ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - How will you spend that extra money the goverment is giving you?

The government is giving you some extra money to spend. What will you do with it? Cash rebates for taxpayers are part of an economic aid plan designed to give a $168 billion boost to the lagging economy.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


The government is giving you some extra money to spend. What will you do with it?

Cash rebates for taxpayers are part of an economic aid plan designed to give a $168 billion boost to the lagging economy.

The legislation, which President Bush plans to sign this week following its quick passage in Congress, would deliver rebates — $600 for individuals, $1,200 for couples — to most taxpayers, plus an additional $300 per child. Individuals making up to $75,000 a year and couples earning up to $150,000 would get the full rebate, with those making more than that or too little to owe taxes getting smaller checks.

People who paid no income taxes but earned at least $3,000 — including through Social Security or veterans' disability benefits — would get a $300 rebate.

Rebate checks should start showing up in mailboxes in May. They would be based on 2007 tax returns, which are due April 15.

Do you think the plan will work? What do you intend to do with that extra money?

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have to pay in more taxs for this a** hole and his family becuse they are on wellfare come one how do you get laid off thrugh a temp service when my buddy just got a job their its very funny they lay him off and people are geting jobs their lol dead beat cart pusher hey the water park is hireing in sandusky get a job their you dead beat loser how jobs you going to get fired from dumb a**

here we go (Ano...

C'mon OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Good Lord!!!

Did I miss something? Did congress suddenly disappear and Bush took over?

Stop blaming Bush for everything, there are plenty of Dems, and Republicans messing things up. Give them some credit too!

JD's picture

Just think as stupid as you all think this is our electied officals wanted to add another 170 billion to this bill. Also those who say the Pres did this keep in mind it passed bothe the house and sennite with the Dems in control!


efiled my taxes in on the 7th and the irs acceted it on the 8th and i have to wait till the 26 to get my money come on but if you make the irs wait on their money they make you pay late cost come on this is bulldick


look at me and my poor family the best job we got is a temp survice that lays off at least we have wic and wellfare


look at me and my poor family the best job we got is a temp survice that lays off at least we have wic and wellfare

swiss family

there are many things that i can think of that i would like to spend my money on, but none of them are necessities.. i guess what i would like to do is turn my money over to the veterans widow, so she can make ends meet.. and maybe restore her faith in her neighbors and friends , when it seems like our govt. has failed her..

is there any way of donating to her without her knowing who and where the money came from??because the money only inderectly comes from me.. but it really comes from an appreciative American, who appreciates the sacrifices that she and her husband made, to protect and serve me and my loved ones..and i want her to know that someone cares, and appreciates her sacrifices.

i don't want her to lose faith in her fellow Americans, we appreciate all that she and her husband did.. the government may have let them down, but i for one would like to have her back, just like they once had mine

David Deerest.

Swiss, that's a nice jesture, hope you're not teasing that poor lady with your money. If you really mean that, I hope that you follow through and you're not just blowing smoke, so to speak. Yes, I know I am spineless by not buying car parts or whatever I want with our money, but those new sheets and comforter will come in handy for the cold Ohio nights. I do make decisions, swiss, it's just mine aren't always the right one. I hope you follow through, it will also restore my faith in my fellow man (and you) as well.


Im going to save children from dangerous predators like me

please save our kids

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Well said Deer Dave.....If Swiss is serious and puts their money where their mouth is and sets up a legal charitable fund for Ellen Clevenger I will personally donate fifty quid ($100)to the fund, So Swiss you now have good reason and motive to get your finger out and do something positive. Let me know if it can be done and I will keep to my promise.





swiss family

i really appreciate the fact that you are telling me to"get my finger out" !! i am not exactly sure what that translates to in "english" !! but maybe you didn't understand me correctly.. i never said that i was going to set up any kind of "red tape" traceable account.. i said that i was going to give my refnd check to her.. and since there isn't an address listed for her in the local phone book, where i can send the money to her.. but there is a listed phone number.. i will wait until i recieve my refund, and i will call her and ask her where to send my money to,... i would set up an account for her, with her permission, of course.. but i would be in a "no win" situation with alot of you people.. you would make claims that i was stealing the money, or taking a percentage, or whatever.. i mean. look at what you said about me "djrimmer" all i was doing was trying to help a woman out .. and you insult me by telling me to" get my finger out, and do something positive".. whats up with that?? so sir, it is not up to me to help you feel good about yourself.. if you truely want to help her out, be creative and ask your friend "Deer Dave" to get his finger out, and help you to locate an address for her.. i am going tpo help her all that i can.. and that is something that i want to do, and i will do the background work for my donation, so that she gets it.. i suggest that you do your's as well !!

i could call her and get an adress so that i could put it on here, and explain to her that there are people, such as yourself< who would like to donate.. but that might be setting her up to get her feelings crushed.. when people like yourself don't follow through with what you say you will give her.. and i will feel terrible about that.. so i won't do seem to have an American, local friend.. like "Deer Dave".. have him help you..

i would say thank you though, for at least wanting to help her.. but my grandma always said that "talk was cheap.. actions are what matters!!"

