Norwalk to vote on fire key requirement

Business CEO speaks out against proposal; fire chief explains importance of fire key boxes.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 14, 2014


Norwalk city council is considering legislation that would require new commercial structures to include a fire key box. The box would allow firefighters to use a key to gain entry in an emergency.

Council introduced the ordinance Tuesday and will likely vote on it at the Feb. 18 meeting.

Steve Fries, EPIC Technolgies chief financial officer, spoke out against the fire key box requirement.

Norwalk Fire Chief John Soisson explained the importance of the city's fire key box program.

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Fibber Mcgee

For every business? gas stations when they are closed, all downtown stores?
who does this not apply to? If someone doesn't want to pay the $250 or however much it is, let them pay for a new door.


A crow bar and brute force will work just as weel.




EPIC Technologies is weighing in with an opinion? Really?? How are the firefighters supposed to get the door open if nobody is left there to let them in?


I find it ironic that EPIC, a company that has just decided to shut down operations in Norwalk and move it to Mexico is whining about a requirement for NEW commercial buildings.


Yep!! It doesn't surprise me. R.I.P. EPIC!!


This is a good idea.


This is a wonderful program. The lock box cost is peanuts compared to the damage of one forced entry, which they must do if no one is available to let them in. It should go further and include all existing commercial properties, or at the very least, make it available on a voluntary basis.. Many communities also make it available for use it on residences where elderly reside. There is very good security as to how it is handled by the firefighters, also.

I hope council gives no weight to Epic's opinion on this matter.

Tom Paine's picture
Tom Paine

We complain about big government and personal privacy? And then we think it's a good idea to give a governmental organization keys to our businesses? I don't give a damn if it's the fire department, police department, or the governor. You can't trust anybody in 2014. They printed our SSN's on the back of postcards for all the world to see (and no one was reprimanded). What's to say they won't lose all of the keys to every business in town?

J Cooper

If they damage the door what is that compared to the water and smoke damage from a fire? If a property owner ops not to do it, its their additional cost for damage, not the government. Let the private owner decide.

former local

Many people willingly put key lock boxes on their house when it's for sale for the real estate people to use. Why is THAT not a problem but this is?

J Cooper

Because they or their agent CONTROLS and has KNOWLEDGE of who gets the lockbox combo. They also have the RIGHT to refuse to use a lockbox.

Dr. Information

Let's think about this. If there is a fire, there is damage. A door isn't going to break the bank and will be covered with all the other fire damage via ones insurance company. Dumbest idea ever.


Once again government pushing their wants above the wishes of owners.
This is and should remain voluntary, the key lock that realtors use is VOLUNTARY and not mandated.

Governments arms are reaching where they have not right to be. If they want to put a key on the building then buy it,until then keep the he*l out of others peoples business.