Sex offender strikes again, returns to prison after having sex with girl, 14, in cemetery

Monroeville man, 22, fooled victim's family into believing he was a 16-year-old home-schooled student.
Cary Ashby
Feb 12, 2014


A rural Monroeville resident and convicted sex offender pleaded guilty Tuesday for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Brad A. Todd, 22, most recently of 2205 Dogtown Road, Lot 64, then was sentenced to four years in prison.

He was convicted of two counts of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss a third, similar charge.

The victim's mother said Todd "manipulated my daughter" and had everyone in the family believing he was a 16-year-old home-schooled student. She said Todd gave her daughter a bogus name and told her family he needed to be near his mother because he claimed she had cancer.

"He fooled everybody," said the woman, who broke down in tears as she spoke to the judge Tuesday.

The mother also said this was her daughter's "first love," she has cried about the experience and won't go to counseling.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Todd, who has a "checkered background," engaged in some Internet activity with the victim and contacted her via Facebook at first, but met her later and then they became "romantically involved" with each other.

"She referred to it as a dating incident," Leffler said. "He had sexual intercourse with the young woman in the cemetery near her home."

Todd, who denies having a Facebook account after getting out of prison, apologized for what he did in a flat, nearly emotionless tone. He admitted he needs help because he realizes there's something wrong with him.

"I understand what I did was wrong," Todd said. "I wasn't in my right mind when I was doing it."

Todd's charges have a specification that indicates he has a prior conviction for a similar offense.

"That's also part of these charges -- this indictment," Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told Todd.

Todd is on post-release control for local, sex-related convictions involving two girls, who were 14 and 15 at the time. In early February 2011, he was sentenced to 17 months in prison for three counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Conway warned Todd that the Ohio Department of Corrections has the right to impose a sentence for a parole violation that could be consecutive to the new term. The defendant was on parole at the time of the most recent sex crimes.

At Tuesday's hearing, Todd was sentenced to four years in prison. The punishment was a joint recommendation between Leffler and Huron County Public Defender David Longo.

"We feel a four-year prison term is appropriate to protect the public," Leffler said.

The prosecutor said the court has been aware of Todd for many years -- first as a victim when he was younger.

"We're running out of patience with it," Leffler added.

"This (plea deal) has been run by the victim's family and they're on board with it," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

Longo wasn't aware Todd had been the victim of family sexual abuse until Tuesday's hearing.

"That can have terrible consequences down the road," he said.

The public defender said he told Todd if he commits another sex crime, it's likely he'll never be released from prison. Longo also warned him that even though he can apply for early release after six months, it's not realistic that Conway will grant it.

"He owes society four years, but what the future holds for him after that is up to him," Longo added.

Todd presently is serving a six-month sentence at the Huron County Jail for contributing to the unruliness of a minor. Attorneys said the sex victim was 17 at the time and is now 18.

Conway ruled Todd must finish serving the misdemeanor sentence before he is transferred to prison.

Once Todd is released, he will be on five years of mandatory parole. Classified as a Tier II sex offender, he must register his address every 180 days for the next 25 years.



im at a loss..


I'm at a loss too... but for different??
Not saying the guy isn't off his rocker with the age and should get with a chick his own age..
BUT RAPE.. maybe contributing to a minor

the article i read says, a guy got a chick to fall in lyin...
to get in her pants..
Since when did the deception that sooooooooo many men are guilty of, become part of the reason of charge?
All i can say if chicks. young or old are able to bust men for sex, based on the fact that he buffalo'd everyone..
Alot of men are in trouble.


If alot of men are lying to 14 yr old girls, then yes, they are in trouble.

Do you really lack the morals to see where 22 yr olds shouldn't be lying to 14 yr old girls in order to have sex with them?


