About 25 new businesses have opened in Norwalk during the past two years

Here's the list.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 24, 2014


Mayor Rob Duncan said this week there's much good news to celebrate in the Norwalk business community.

The mayor noted about 25 businesses which opened in the past two years.

"These businesses are mostly in the service sector," Duncan said. "But, we've been fighting hard to get more manufacturing jobs here."

The mayor singled out two businesses on his list: Ace Hardware and Rural King.

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The following is a list of new businesses in Norwalk in the past two years: Little Caesars, B & N Automotive, Pink Pixie, Hohler Furnace & Sheet Metal, Edward Jones (Apple's Plaza), CDL Testing facilities, Dirtsandwich Music Company, 2nd Chance Auto, C&R Variety, Main Street Barber, When Pigs Fly, Anytime Fitness, Willoughby Supply, Rural King, Stine Dental, Yankee Biotic's, Alliance Solutions Group, Mary's Electrolysis, Marjie's Mutts, Attorney Heather Niedermeier, Ace Hardware, Vacationland Federal Credit Union, Havana Cigar Outlet, MicroCharged and Tammy's Hair Salon.



Smalltown could you elaborate?


Ruger firearms is looking to relocate here you go Mr Duncan good paying jobs .california dont want them the city of norwalk needs them


That would be great if we could attract them to the area. They do far more then just firearms.


Just read about it today, the city needs to jump on this

Cliff Cannon

@rbenn : Amen !

J Cooper

Ruger has already committed to Rockingham County, North Carolina, a "right to work state" and friendly to second amendment rights, Ithaca Guns moved from Cincinnati to Horry County, SC along with PTR Firearms from Connecticut once again a "right to work state."


Re: "Ruger"

Can see Sen. Brown jumping on this one. lol

IMO, more like TX. Gov. Perry's saying: Come on down!

J Cooper

Ruger has already committed to Rockingham, NC, Ithaca from Cincinnati and PTR another gun manufacturer from Connecticut both moving to Horry County, SC. In Horry County a partnership with Georgetown-Horry Technical College to train the new employees. What does all three of these moves have in common; right to work states, friendly to Second Amendment rights and better climate.


These are all low paying jobs, and part time jobs. All the full time, larger paying jobs left-IPC, Janesville, Motor panels just to name a few. Norwalk will look like Detroit in a few yrs.