Crider Jewelers closing in Norwalk, Willard

Norwalk community dealt another economic blow.
Cary Ashby
Feb 4, 2014


Crider Jewelers has announced its locations in Norwalk and Willard will be closing.

“I have decided to close our Norwalk and Willard locations after a brief sale. The Sandusky location will be unaffected by the change in operations,” owner Jim Boling told the Reflector.

Boling and his wife Amy bought Crider Jewelers in Norwalk from Paul and Ellen Crider in 1984. Nine years later, Boling purchased the Willard store from Patrick Ferrell.

The owner explained a bit of his reasoning to close the two Huron County locations in an email to the Reflector.

“Although the decision was very difficult, I know it is right for our business. We have become a very mobile society, which is evident by the number of customers visiting our Sandusky store from the Norwalk area. It became clear that consolidation would not only relieve some demands on my time, but help our business in Sandusky continue to grow,” Boling said.

Crider Jewelers in Norwalk is located at 16 W. Main St. The Willard location is at 122 Blossom Centre.

“Thankfully, three of our long-time Norwalk employees, with over 60 years of experience, have agreed to join the Sandusky team,” Boling said.

When making the announcement about closing the Huron County stores through a mass mailing, Boling also reported the prices on Crider Jewelers’ entire inventory will be drastically reduced.

"The entire inventory has been marked with savings up to 70 percent off. Everything must be sold, including all (the) furniture and fixtures at the Norwalk and Willard locations," Boling said.

The store closing sales will be open to the public at both locations Friday.

“We must liquidate the entire inventory at our Norwalk and Willard locations. We would rather sell it to you, our loyal customers and friends, at drastic reductions than liquidators,” Boling said.

“When the sale is over, it will be very sad to lock the door for the last time. I have enjoyed my 30 years in Norwalk, especially our wonderful customers and friends,” he added in the email.

It’s been a tough stretch for the Norwalk community.

Earlier this month, Epic Technologies announced it is shutting down its Norwalk operations, eliminating the remaining 85 workers. The company previously had made a series of layoffs since 2010, when 280 (including 30 temps) were employed here.

On Friday, Kmart announced it will close its Norwalk store in mid-May.

These announcements come at a time when Janesville Acoustics is in the process of closing its Norwalk facility and eliminating the jobs of 296 employees, including hourly and salaried.



Re: "Quit blaming Wal Mart,"


It's become a favorite 'whipping boy' for those who like to point fingers for what's wrong with America.

Yet, it has allowed those with few disposable dollars to increase their purchasing power and improve their quality of life.

Not only that, in Norwalk, Wal-Mart has (sadly) become what passes for a 'good' job. Why should one shoot oneself in the foot with all the bad mouthing?

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong."

- H. L. Mencken

The previous mayor 'at least' paid lip service to finding answers:

The weblink is broken:

Where is this report? Sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust?


Contanbo-Not only that, in Norwalk, Wal-Mart has (sadly) become what passes for a 'good' job?? Really? You must not know what a good job looks like. I've never heard anyone say walmart and good job in the same sentence. Maybe you and the Mayor can get together and brain storm about some good paying retail jobs!


Re: "I've never heard anyone say walmart and good job in the same sentence."

You obviously missed the point.

So what and where in your mind are the 'good' jobs?

jibber jabber

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I don't know why you would metal from yourself either


Re: "Hmmmm why would we steel (sic) from ourself."

Maybe you count like you spell?




Blah, blah, blah on the Wal-Mart killing every business...There are more people than you can imagine that actually receive benefits and a decent wage from them. Also, there are thousands of others that supply them, (vendors, services etc.) that make a decent living. Most people know very little what they speak of Walmart. I know many that work there that do very well. You would be very surprised how well a good worker can move through that company. I know a person that got a job there, worked her way up to run a dept. and actually received better benefits than what she had through Norwalk furniture, a union shop now long gone.

