Ruggles touts qualifications for sheriff

Monroeville Police Chief Mike Ruggles believes he is qualified to be the next Huron County sheriff. But the former Norwalk police chief isn't saying for sure he's making the election a three-person race yet. "I haven't actually decided to run," said Ruggles, 60, who has many factors to consider.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Monroeville Police Chief Mike Ruggles believes he is qualified to be the next Huron County sheriff.

But the former Norwalk police chief isn't saying for sure he's making the election a three-person race yet.

"I haven't actually decided to run," said Ruggles, 60, who has many factors to consider.

"I like Dane (Howard) and Jamey (Bracken) very much. I have high respect for them. I know they want this job very much," he continued.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dane Howard has filed petitions to run as a Democrat. Capt. James "Jamey" Bracken is running as a Republican. About mid-summer 2007, Sheriff Richard Sutherland, a Republican, publicly said he was retiring after 38 years in law enforcement.

"I wouldn't consider myself running against them, but running on my qualifications. That would be my biggest reason for running as an independent," Ruggles said, "because I'm not a politician at all. I'm an administrator."

He doesn't want any of the "big party money."

"I think in law enforcement, you shouldn't owe anyone," he said.

Ruggles became the Monroeville police chief in late October 2005. He was the interim chief starting June 21, 2005 after former chief Mike White resigned. Ruggles was the Norwalk police chief from 1992 through 2001. He was with the department for a total of 31 1/2 years.

"I have the proof in the pudding with Norwalk P.D., which I still think is one of the best departments in the area. I also think Monroeville is a good, small department," Ruggles said about his qualifications.

He was a volunteer/reserve deputy in 1969 before working full-time for Norwalk the following year. During his 38-year law enforcement career, Ruggles has been a chief for 12 1/2 years and served 29 total years as a supervisor.

Late last year, Ruggles said "a lot of people" started approaching him about possibly running for sheriff. His supporters had a consistent message.

"(They) feel the sheriff's office needs a new direction from the outside," he said. "I feel like I'm qualified to do it. ... I started giving it some serious thought."

His wife already had a vacation planned since October.

"It came right in the middle of the process, so it (is) giving me some time for reflection," Ruggles said.

After getting an application from Huron County Common Pleas Court late last week, he was fingerprinted at the sheriff's office standard procedure for a sheriff's candidate. Ruggles then met with Judge Jim Conway and Court Administrator Linda Stower late Monday morning.

They accepted his paperwork and forwarded his fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation for a background check.

Ruggles' application will be forwarded to the board of elections and the county commissioners. While he is on vacation now, he said there are "several people" passing out his petitions for at least 189 signatures.

"Since it's been in the paper (Thursday), I have people who want to sign it," Ruggles said.

The deadline to file to run as an independent is 4 p.m. March 3, the day before the primary.


Dear Mike, (Ano...

Please run, please, please, please, please run for Sheriff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where (Anonymous)

can we sign the petitions??

time for a chan...

You go Mr. Ruggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. It's good to see someone interested in the job with the proper qualifications. We don't need someone who kills animals and falsifies court cases as Sheriff and we sure don't need a puzzle solver either!!. Just make sure you campaign and get your name out there and don't put your cooking recipies in the newspaper and we all know about your honesty and integrity is far more superior than Mr. Howards. You got my vote and many more I'm sure!!!!!.

oh boy (Anonymous)

Time to retire - think of your heart.Give someone 20-30 a chance to get a job and grow with the community.

Re: oh boy (Ano...

Who are you and why are you still talking. I thought I explained this to you already.

oh boy (Anonymous)

Just a voter and one who knows a little about the need for a progressive mindset in this county. You explained nothing.

1234 (Anonymous)

This reminds me of Riley when he was commissioner. People WE need to go forward - not backwards.

I see the refle...

has already deleted comments from this article

Where is the po...

asking where you can sign the petition? Hardly what I think should be deleted.

change is neede...

Maybe if Mr. Ruggles is elected it would get rid of the good old boy syndrome that has been part of the sheriffs dept. all these years. I'm sure a lot of the deputies have not been thrilled with the Sutherland fiefdom all these years. It's also time Monroeville got rid of the man who wanted to be chief before Ruggles came. It needs new blood and a smaller force, if Mr. Ruggles does run and become sheriff.

what (Anonymous)

Has the Reflector deleted? I know that monitoring isn't constant - please re-post- this is what free speech is about.

