Perry Nuclear Plant reports radioactive leak

Officials say there is no threat to the public’s safety.
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Jan 22, 2014


A leak, containing radioactive material, at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant has been reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; however, officials say there is no threat to the public’s safety.

The leak was discovered Monday afternoon on a feed water Venturi meter. Samples were taken and elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, were detected in a groundwater monitoring station adjacent to the auxiliary building where the leak occurred, said Jennifer Young, a FirstEnergy spokesperson.

“The tritium detected was above the EPA’s level for groundwater,” she said.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s limit for tritium in groundwater is 20,000 picocuries per liter. According to the NRC’s report, the positive sample obtained at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant indicated a level of 46,000 picocuries per liter.

Young said steps have been taken to stop the leak and officials are actively working on repairing it.

“We are stopping the leak by applying a clamp,” she said.

Young said samples were taken from multiple locations on the plant grounds and no other positive readings were obtained.

Officials set up a collection basin and the water is being contained on site, she said.

None of the water has left the site.

“There is no threat to the public what-so-ever,” Young said. “There was no threat to our workers either.”

Young said tritium is naturally occurring and poses no harm unless it is ingested in large quantities.

“Tritium is around us all the time,” she said.

Most commonly, tritium can be found in self-illuminescent items such as exit signs and wristwatches, she said.

The site will continue to be monitored until the leak is repaired, Young said.


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Andy Prutsok

A clamp? Sounds eerily similar to measures taken by Freedom Industries to stop the toxic leak into the Elk River in West Virginia. They threw a bag of cat litter on it, or something like that. Sure hope this clamp works better.


A clamp. And perhaps some duct tape. It's just tritium in ground water anyway. No big deal... GEEZ! Unreal.

Cliff Cannon

" Officials say there is no threat to the public’s safety. " Famous last words of bureaucrat's every where

hit the road jack

No threat to public safety,hell,the level of Picocuries was only more than twice the allowable limit. they forget to tell you that they keep raising the safe level for radiation to suit their wishes so their screw up doesn't look bad,they also forget to tell you that over 80% of nuclear power plants in this country are leaking radiation,like the crack on the dome at Davis Besse a couple years ago.
We're pretty much toast with a bunch of jugheads running these places and just don't give a $hit!


Gonna blame this on the 78 blizzard as well?? Shut this thing down, it appears the people operating this havent a clue on what their doing...

Really are you ...

It is all good, this won't affect the president of First Energy. His underground water is fine. Forget everyone else, we are not important. Lol! The only safe levels is a reading of zero. With all the nuclear radiation being introduced into the environment on top of what already is here, pretty soon NRC will have no choice to raise acceptable levels.

US military nuclear weapons testing in the 1940's to 1950's, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and all of the underground and underwater nuclear testing. All of this is added on top of radiation from the sun, microwaves, electrical...


With all the radiation leaks, soon we'll all be able to glow in the dark. Good grief!