Suspect, deputy testify about Ecstasy

Defense attorney trying to suppress evidence in drug case.
Cary Ashby
Jan 29, 2014


A sheriff's deputy testified Tuesday he found a baggie "about the size of a golf ball" with suspected drugs from the vehicle of an Akron man.

Steven R. Spangenberg, 20, is charged with one count each of possession of methylecathinone (aka "Ecstasy") and theft of Ecstasy in connection with an Aug. 23 incident. His trial date is Feb. 6.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Bardar was a detective when he stopped Spangenberg on Chenango Road. He said he saw a knotted-up baggie in the floorboard of the driver's side in plain view and it contained what appeared to be a white substance.

"It was a clear baggie tied in a knot. ... It was pretty big -- about the size of a golf ball," Bardar said.

Once Bardar got consent to search the vehicle, he said he found a similar sized bag under the driver's seat.

He detained Spangenberg and placed him in the back of his unmarked sport utility vehicle, where Bardar gave the suspect his Miranda rights and interviewed him. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper played the recording of the interview for the court Tuesday.

When asked what else he had in the vehicle, Spangenberg said there was some cough syrup called "Lean" and "some hash."

Bardar said a confidential informant earlier had informed the sheriff's office that Spangenberg was expected to come to Huron County with some Ecstasy and Lean and was supposed to be driving a light-colored Ford Fusion

"A confidential informant called me and set everything up," said Spangenberg, who also testified Tuesday.

The defendant said he was supposed to meet the informant on Ferry Road about 8 p.m. Aug. 23, but he was running late. The deputy stopped him about 10:15.

Bardar was in the unmarked sheriff's truck on Chenango Road north of Ohio 18 when he saw Spangenberg driving southbound in a Fusion matching the informant's description. The deputy said the suspect passed him going the opposite way, so he turned around followed the car.

"It appeared to be going excessively fast," said Bardar, who estimated Spangenberg was going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Spangenberg reportedly tapped his brakes at the Ohio 18 intersection and didn't come to a complete stop, then continued southbound on Chenango. Bardar said he saw the suspect later go left of center for about 50 feet.

The defendant eventually turned left onto Ferry Road. Bardar, who passed Spangenberg going the opposite way on Ferry and then lost sight of him for a few minutes, saw the car again on Chenango and made the traffic stop based on the earlier rolling stop.

"His hand was shaking when he handed me the license," Bardar said. "He appeared to be very nervous."

Kasper and defense attorney Brett Murner must turn in their written closing arguments about Murner's motion to suppress evidence by the end of the business day Friday.



Why suppress anything. We all know Conway is going to do nothing but smack his hand and send him to rehab.
Sounds like attorney verses attorney wars.We do not hear much about "motion to suppress evidence " in Huron county. OH .... SNAP..
I see the problem.. Brett Murner is not part of the courthouse breakfast club.. Bret has no chance to make a deal. Its all about the attorney record for this county joke of a legal system.

swiss family

"Kasper and defense attorney Brett Murner must turn in their written closing arguments about Murner's motion to suppress evidence by the end of the business day Friday."

I love how they throw this in at the very last paragraph.... my question is what evidence is it that they are trying to suppress??? Looks like another Plea deal on it's way

All you really have to do is go look at the article still up on this site for "Angela Tuttle"the girl that STOLE drugs from someone in a local hotel room, and mysteriously these drugs finally ended up with Jesika Skelton, in the County Jail, and KILLED her, yet this thief who originally had possession of the deadly drugs in jail is asking for and getting an early release...????? they claim she has been in Prison since JULY 2012.. and claim she has done 2 years.... 2 years from then would be July 2014??? it sure is NOT July...It is no wonder that crime is skyrocketing locally... we need to remove the Judge and the Prosecutor, and their teams.. they think that local Justice is crap like that.... please step down, you are condemning to higher and higher crime, and most of us have had enough

swiss family

I will say... and I am guessing that this criminal is still in his street clothes in the mug shot... I will say it was very considerate of him to wear our local colors for jail inmates , already, so we could take a picture of him, looking like he is already in jail garb.... thanks idiot!!!