Re: oh boy (Ano...

It seems you are a 20 to 30 year old voter with a similar mindset to my own when I was your age. Time to do more listening and less talking. Just because you're old enough to vote doesn't mean you're smart enough.

40ish (Anonymous)

Although I have no doubt in Mike Ruggle's ability, 60 years old is a little high. I would prefer someone younger but hey....I'll be more than happy to hear what he has to say! I have a open mind and I'm more interested it what changes they'll make than how old they are. When is the debate?

uhh (Anonymous)

You got wrong - all wrong .I'm on the low side of 50.Lived in this county most of those years.A few years in the military kept me "away."Ruggles is to old - has a Dick Chaney heart. Lets get someone who can grow with our area. This hard head attitude has prevailed way too long here. That's part of the reason WE need a fresh new approach to things. Don't give condensing advice.

to the 9:31 pos...

How about this? We can draft you. We can hazard your life for this country. You can't vote. You are not 21. Remember that?

hey mike (Anonymous)

The Reflector has your IP#. Don't give advice if you can't take it. Feel free to get mine.

swiss family......

i am glad that Mike is starting the process to enter the race.. he did a pretty good job as the head of the norwalk pd.and seems to take the job of law enforcement very should be an interesting race, good luck to all 3, and i hope that the best man for the county , wins

Re: to the 9:31...

I think you meant condescending but if not then I will condense it for you. First of all there is no draft, you can vote but as I said maybe you're not smart enough to. Remember what I said, I was like you once. Experience comes with years on the job and Mike is much more experienced the either of the other two candidates. Not that they might not do a good job but if you had to vote for experience, Mikes the man. You can't argue with that although you probably will.

Re: uhh (Anonymous)

I Guess I got you and Re: to 9:31 post rolled into one with my posting. My bad but I think you still get the point.

uhh (Anonymous)

Remember Vietnam? "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." A.Lincoln. Once again you talk. I deliver. To bad you never served mikey.The voters will speak. Remember that.

12:02 post (Ano...

I bet you"ll camp @ Fitchville this summer.

Re: oh boy, uhh...

you caught me, you caught the Tater. Lol, actually you caught me in a senior moment. I got a couple of you mixed up, or did I. You might be the same guy for all I know, and no, I am not Mike Ruggles. I hope he's got better things to do than reply to this. Yes I do remember Nam all too well. What that's got to do with being Sheriff is beyond me. I'm just saying that Mike is more than qualified to fill the slot and yes the voters will decide. Don't you know that 60 is the new 50, I guess that makes me 44. Funny, I don't feel 44 but I do act like I'm 14 sometimes and boy does that hurt in the morning. Also, I don't like camping. I still wake up with wood and prefer to chop my own, thank you.

MWM MarriedWhit...

60yrs OLD

How about thinking of retirement


What me need is more younger cops that can run and catch the younger bad guys

and put them in the big house or my put them to work on a chain gang at the HOMO CampGround

That will stright them out

Ha Ha HA

once again (Ano...

Lemme see . The good book calls 3score & 10 the average life of man. If my thoughts are correct that equates to 70(years).Being in the military helps one deal with ALL kinds of people. Oh I was a warrior. If you were I veteran you would have proclaimed it. Every vet I know is unashamed of it. (It is popular now to be in the military).Most of America never served. Did mikey?

Donny (Anonymous)

I saw this movie about a bus that had to speed around a city, keeping its speed over fifty and if its speed dropped, it would explode! I think it was called ... "The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down."

to: MWM Married...

You couldn't fool your own mother on the foolingest day of your life with an electrified fooling machine! You are gay!

to all (Anonymous)

Eat at Berrys.

re: MWM and oth...

you made a comment about him not being able to chase someone down well do you think the current sheriff or Dane could actually chase someone down on foot? I doubt it. Like it or not he looks to be the best candidate. From where I stand the sheriff dept. can't get any worse.

to 4:11 post (A...

Your chain is yanked; now bark!

Good Luck Ruggl...

You have my vote! Too bad your campaign can't include proclaiming a war against some of these idiots. You would be a shoe in! Don't worry though, the ones on here slamming you are probably too stupid to vote.