BCI analyzing seized computers, cell phones

Monroeville raid part of multi-state investigation.
Cary Ashby
Jan 18, 2014


The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is analyzing computers and cell phones seized as evidence from a Monroeville home this week.

"Once we know the results of that, we'll consult with the county prosecutor to see if any charges should be filed," Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons said Thursday.

Depending on the work load at BCI, Lyons said the results could be available in one to six weeks.

While the chief declined to talk about the nature of the investigation, he said authorities seized cell phones and computers and some other items as evidence.

Police used a search warrant between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. Monday at 383 Monroe St.

"The residents were there," Lyons said.

When asked if it's unusual to have residents present while officers use a search warrant, the chief said authorities "were looking for them to be there." Lyons didn't elaborate.

Two BCI agents spent "most of the morning" gathering evidence and processing the scene, Lyons said.

Agencies from different states are part of what the chief has called "an ongoing, multi-jurisdiction investigation."

"It involves several states and several state agencies. One of them is Oklahoma," Lyons said the day authorities used the warrant.

It's unknown when the investigation started.



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