Kasich gives Norwalk Furniture-produced OSU chair a boost

Ohio governor praises Norwalk Furniture at newspaper event.
Joe Centers
Feb 11, 2014


Ohio Gov. John Kasich looked right at home sitting in a Norwalk Furniture chair, featuring the Ohio State block "O" design.

Every year the Ohio Newspaper Association holds a silent auction as a fundraiser during its annual convention in Columbus. Newspapers from around the state donate items to raise money. This year, the jewel of the auction was a Norwalk Furniture-produced Ohio State chair, donated by Norwalk Reflector Publisher Andy Prutsok.

Kasich had plenty to say about the Norwalk company and the chair. In Tuesday's issue of the Norwak Reflector, Managing Editor Joe Centers wrote a column about the convention, highlighting what the governor said. So you don't miss stories such as this one, you can subscribe to the Norwalk Reflector to receive home delivery and/or the e-paper, which is a complete digital replica of each issue. For more information, call (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.




Great endorsement!

Great story Mr. Centers.

Unfortunately, since he's a sitting gov. it probably can't be used for commercial purposes without running into some political difficulties.

Bring him to town. Maybe he can say a few words about the city in general and potentially create some buzz.

Hat's off also to Mr. Prutsok!

hor mone

I just caint understand. Who in their right mind thinks that having a politician say anything about your company or town is a good thing, especially someone as high up as the governor. Why not just have that John Loyer moron endorse your product...that would be better.


I wonder if he is trying to take some of the previous owner's millions, like he is the hardworking people of Ohio ?