Let's face it, many people can not, will never be able too or do not desire to better themselves to have any success at any job they have. Some are born leaders, some work hard at becoming leaders and others just can not be leaders. If you don't like the situation your in, get into a better situation. And guess what? There is nobody driving around looking for you, you need to go find it. It will take hard work. many hours and a lot of sacrifice to get there.


NR, 2/4/14:

"Regional manufacturer interested in EPIC building"

"Norwalk’s newly created Job Creation Tax Grant program offers the right incentive to relocate to the Norwalk area."

All other taxpayers and current businesses will ultimately make up for any and all loss of city revenue.

Give the store away and a lot of things are possible.

Where are the economic and financial incentives for current tax paying businesses and individuals?

Smoke and mirrors.

Really are you ...

We have fallen into the lax-a-daisy trap. The trap that was bestowed upon us as kids in grade school. Memorization and follow your in your parents footsteps. Except family togetherness has been thrown out the window. Back then dad worked one job, mom stayed home and took care of the kids. After so long mom got a job while kids were in school. If you can not see it, here it is. We have been programmed to work for someone else, the comfort zone. Now these places are leaving, and we are getting smacked in our faces because of our own complacency. I am currently one of these people, but am trying to break the chains that have been holding me back. I started looking into job creation after my first job loss, but fell into the comfort zone by finding a decent hourly wage job after three years of searching. Now this job is leaving, and unfortunately so is quite a few more.

We are in this situation because we have stopped trying to achieve long term goals. We have stopped thinking about the endless possibilities our future could hold, if we could just change something now. Follow our leaders right? The president and congress says... They don't want us to think. Watch the rejection I receive when I bring this SPEG manufacturing and headquarters to Norwalk. It will challenge Combustion of fossil fuels, distant power plants, the grid, and change.

J Cooper

is this SPEG plant & HQ arriving on the mother ship and have they contacted you recently via the electric outlets in your house?


Why don't you just shut up Really? You talk, and talk and talk more cow feces out of your mouth. You really need help. Just go away already with your SPED plan..oops..that's what you are..I meant SPEG. You're an idiot.

Really are you ...

Jobs are leaving. This has happened to me before. For years I questioned, "what is wrong with me? Why? Why can't I land the simplist of jobs?" Now that the trend is jobs leaving Norwalk. I am going to do something else other than jumping on the wagon, headed down the trail of tears. Jobs! Where are the jobs going? Jobs come back! I am tired of the BS. I am going to bring good career type/ jobs to Norwalk. Shut up. Just go away they say. I am glad that these people represent less than one percent of the population of Norwalk.


Good paying union jobs....what a crony. Union heads line their own pockets and unions have outlived their purpose. They protect the lazy, and many companies prefer not to deal with unions because they make it more difficult to get anything done. Ohio is not going down the tubes-this area is. There are areas of Ohio doing just fine.


you must not have a pension!I do because I had a union!hope you can retire on ssi?

HS Sports Fan

You could fill your downtown with heroin and bail bonds shops, public defenders offices ect.... Until they clean up the mess, no one new will want to come in. Who would want to open or run a business in Norwalk these days? HELLO, your town now has a bad name. Looks like you can thank the ones in charge. What is their plan to turn this around? Does anyone know? Is anyone going to pursue an answer or are you just going to air it out on here?

Dr. Information

The reality of America is, if you want a high paying job, most likely you will need a college education. Without one OR a technical degree in a skill, one will only find their way into jobs paying 10 or so dollars an hour.


too many 4 year degrees out there,so many people think they will put in their time then cash in,more emphasis on technical degrees for the very important trades

Sitting In The ...

This town is like the Titanic....the jobs are drifting away on the lifeboats while our captain promises more are coming back.


This just in- radioshack is closing 500 stores. Hmmm. Wonder if we have one of those here?