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Swiss...I did not mean to insult you but I am quite happy to help this lady out, as indeed you are. However when I suggested a legal charitable fund is set up, that was to protect all parties involved, including the donators, the fund holder and recipient. I am not in a position to set up a legal fund from this country but I am sure anyone willing to assist this lady could could quite easily set up such a fund. As you had shown an interest in helping I thought you would be the ideal person to to do the job properly. Its not a matter of me feeling good about myself as you put it but a matter of protection for everyone concerned. So if someone sets up a charitable trust my promise of a donation still stands

David Deerest.

to swiss, nobody insulted you. And as far as giving your refund check to a total stranger-well, more power to you. But if you really meant it, I would think that you wouldn't boast about it and just do it as a gesture from your heart. I can't help to think you're trying to put on good airs on here because the Reflector has your e-mail address. If you do indeed intend to help out this lady, then by all means, do it. But you might want to stop posting your good deeds for us to call you on and then take something out of context and twist peoples words, like you did with DaveR. I give to chararitable organizations, but I'm not going to come on the public forum and tell everyone what a good person I am. I don't need to try to convince anyone, like you do. Put your money where your mouth is, and keep that finger where I can see

swiss family

way to go "Deer Dave" you really don't get it do you?? it's sad that you are so pathetic and simple!! the reason that i posted on here that i wanted to give my refund check to this woman, was not to give praise to myself!! i give to alot of charities, and help at alot of fund raisers, and the last thing i need is praise from someone like you and your overseas boyfriend.. the reason that i said i was giving the refund to her, 1. she really deserves it, and could really use it..2. was hoping that maybe more people that read that, would conside doing the same thing with their extra money.. this poor woman is in dire need, and the only thing in her life that changed, that put her in this position was that her husband died,,, and he was a veteran !! it's shameful that our govt. is treating her like this

but since you feel the necessity to tear me apart, and judge me so harshly.. which by the way .. i think is so ironic that someone like you, who thinks that buying sheets and comforters is in a position to judge anyone.. especially anyone who is wanting to help another person in need..i am certain that you have stopped alot of people who would have helped this poor woman out.. so i hope that you can sleep good at night, on your new sheets and comforter.. you have hurt this woman way more than you will know..

and if you think that your "boy friend" from over seas didn't insult me.. then explain the coment where he says.."so swiss, now you have reason and motive to get your finger out and do something positive" what does that mean about getting my finger out?? out from where.. trust me.. i am not so blinded by infatuation and love to know an insult when i hear it...

you know there is a solution to you being picked on with your "relationship" with your overseas friend.. why don't you two exchange e-mail adresses, and write your letters back and forth to each other in private.. so we don't all have to go through it with you.. iy's boring.. and tedious..

so congratulation once again on making it seem like it's more of an effort to help this poor woman than it is worth being scrutinized for.. you actually took food right out of her mouth.. i hope that you are happy.. i don't care what you say about me.. actually i think it is amusing.. but others might feel intimidated by you.. so now they have an excuse not to help her.. i hope you are happy with yourself.. and i hope that you sleep comfy on your new bedding...did you have any say in what size, shade and color you got.. or did your wife make all of the decisions.. you wimp !!!!

David Deerest.

Well, isn't it just like you to resort to name-calling. You've only made a fool of yourself by coming on here and making a huge issue out of what you are going to do with your refund check. So, some of us will buy necessities and some will give to charity some will pay bills-the list goes on and on, like you. You're a fake, any of us that have been reading on here the last several months know that. We are proud of you, is that what you need to hear? Our approval? Yes! By all means, give it to her! Just quit boasting. And stop calling DaveR. my boyfriend. You just add insult to injury when you act like that. Grow up.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Well Swiss, were do I start after that rant. By the time your tax rebate arrives, 6 months are likely to have passed. The term "get your finger out" in English terms means "do something now". My promise of a donation was to encourage you to set up a legal, charitable fund as you were keen and kind enough to want to help this lady. "Boyfriend from overseas" would seem to indicate that you think that Deer Dave and myself are homosexuals. Well Deer Dave can answer for himself but having stated that he has a her indoors (wife)I very much doubt he bats for the other side. As for me I can assure you that I have no romantic feelings towards the male members of the community. As far as "taking food out of this ladies mouth" goes, I am afraid that that is one of the more ridiculous statements you have made. Unless you have facts to the contrary, never make assumptions, they will come back and bite you on the bum. It seems that the friendship Deer Dave and I have struck up is annoying you, why? are you jealous that people from different continents can strike up friendly relationships?


TTFN Nos da

David Deerest.

Well said, my friend of the 'male gender'. And as far as switching teams, it would seem so useless at this point in my life, especially since I love everything about my wife. (But I AM flattered that you'd pick a fine fellow such as DaveR. for me.) The article asked what we'd do with our refund check. I explained our plans, and I got called spineless. DaveR. said he'd contribute to your cause, and he got called a homosexual. How is anyone expected to take anything you say seriously? You get madder than a hornet when anyone asks you a question, getting on your best defense. Why is that? Why can't you ever be civil and act like a grown up?

DaveR. and others, enjoy your evening, and watch out for all that snow-it's on it's way! Maybe a foot before all said and done.