Airport supporter threatens legal action

Friends of the Huron County Airport president says he's frustrated about inability to obtain public records.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 3, 2014


The leader of a local county airport support group has expressed frustration regarding his inability to obtain public records.

Dan LeClair, president of the Friends of the Huron County Airport, indicated he's been stonewalled in his attempts to get his hands on three public records involving the airport.

LeClair promised court action if the records aren't provided.

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Essex is not releasing documents he claims to have most likely because they do not exist.
This after he called and Congratulated the lawyer in the document case that the commissioners and board recently lost. You'd think that one who believes himself to be as smart as Essex does would have learned not to withhold documents.

And thank you reflector on taking 9 days to enter the article online.


is that the jg wentworth guy?