Fedup is right. Loss of good jobs in Norwalk prior to Obama caused this in Huron County to be a job loss leader. Nothing like small merchants losing out. A lower tax base & more demands placed on public services.

swiss family

with all due respect, and not wanting to start a fight... I wonder where Kat is and what she has to say about all of this???? she was so "anti" old Mayor and "pro" new Mayor, partly because we were losing jobs under the last Mayor, and the candidate running for Mayor promised jobs..... where is she now?? and what does she think about this????


I personally think Americans need to stand together and demand that the salaries of those politicians in DC be cut and put that money back into the country. Also I think they should demand as tax payers that our so called president stop taking million dollar vacations every time you turn around on the tax payers dime. Stop paying for the politicians offices to be redecorated and for them to get to work in limos. Let them take the bus!!! What's gonna happen to all these people who are losing their jobs? They're gonna end up signing up for welfare because there are no other jobs around here. Sad thing is Obama Lama Ding Dong has already cut food stamps till they're a joke. They tell you "food stamps are to supplement your income not to pat for it all." Are you kidding me?? Supplement what income? With what people make these days after paying rent and utilities there is no income left to supplement!

Kottage Kat

Better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to comment and remove all doubt. ( word exchange, mine)
Thank you for your inquiry


Can certainly understand since it has obviously become increasingly difficult to defend ol' "Jobs" Duncan.

Gotta luv it how often that there's a 'debacle' or a business closing that the NR uses the Mayor's stock photo on the website story.

Just keep reminding every one WHO is in charge.

'Course he has to make a statement too, as opposed to allowing his underlings to take some of the heat.

Hope all is well and you're keeping warm.


"We have become a very mobile society, which is evident by the number of customers visiting our Sandusky store from the Norwalk area." That is Norwalk's problem. Not the council, not the mayor. The residents of Norwalk chose to take their business to another city. It has happened all over Ohio. People think they have to go to the "New or better place" instead of supporting their neighbors and friends. It happened to downtown Sandusky, Bellevue, Monroeville, and the list goes on. Don't cry when they move out if you didn't support them. And even if you didn't always buy the most expensive jewelery, as a resident of Norwalk, you could have told people about their business, and steered buying customers toward them. Now, you still have The Diamond Collection. That's a great store. Support them instead of continuing to taking your business out of town.


I drive 40 miles to Diamond Collection for all my jewelry needs. I refuse to let ANYONE else touch my jewelry. (sorry even had a bad experience from Criders)


"The mayor said the extraordinary effort of the Norwalk Economic
Development Corp. and its director, Ellen Heinz, has paid off, as evidenced by the city approving a job creation grant agreement with the Dan-Mar Company on Tuesday night."

- NR, Mayor Duncan's SOTC speech, 2/4/14

In light of recent economic developments, looks more like a 'Hail Mary pass.'

Who makes up for the loss of any tax revenue? Current individuals and businesses.

@ NR: Got a webcast of this speech?


Voisard Manufacturing just closed last week in Shiloh / Shelby and 100+ people lost their jobs. You can read about it here: http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal....
To add to the "union" vs "nonunion" discussion --this plant did NOT have a union. These employees were given NO NOTICE of this closure. A meeting held at lunchtime and everyone had to leave after meeting. The owner told them "You have no insurance at the end of this meeting". REALLY?!? Could a union shop get away with that? NO WAY. I agree that unions line their pockets w/ the union dues and do little to nothing for their members OH YES I AGREE! At the same time tho I also agree that nonunion shops mainly treat their employees like complete crap (seriously, read this story you wont believe it-these poor employees!) and having a union, as useless as they really are at LEAST gives the workers some kind of stability and structure esp when a plant does close. Nonunion places never care or protect their employees. Anyhow Shiloh/Shelby are losing jobs too --it seems to be happening all around us :(


P.S. Heres the comment section to that Voisard story: http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal....
Theres even more details about that company's crappy treatment of their employees found here in the comments.
Hopefully there will be some legal ramifications for this treatment of these workers but of course you can't squeeze water from a grape or um hmmmm how does that saying go? well anyhow...