I already said the age and how i felt.. Goosh don't some of you ever actually read???
I am not going to clarify myself anymore on that..
It was all the parts about the con'in that i was responding too. Doesn't matter, young or old.. If lying to get in a chick's pants ever becomes illegal. Alot of married men will have more than just there wives to worry about..


since he's an adult they should hand him over to the childs parents. if there's anything left of him still alive, then scrap him up & off to the pokey..

ben castin

chop off his little noodle and send him to prison then he will be ready to be someones bi!c# ....


This whole family from what I understand and am at liberty to say has either been sexually molested or a member(s) of this family has been the molester..although you will have a few who will feel sorry when they call him a victim....there are several places that offer help and for free the parrots need to seek this before another victim is claimed...just my opinion


parrots ? perhaps parents.


I noticed that too. Gotta love auto correct or the auto finish. Which ever....does not remove the need for self editing! LOL

Lawyerintraining auto correct...Parrot


Why would a girl go with that?


My thoughts too starreyeyes83..He looks like he wants to be a SHE.


My thoughts exactly. This guy is a joke, hitting on younger girls because women his age don't bat an eye toward him!

Everyone is fam...

Our laws need to change. If someone is convicted of a sexual crime and serves time and commits another after release, they need a life sentence. Or death penalty. Our children should not be put at risk because our laws are loose.


There are 17 offenses in Ohio involving sexual contact or sexual conduct. Some are very serious - some are not. Differences are important.

Everyone is fam...

Serious or not, if it's repeated the next punishment should send a clear message. When it comes to protecting children there should be no pissing around splitting hairs. Clearly I'm referring to offenses that are serious in nature, however if ALL laws were a lil stiffer for repeat offenses, it may make someone think twice about repeating.


Well, this fellow got a stiffer punishment for his new conduct offense which is greater than the punishment he got for his previous contact offense. For most offenses there is a statutory minimum and maximum for the offense set by the legislature.

Everyone is fam...

That's my point. The minimums and maximums for certain offenses need increased. Laws, penalties, ect need to be harsher for those that hurt children, especially for the repeats. Are you saying you disagree or was my wording confusing?


My point was that he got a harsher penalty for being a repeat offender even though it was for a different offense. Penalties for offenses on pre-puberty children are already higher. Looking through the code will reveal that to you. But feel free to ask the legislature for changes. There are likely changes coming in this area but I suspect you will not approve of lowering the age of consent which is the big change likely to happen.

Everyone is fam...

You suspect correctly. Teenage brains are still growing and developing and I don't think they are capable of predicting what the outcome of their actions could be. Adults can easily manipulate a child, so lowering consent in my opinion would be a catastrophe.


Parents of high school seniors (and sometimes juniors) who are being prosecuted because they have turned 18 and are continuing to date their under 16 age girlfriends are putting a lot of pressure on the legislature to lower the age. Do you think these high school kids should be prosecuted and thrown in prison for this activity?


This discusts me! A 22 year old man having sex with a 14 year old!? And its happened before!? It's clear by looking at him that he's a creep. If I were that poor girl's parent's, I would probably end up in jail myself because I would never be okay with a man having sex with my child and him only getting four years!? Sounds to me like he needs a beating! I pray to God he gets what he deserves in prison! Such a nasty person. There's no need for people like that in the world. Especially on a second offense!! He should be in there for life! He apparently didn't learn the first time!


Wow, nothing like loosing your virginity at a cemetery near your parents house.....way to keep it classy!


Nothing in the story indicates the girl lost her virginity at that cemetery.


