Huron County sheriff's deputies assist DEA with intercepting delivery of $400K of marijuana

Dope has total street value of $400,000.
Cary Ashby
Feb 7, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office recently assisted Cleveland DEA agents with intercepting four large boxes containing about 200 pounds of marijuana.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin estimated the dope has a total street value of $400,000 -- or $2,000 a pound.

Deputies intercepted the suspicious boxes, each of which contained plastic totes, Jan. 31. Querin declined to say where authorities intercepted the delivery, but said they ran his police dog Bea around the containers and detected "a presence of narcotics in the package."

Officers then used a search warrant granted by Huron County Juvenile Court Judge Timothy Cardwell.

"We opened the packages up ... in which there was 200 pounds of marijuana," Querin said.

Deputies then contacted officers with the Cleveland DEA.

"We worked hand-in-hand with the DEA. They were able to deliver the package to the individual in Cleveland, who is a foreign national. The Cleveland DEA took one individual in custody," Querin said.

While the suspect's name wasn't released, he was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

The DEA is handling the investigation and charges.




your in heroin county busting pot really havnt you heard it will be legal soon


safer than beer. Way to waste our tax dollars


It was being transferred by R & L Carriers. This is terminal out here by the race track is just an exchange point for the delivery to go to its next stop. Funny how the Sheriff makes it sound like they "intercepted" the drug, then sent it on. Politics.. They did nothing more than run Bea around the cargo, and for her to confirm it was dope. Politics, politics, politics. Don't believe half of what your read from the Sheriffs office.


haven't you heard Marijuana busts are not headlines they are a waste of our taxes and really shed a light on how the drug war really is. YAWN


LOL LOL I just had to say I like the YAWN!!! Not to much a simple YAWN!!! made me laugh...TY

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Now what will happen to it? $400,000 would've been a nice sin tax to collect off of.


Illegal search and seizure...

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Pothead losers hate these articles.


losers? Joe Rogan, idol of sorts. Very accomplished. Michael Phelps, Morgan Freeman, Obama, Sarah Palin and many others. Who are you and where are you in life compared to these people?

ben castin

oh no the terrible drug weed .this is huron county where people just use heroin..

HS Sports Fan

Nothing to be proud of here. HELLO! You have a Heroin problem. It's pretty bad when you have a tag like Heroin County. Lets see some BIGGER heroin busts, then we'll pat ya on the back.

Dr. Information

MJ no safer than alcohol. It creates lazy, non motivated people, just what America doesn't need.


Hey DR. Americans wouldn't be fat and lazy if it weren't for you're so called kind(DR.). Take a hike to the woods, build you a fire and stay there. You act like pot is worse than the stuff the government puts in our food, our drinks, EVERYTHING. Americans are unhealthy because of the unhealthy food consumption's that probably reduce drive and motivation anyways. Ever feel unmotivated after filling up at a buffet? Yea same concept. You're satisfied and now you want to relax.


Put it in the storage barn.

Abracadabra - Hocus Pocus.


It's gone.

lil jannie

Dr. Info must of seen to many of those drug commercials. Never seen an obese cannabis user. Have however seen that everyone that strongly disagrees with this plant ,that was made a stage 1 drug(worse than cocaine which is a stage 2) by the government, has no rational logic behind it. It comes down to people thinking they know what's best for everyone else, when in fact it's these people that need to work on helping themselves the most.

Side note, I really hope your not a doctor.


No obese cannabis users?

Oh.. really?

Dr. Information

Was about to say the same thing. Look at all the fat obese rappers smoking weed in their videos, rapping about weed. Yup, no obese users out there. Lil jannie is just another uneducated weed user.


Street Value. Colorado street value by their state government is $1,280,000. Tax is $320,000.00


Street Value. Colorado street value by their state government is $1,280,000. Tax is $320,000.00

lil jannie

Get the stars out of your eyes, I said "Never seen an obese cannabis user" which implies I have never seen one, not there is none. This also indicates to me that the percentage is small. Your court.


You are all sooooo closed minded ....we sell it to states that sell it to their ignorant citizens as other places do us with heroin duh

lil jannie

That's funny that I'm uneducated, you really must not have a doctorates. If you knew what obese meant you would know that first of all, the majority of the rappers that you speak of are fat, not obese; and second I'm not talking about people on TV, who knows what else they're on. It truly is hard to understand a different way of thinking when you've conformed and thought the way people told you too your whole life, I understand that. People don't like and are afraid of what they don't understand, and boy oh boy can I see the ignorant, hypocritical fear every time I see some of your none original posts. You keep posting what you feel everyone's morals should be, but I'll tell you right now your soon going to be the minority. Oh and Dr. Info, I don't smoke, smoking is unhealthy. If anything it should be consumed like most plants are.