Heroin defendant with new job gets sentencing delayed

Local man "has a disappointing history" of criminal charges as a juvenile and adult, assistant prosecutor says.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2014


Willard defendant Dustin A. Hanson started a new job Tuesday.

As a result, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway gave the convicted drug defendant a chance to prove he can stay employed and remain sober. Hanson's sentencing hearing, which was scheduled for Wednesday, was reset for Feb. 19.

"I don't mind putting it off to see if the job sticks," Conway said.

In early December, Hanson, 30, of 206 S. Main St., pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. The Willard Police Department initiated the June 25 traffic stop in connection with the defendant driving with a suspended license.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said officers found .1 gram of heroin on Hanson.

"He was cooperative with law enforcement officers," she added.

Calling it "a residue case," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the amount was the smallest it could be and still be a felony.

"He didn't give the officers any grief. He was honest with them," he also said.

Hanson, who also has an undisclosed prior felony conviction, has said he's on probation through Norwalk Municipal Court related to the same case. He wasn't on community control at the time of the traffic stop.

However, Hanson "has a disappointing history" of criminal charges as a juvenile and adult, Kasper said.

"It includes prison terms and drug convictions," the prosecutor added.

Hanson told the judge he is doing well for himself now and wants to continue to do so.

Conway warned the defendant a prison term is still a possibility. The judge ordered Hanson to report to the probation office for a drug test and for him to be screened at least once before his sentencing hearing.



Scranton Tibbs

Great call Judge Conway. Just another reason you need to be REMOVED.


Isnt that funny how all them criminals happen to find a job right before going to court..

Brock Lee



Good call lugnut. And once they get to prison they find Jesus. At least until after their parole hearing.
Gotta love the neck tattoos, though. What a fine, upstanding member of society.


Well Judge Conway, we'll be seeing Dustin in court soon on other drug charges.... Or was it that he wasn't going to show up like so many others who were supposed to in your court.




I'll bet he won't show up for sentencing because he 'didn't want to lose his job'. Come February 20 he'll probably quit the job. Judge Conway's court is a big joke.


Good for you Dusty let all the lames talk keep doing you


Ok so u commend dusty that's nice


I bet these a-holes always talking crap about everyone on here for the smallest crimes piss and moan when they get pulled over and get a ticket for a headlight out, or fallowing to close.. "its too much, but I won't do it again, it will make my insurance go up.." you should also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 0.8 shouldn't be the legal alcohol breath limit. It should be 0.0. All you moose,vfw' and other club members and the owners would be in a tight spot.

swiss family

I just have to say that I do not have a neck tattoo, but if I ever thought about getting one, I would contact a corporation and tell them that I will put their logo on my neck, as park of advertisement for them, if the price was right.... win, win in my opinion