spanked.


so let me get this seem to say, it's ok for a grown man to masturbate with a 12 yr old.
Because he was a cop, was it instructional?
Did you really think before you defended?


Reading comprehension may help. That's not what she said. At all.

Correcting the kids' ages was all it was.


But will throw a case at someone for snow blowing in a heartbeat lol

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They just need more time to get the girls to say that he manipulated them somehow so the big charges get rolled out. Age of consent is 16. Leave it alone. Just pissed off parents here. Arrest the criminal on the dirty gun....he will get plenty of time for that if he's on parole.


They forgot to mention this guy is sex offender ! He preys on little girls!
Maybe shovelhead has something In common with this sicko!
State of ohio no means no !!

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Easy, tiger. If it wasn't consentual, then it would be rape. The only thing I have in common with this guy is justice. I have no idea if this guy is a sex offender or not....judging how you point fingers, I would have to say maybe not. Like I said, pissed off parents.

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It's ok. Last week I stuck up for a wrongfully charged woman with 2 pills and a broken seal on a bottle of vodka & was accused of being drug dealer. When in doubt, resort to personal attacks. That always shows you're intellegence. Read between the lines....they won't disclose information on the sex offense because they need more time to make a case out of nothing, or there is not a real sex case to begin with.


Parent or no parent do you find little girls attractive ???? Would you say it would be ok if it was your daughter?
He is a sex offender ! He is on norwalks list ! I think there are like 10 ! So why don't you go look at the list and I'm sure a person with your brains would be able to pick him out!
Here's a clue: He has preyed on girls before !
You think this is a isolated case? He has just been that lucky for 29 years ? Well sick is sick and this guy needs put away for a long time regardless of who's child it is !


Not saying this guy is wrong or right.. i don't know him..
have you looked at 16 yr olds lately?
Sorry, call me bad..
but as a grown man.. Yes i found Miley Cyress one hot chickie at 16 along with Brittney. and they are easily the age which could be my daughter or buddies daughter.
and i bet you could find more men who would agree than disagree..
If you could get them to admit to it in this finger pointing, over dramatic, political correct society..


He is a registered sex offender ! Regardless if 16 year old girls turn him on or not ! He's 29 years old ! Self control and restraint is all part of being an adult ! He also has prior breaking and entering ! So as you can see this guy just keeps escalating his offenses !
I would rather look like a parent than a sex offender !!


Sorry, but i myself, along with plenty of men.
have found exciting, youthful lives with women 10-20 yrs the younger..
and a new parent.. Do you see that as wrong?.. or just jealous?
where do you think the phrase: trade a 40 for two 20's.. only some men got what it takes to make it happen? and the others (men or women) hate that fact.
It's all in how you view..
and like i said i don't know the dude, just going off this article as knowledge.


When it's an adult and it's consential great for them!!! But when it's two 16 yr old girls and 29 yr old sex offender then my views change!

Ps I don't have any issues with the dating department :)
But I would like to see this guy sharing a cell with big bubba!!


Almost sounds like "R**** Facking G*********." He has been at them young ones for a while. I think he is 30 though lmao. Just a matter of time before he gets caught with a 14 year old.