Berry's Restaurant to be featured on TV reality show

Film crew will arrive in town in the next couple of weeks.
Aaron Krause
Jan 8, 2014


There won't be any kitchen nightmares when a film crew descends on Norwalk to shoot footage for a reality show in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, the subject of the film won't focus on the business where part of the shooting will take place.

MTV's True Life will film a segment at Berry's Restaurant in the next couple of weeks about a couple whose relationship is in transition.

Restaurant owner Doug Berry said a crew from Punched in the Head productions will arrive in town in the next couple of weeks to film the segment -- not all of which might be shot in Berry's.

According to MTV's website, True Life "has provided a window into the struggles, hopes and dreams of young people.

"Narrated solely by its characters, each episode documents the unusual -- and often remarkable -- circumstances of real individuals, whether it's about soldiers returning from Iraq, deaf teenagers or people living with autism. We've given all of them -- and hundreds of others -- the opportunity to tell their own stories directly to their peers in this powerful, Emmy-award winning series that uniquely reflects the experiences and cultures of this generation."

Berry said he was told his restaurant was chosen after a crew considered different places in Norwalk and considered Berry's "interesting."

"It looks like our environment was working for us," he said. "It's sort of a 'wow' moment. I love it. Maybe we can do more."

But again, Berry said the segment is "not all about us."

That's in contrast to when the Fox program "Kitchen Nightmares" brought its crew to the Mill Street Bistro, with Chef Gordon Ramsay last year, focusing on the food at the Norwalk restaurant.


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So "True Life" is scripted? Kinda of defeats the shows name.

Cliff Cannon

Congrats to Doug & his staff, sounds like you folks are going to be having some serious fun here. ( Hope you all make it on T.V.)


mtv. kinda cool in 1983..


MTV + Reality Show + Norwalk = Hillbilly Dumpster Fire


oh yeah!


I love how no matter what happens in our area...some people have to complain, b1tch, bully and just out and out make sad you are.


I based my statement solely on the prior attention that Norwalk has received on a National Level: The Gravelles; Idiots on Dr. Phil(sorry but don't remember their names); and lastly, Jacka** Joe Nagy on Kitchen Nightmares. Not a stellar portrayal of our fair city-not expecting one from the same network who was responsible for ''Jersey Shore" and ''Buckwild''


Well the Gravelles are from Clarksfield. And the idiots on Dr. Phill, i believe your referring to the Limberios', are from Castalia. So you mean your basing Norwalks national appearance off of Kitchen Nightmares. I seen plenty of horrible restaurants on kitchen nightmares some where from New York, Chicago, L.A. It definitely wouldn't stop me from visiting any of those cities.

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No. There was a herion couple on dr. Phil over a year ago from Norwalk. I don't remember their names either.
I belive the commentator was also referring to the news coming to court in Norwalk. That's where most of the news channel vans parked. In front of the court house.


Don't forget about the heroin peeps from Oprah back in 2008...though I think that was in Plymouth, right?

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@Whopper. I'll add in the norovirus.


As true to form, you have nothing nice to say. Didn't your momma teach you "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"
? So sad that people are so negative in their own life that they need to try and bring everyone else down to their level :(

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@littleboyblue33 who are you referring to? If it's me, my mother did teach me that.
No one is trying to bring anyone down. Just commenting.
Facts are facts though, The Norovirus came from Norwalk Ohio.

Also, by you putting people in levels that are down from you, you are being negative towards others. Be careful of your pedestal getting too high.

I Can Read

I have seen the show and it isn't anything to take pride in. Doug Berry should have watched a few episodes before saying yes. At least that's my opinion...


A "reality" show with a script and chosen location with actors?? Say it isn't so!! You mean these shows aren't real life?!?! Good for Berrys for the exposure, boo for America for letting MTV exist. When they stopped being Music Television and switched to "reality shows depicting trash kids as rock stars television" we should have pulled the plug. But when trash is attracted to trash, people watch and give them their ratings.


Watched the 1st 2 minutes of 4 episodes "on demand" (since it's been years since I've watched MTV) and completely agree with all previous comments. Unfortunately it appears that Norwalk has a "branding problem"...


This will be the second time Berry's will be on national TV. I remember Ramsey refusing to eat at Nagy's so he went to Berry's. I'm going there this week and if I see Doug I'm gonna wish him well.


Stupid is as stupid does. That's all I have to say about that

Unique perspect...

...Kind of neat to get more of Norwalk on the map...Hope they are not looking forward to good food there!


congrats to berry's resteraunt owners.. staff is always friendly and the place is clean.. its a resteraunt where you know 30 yrs later you can still go in there and get the veal cutlet..


I get so tired of people thinking that a place doesn't have good food. Every time I have eaten there it has been ok. No not outstanding but it was warm seemed decent and I didnt have to cook it! That is why there are sooooo many places to may not like one but other people do so go where you like and and quit bad mouthing a decent place...geez.

Unique perspect...

I happen to love the iconic local status of the place and the story, that is why I have tried about 15 times to see if I was having a one-off experience with the food. It has nice atmosphere, neat reads on the local history framed on the walls, decent staff interactions each time (I tipped well regardless the food for that), cannot find one menu item that I have not regretted/finished due to taste. This town sells no fresh fish outside of perch, little variety of fruits that are tasteful (garden tomato vs. the ones that are fabricated in green houses), etc., so it is not too surprising that our expectations of taste are not great.

For the price and the reputation, Berry's should commit to good food, if not exceptional. Not cabbage rolls smothered in a carrot chuck gravy of sorts, or veal cutlet that was frozen & over cooked (2x)- the flavor is completely different when fresh. See that Ramsey guys' show and think what Berry's offers in regards to fresh vs. frozen varieties. Much of the menu tastes/is frozen before hand and is tasteless as compared to the potential for a historic landmark we pride ourselves in as "Norwalkians" - I am hoping Robert Irvine can hop into town and save Berry's food offerings for its customers!! The menu would not have to change.


Turelife on MTV isn't really scripted. It just follows people around and touches on diverse topics and people.

Berry's. I visit this place a couple times a year still. Good food, good staff and good advertisement for them.

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Why I said it was scripted is because they are "planning" on shooting there. Not really "following" the subject on random places. Then I got to thinking, maybe the focus is someone that works there.

I agree, Berry's is a nice place to eat. It also brings back memories when my grandma would treat me there once a week. They have the best malts.


Back in my day, MTV was all about watching music videos and episodes of Beavis and Butthead... not any of this garbage about half-naked kids runnin' around on the shores of New Jersey! Get off my lawn ya filthy brats, and Beavis and Butthead invented twerking before any of you did!


Beavis and Butthead :).


Are you kidding me this is practically the perfect place for MTV to shoot crappy reality shows... It's 16 and pregnant and teen mom every which way you look... Jackpot for them.