Local man accused of stealing son's toys, pawning them for drug money

Grandma buys replacement toys just in time for Christmas.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2013


A homeless man reportedly with a history of stealing from family members is accused of stealing video games and action figures from his 8-year-old son and pawning them for money to buy drugs.

The man's girlfriend, Gala Barney, 44, also homeless, is also accused of theft in connection with the incident.

However, thanks to his grandmother, the boy will have toys for the holidays, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Papineau said.

Barney and Jeremy Morrow, 33, are in custody in the Erie County Jail and charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor. That carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Papineau said.

Barney is in custody, unable to post a $9,000 bond. Morrow, too, is jailed in lieu of a $12,814 bond.

Morrow is possibly estranged from the boy's mother, Papineau said. Morrow's mother has custody of the boy.

Morrow was visiting the house in Milan Township earlier this month, Papineau said. A week later, the boy's mother realized the items -- a Nintendo 3DS and related games and a Skylander Xbox 360, were missing. The woman called police and said she believed her son was involved because he has a past history of stealing from family members, Papineau said. He added Morrow was already incarcerated in the Erie County Jail on unrelated drug charges and a warrant in connection with failure to pay back fines.

Papineau went to the jail to interview Morrow about his alleged theft of his son's games.

"He admitted he was at the house and took items that belonged to his son, Papineau said. He added the suspect took them to the Exchange in Sandusky, sold them and received between $50 and $90 which he used to buy crack cocaine, Papineau said.

Papineau said Morrow appeared to be "somewhat remorseful" but said he has an addiction and that's why he stole his son's games.

Papineau also said since Morrow didn't have an identification with him, he had his girlfriend take the games into the Exchange and receive the money. She was arrested on a warrant in connection with the theft. Barney was also wanted on a warrant in connection with an unrelated possession of drugs crime out of Sandusky Municipal Court, Papineau said

"It's very disappointing especially right before Christmas," he said.

Erie County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said this marks the first time he can recall such an incident.

"Sometimes people get pretty desperate," he said.

Oliver commended police for bring the case to a close.

Papineau also commended Morrow's mother, whom he said was disappointed that her grandson was without games. So she bought him new ones.

"I think it was excellent," Papineau said.





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That's really sad that you'd steal from your son to just get a fix. How low.


an honest man like him would be a great choice for our next president. no worse than we have now, really..

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If your not happy with this President post on an appropriate article, this is not it.


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In My Opinion - It's almost always if not always a bad idea to try to publicly assassinate a person's character but if you're going to attempt to do it you should at least try to be fair and complete. The child's mother was not convicted of anything in Elyria - the case was dismissed for lack of any evidence that she did anything wrong.

In my opinon

Just because there was no proof dosen't mean it wasn't true, There were charges of indecent exposure for a reason. Only saying the Grandmother is at least trying to have some stability to a young child's life and kudos to her for that. Took a lot to turn in her own son.

all fact or all...

Case was dismissed BUT NOT CLOSED!!!! if there is more information to be found she can still stand trial for this..and or if she were to get in trouble for same thing it can be held against her....and she was found indigent....means HAS NO MONEY...so how does she take care of said child?? Or any others? And if I'm correct she was living in Elyria at the time and now the club is closed there's your lack of evidence....

all fact or all...

Reference to sarrak..most of us people have been or writing comments good and or bad on here for some time...then there are those whos names you see pop up long enough to defend a certain subject... I live by these rules and I have taught my children well...my son is a very awesome young man he will hold a store door open for his girlfriend the car door too and for other doors and will hold open doors seems like for everyone for anyone I hope he stays the gentalman I taught him to be..my girls have always been very sensitive to there bodies 12&14... All I can hope is they always respect themselves and other people too..I'm blessed. To be. able to watch my kids grow with love and discipline....If you are ever able to keep your lil one pray you don't miss more than you already have....but if this much Time has passed you by and no changes made lil boy then there's things you need to do and that is defend your character on here if someone has thrown you under the bus get back up and again defend yours....if you can't stand up for your option then your just as guilty as they have made you look to be...life's not fair till you change it....and I did make the playground fair...he has done stupid crap..but so have you...when people place ANY INFO the internet all you have to do is...SERIOUSLY look it up ITS ALLLLL PUBLIC INFORMATION...and all anyone has to do is type it in and up pops stories read read read and read...REALLY!! 1+1+1+1=4 and it always will..so if you don't want your info out there stop or if you don't want bad info stay out of trouble!!!!!...right now you could have the 80 days that was suspended ONLY IF YOU STAYED OUT OF TROUBLE.YOU COULDNT EVEN DO IT FOR 5mth ( again read it off the internet)of your last issues in sept assault...they could and should put a warrent out for you arriest since you failed to stay out of trouble for 2 yrs all it takes is a judge seeing you owe back payments then a warrent is issued...bring it to there attention but then they have to find you WHERE EVER IT IS YOUR WORKING ANY POLE)...again all this is PUBLIC..AAAWWWW love the law...only a semester left and I'm a paralegal ..you should probably talk to Pub Def...because your case is not closed indefinitely...as I have said in my other posts I'm just making it a fair playground....


Hey Mike....you need to slow your roll there!! Even though it is public record doesn't give you the right to air ones dirty laundry!

all fact or all...

Dude lil BB...so much for code names..... That's ok I am man enough to stand behind my words....now What word was that ummm oh what does indigent mean???????? It says this mother was found indigent hhuummm

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So I'm being accused of hiding behind my name as lil BB said mike (Micky) Mathews....I don't have to worry or hide these so called parents with hands down...I won't defend that....just a note to staff I put my own name out there no need to remove....got nothing to hide here well deserved what people are saying


State law needs to be revised to start holding these "pawn shops" accountable for receiving stolen property. They are enabling these crack heads to steal for a quick profit. If you have proof that these dirt bag "pawn shops" have your stolen property you (the victim) have to purchase your items back for what they payed these crackheads for it. Cut their f'n hand off !!!!


Dear "Sold", to go along with your thinking, how about we also charge the people that make and distribute the products that end up at the "pawn shop"? After all, if they didn't make and distribute the products the "crackheads" wouldn't have anything to pawn. One step further, how about we also charge the pawn shop owners parents for giving birth to them? That way we can get ALL the people charged for the crimes of the "crackheads". OR we could try a "new" approach and actually hold "THE" person that did the crime accountable...or is that just too simple for your mind to wrap around. YOU, "SOLD" are in fact a enabeler based on your own comments, wanting someone else to pay for the crime(s) of another...just re-distribute the guilt.


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