Salt supply running low, overtime up

Norwalk scambling as winter weather increases expenses.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 29, 2014


The harsh winter continues to take its toll on a number of areas.

On Monday, Josh Snyder, Norwalk public works director, indicated the city's salt supply, which was overflowing a short time ago, is running out -- fast.

"Our salt supply is dwindling (with two months of winter to go)," Snyder said. "We are looking for other places to get salt outside of our contract."

Snowy weather also means overtime for Norwalk, and the city has paid $12,660 in overtime this year due to the weather through Jan. 18, according to the finance department.

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Cliff Cannon

Can not thank you folks enough for the job you've done this winter. Simply put, you've been fantastic ! All of you should be extremely proud of your accomplishments


Need salt?
Go to your local McDonalds and shake it out of the fries.
A couple orders of fries should have enough for all the roads in the county




The salt must flow.