Woman suffers life-threatening injuries during beating

Dispute about car keys sends victim to hospital, man to jail
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Dec 29, 2013


A woman suffered "life-threatening" injuries Friday during a domestic dispute about car keys.

Robert Catania, 53, of 5 W. Washburn, Lot No. 3, was charged with felonious assault due to the severity of the victim's injuries, New London Police said.

"He beat her up pretty good," Chief Mike Marko said.

The 46-year-old woman ran out of the house to seek help from her neighbor about midnight on Friday.

"Upon arriving, I spoke with Brian Goodrich who advised (the victim) came over beating on his door telling him to call the cops and a squad," the police report written by Officer Ken Blackburn stated.

The victim was sitting on Goodrich's floor just inside the doorway with a black eye that was "swelled shut and blood all over her," the report stated.

Meanwhile, a Huron County Sheriff's deputy was called for assistance to enter Catania's residence with Marko.

Catania, who was reportedly intoxicated, locked himself in his bedroom and was arrested at gunpoint because he was hiding his hands under a blanket, Marko said. His daughter was outside the mobile home and granted the officers access to the home, the report stated.

Back at the Goodrich residence, Blackburn asked the victim what started the argument.

"(The victim) advised that Robert had asked her for the keys that he was leaving (and) she told him she didn't know where they were and he got upset. (She) then stated Robert hit her and began to choke her," the report stated.

The woman's lip was split open and heavily bleeding and she was bloodied on most of her face.

She was transported by ambulance to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment.

An officer interviewed the victim Friday morning following her release from the hospital and warned her that the situation will only get worse if she doesn't pursue charges. But, the victim declined to file charges, the officer said.

Following the incident, officers photographed blood throughout the mobile home as evidence during the investigation.

Catania initially said he wanted to go to the hospital as well for a defense wound to the eye he received during the struggle, but then changed his mind and was taken to the Huron County Jail, where he's in custody. He must post $30,000 in bond money to be released.



I am sure that he beat her badly, but "life-threatening" injuries sound like an exaggeration if she was released from the hospital a few hours after being taken there.


No surprise, look who wrote the article.


"(She) then stated Robert hit her and began to choke her," the report stated. He was choking her...after being choked for so long that would become "life threatening".


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She 'declined to file charges'. Can't the police still file charges? Next time, and there will be a 'next time' there always is, she may not be so lucky.


Read the article!!! It says he was charged with felonious assault. That's a jail picture people don't go there to hangout!


The cops in New London respond to a situation, if a female is at fault they say it's a civil matter, if it's a male then they are heroes that are going to save the day. They are a joke.