First I have to agree with sarrak...she is correct they never said she was a virgin...and it's people like you who make a mountain out of a mole hill...and classy really that's just plain mean...this guy obviously was able to talk her into pretty much anything she was a lil girl who was in love her heart was speaking for her...and don't you think she feels bad enough that all this even happened that you need to belittle her even more...not her fault he was the PREDATOR!!!! Not her..hence the reason they call her a child she's not old enough to comprehend what he is doing to her mind...she feels she's in love..come on we have all been is blind unfortunately this kind of love is something she will need help for in the long run...NOT HER FAULT!!!!

swiss family

In my opinion, "WE" as a society are not dedicated enough to actually protect our children from sexual predators... For example, look at what is happening in our own community right now. In Willard, there is a man protesting because it seems the Police are not seriously investigating the sexual assault of his "special needs" daughter.. Look at the comments, they are tearing this father apart..why? regardless of the fathers past lawsuits, his daughter was lured into this sexual predators car and taken to his home where he molested her... why is he not in jail right now? why does the father have to defend his past? every parent that can, ought to be right out there with him, protesting.. Look also at the people who say 'if it were my daughter" well maybe next time it will be, and because you and everyone else did nothing to support an actual , verified sexual assault on an innocent child, no one will be there to protest with you either.. that is sad.

Also, look at the comments about any form of castration for these offenders, If you would look into it, these attacks are not about sex at all, they are actually about control, so with or without the offending body parts, these offenders will use whatever is needed to out power, and control their victims...

Some say that "it takes a village to raise a child" and in this instance, it does.when we see an assault against one child, we should all join together in protest against a weak judicial system, because it is very likely that it will be your child next. Also, if your child is friends with the molested child, your child will be exposed to things they are not ready for. The molested child does not understand that what happened to them is not appropriate and at summer camp, or a teenage sleep over they will or may, expose the other children to what happened to them , which was and still is inappropriate, but is "normal" to the assaulted child.

I urge everyone to go to the Huron county sheriffs web site, and look at all of the sexual predators registered will find that in every neighborhood you have at least one , probably more, predator.Then take notice of how many are directly on the main routes for school children.Now, do you still think your children are safe??These sexual predators are sitting out on their porches waiting and watching the children go past their house, we ALL should demand that our children are safe, we ALL should address the school board and discuss along with the Police department, how to tell our children where the danger lies and how to avoid these vultures that are waiting to prey on them. We do not want to scare them with too much information when they are too young, BUT we must devise a way to make sure they are aware and prepared against the reality that is lurking to harm them. in my opinion..


There are 17 offenses in Ohio involving sexual contact and sexual conduct. Only one of them is forcible rape which the consensus of experts believe involves power. Your opinions do not clearly apply to the lesser offenses. Many of the offenders listed at the sherrif's office are not classified as predators (who must register every 90 days for life) but only as offenders which involves a lesser reporting period. Differences are important here.

swiss family

personally I do NOT think that a person has to be convicted of rape to make them a threat to children...if you would like to investigate a long time period right here in our town, in a particular church environment, there was an awful lot of scarred children coming from a person in power, and not once was it forcible was , however a way for a criminal ( I don't care if you want to call him a predator, or offender)to control his victims.. so you might want to check out the facts that you THINK you know so clearly...

So, I don't think that any parent would agree with your thinking, and say that "well he didn't rape my innocent child, he merely exposed himself and groped them" and that it would somehow then be OK with the parent...You sound like you might be a lawyer or someone involved with the law, and if that is true.. it is illogical and incomplete thinking on your part that is what perpetuates these crimes in my opinion


Firstly I seldom share my thinking. I always try to be factual unlike many who post here.
Secondly, most of these less serious cases involve post puberty victims who are classified by Physicians and Psychologists as biological adults and not children.


I agree here as well...our children spend weeks in the dare.program in 5th opinion back that down to half the time...then do a refresher course before heading to high school..and add these sexual predators to the kids they beat it into our heads in safety town about strangers...time to do some adjusting to there programs... UPDATE.. them to what is happening in today's time which is drugs and sex...weeks in 5th grade my kids all 3 have no idea what they learned "back in 5th grade" my sons either you did not capture his attention or he just plain out right didn't listen because he didn't feel it applied to him in 5th grade...hence the reason I suggest you do half the time and a refresher course when they are about to enter a whole new world HIGH SCHOOL!!!! And more!!!! PEER PRESSURE!! Than ever before....