Another Norwalk business folds: Fancy That closes doors

Council members support NEDC in tough times.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 6, 2014


Norwalk city council members said they remain in the corner of the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. (NEDC) despite a series of announced business closings in recent times.

City council funds the NEDC about $58,000 each year, with $55,000 of that going to the NEDC directly and $3,000 being allocated to the Main Street Norwalk program.

The business news in Norwalk recently hasn't been pretty.

Janesville Acoustics announced in August it would close by the end of 2014, putting nearly 300 people out of work.

EPIC Technologies officials said last month it would close its Norwalk facility doors, leaving 85 more employees jobless.

Just this month, Kmart, Crider Jewelers and now Fancy That all announced closings.

The upscale flower shop at 28 E. Main St. opened in the summer of 2011, the creation of co-owners and operators Judy Mahan and Rachael Mayer, both of New London. At the time they opened the store, Mayer and Mahan already had a combined 46 years experience in the floral business. They met while working as employees at another flower shop.

Touted as an upscale, eclectic and modern shop, Fancy That offered a good selection of exotic flowers, including orchids, calla lilies, hydrangeas and anemones.

The NEDC is led by executive director Ellen Heinz, who has held that position since January 2009. Heinz's major function, according to city officials, is to retain and attract business.

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Speaking of same old same old. Last year I made my daughter and her best friend's wrist corsage for prom. They were larger, custom, unique and the ONLY ones that had NOT fallen apart by the end of the FIRST song. I will admit they were made with artificial flowers but the girls still have them and STILL talk about them. Sometimes different IS good! Step OUT of the box people (they were half the price too)


Is there any business that isn't risky? Please tell me so that I can start up.


Nope, but it's worse, now. Isn't it? A small town like Norwalk or Clyde or B'vue can only support so many restaurants, bars, and pizza joints.


Yep you're right. Packing my bags right now. Ill keep driving to Perkins when I want a steak and a long island


Re: "Is there any business that isn't risky?"

No; but some industries and locations are more risky than others.

Alway know your downside - Donald Trump, "Art of the Deal"

Dr. Information

But Obama wants everyone to pay $15.00 an hour for min wage. Do this and watch small business's like this close up shop all over the nation.


I do not know the answer to the economic crisis, but if a person is making 7.35 an hour - they can't afford to purchase flowers or pizza or furniture or a car. They can't even afford to pay their heating bills or rent. Perhaps the solution is to pay a living wage and subtract the cost from the outrageous bonuses paid to CEO's and others of their ilk?


Re: "Perhaps the solution is to pay a living wage and subtract the cost from the outrageous bonuses paid to CEO's and others of their ilk?"

Ain't enough money. You're essentially comparing trillions of dollars to billions.

Regardless, many CEO bonuses are paid in stock - not cash.

Also, raising the min. wage would not immediately solve the local economic issues of Norwalk AND Huron Co.

Good 2 B Me

The proposal is for $10.10/Hour


Still though, it won't help much since many jobs are getting cut back to part-time.

And most people can't afford a $15 hamburger.

Good 2 B Me

Anything "upscale" in Norwalk is probably a bad idea. Just saying.


Weddings, funerals, proms, homecomings, Sweetheart Day, Valentines Day-those are the real bread for floral shops, not the occasional bouquet buyer. I am surprised they didn't hang on for one more Valentines Day. Really creative, fun gals, I hope they find something else they love to do without having to work as many hours as they did running the shop.


Very true, but all of the events you mentioned are fast becoming a luxuries ( maybe the exception would be funerals - simple ones ) for most people. Weddings are getting scaled back some for regular people. Those who DO get married, these days, many keep it simple or go to courthouse. Many people are downsizing funerals as well , going with few or no flowers.


Has Uptown Café closed yet? I heard they were...not sure if it's true or not. But I called to place an order and they don't deliver anymore plus they were out of quite a few of their menu items.


Re: "Has Uptown Café closed yet? I heard they were"

Would hate to see it. Enjoy their food.

No activity on Facebook for specials since Jan. 17. Not a good sign.


President Obama's policies aimed at eliminating economic inequality are working. Soon we will ALL be unemployed.


You guys or gals should be writing the articles! You pretty much covered reality !

Really are you ...

There is something that people on here have been avoiding in all this job loss around here. The emotional toll. The people who lost their job or losing their business most likely put years of work and dedication into their place of employment. Now that these people are older, they have to compete for work with the younger generation. Starting over is easier for the younger generation, because time is on their side and they are just starting the adventure of life. How many start overs can a person take in a life time? Build what you can, lose it all, start over, lose it all, and repeat. This BS has to stop.

Is it because common spence folks aren't calling the shots? For example. Common practice now is for the companies around here to have their factories setup how the big auto manufacturers want things positioned. From robotic machines to trash can placement. If a big wig auto manufacture guy walks into a local plant and sees a different setup than what is in the layout. Poo hits the fan. There is zero flexibility, there is no room for trial and error. As much as these big auto makers would like to think that we are morons. We sure as heck are not stupid. If the big auto manufacturers want to dictate one or two trash cans in a work cell, and zero deviation from their floor plan layout. Why are you contracting the work out? When, by the dictatorship seen, you should have been producing this in your own factories. Not ours.


But if you do your SPED Transgrometerator you could employ all of us! Get on that Biff! We're all wanting for your final employment solution! Hurry up! Get on it there spiffy...times awasting!

Tom Paine's picture
Tom Paine

I personally believe that Ellen Heinz is a great advocate for this town, and I'm not about to lash out at someone whose hands are just as tied as yours and mine. If the ship really is sinking, it seems a bad time for the passengers and crew to be arguing amongst themselves. Keep the IDEAS flowing. Keep the DIALOGUE open. And keep the witch hunts to a minimum.

We're all in this together.


'Buried' on pg. A-4 of today's NR:

"Batesville closes Norwalk warehouse, quietly leaves"

Another eight jobs - POOF!

Probably best to keep any future business closings off the front page.

Citizens might begin to lose faith in the city admin. even in spite of such a "spirited" SOTC speech.


Also in today's NR:

"City may consider hiring IT person,"

IMO, if deemed necessary use an outside contractor (privatize).

Josh31's picture

Seems like there are only 2 businesses that are thriving in Norwalk; the corrupt politician/police business and the heroin business.

for it was mama

Why not do something for the kids???