M'ville police chief to join sheriff's race?

This year's race for Huron County sheriff might include three candidates. Monroeville Police Chief Mike Ruggles got an application from Huron County Common Pleas Court late last week. After being fingerprinted standard procedure for a sheriff's candidate Ruggles met with Judge Jim Conway and Court Administrator Linda Stower late Monday morning.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


This year's race for Huron County sheriff might include three candidates.

Monroeville Police Chief Mike Ruggles got an application from Huron County Common Pleas Court late last week. After being fingerprinted standard procedure for a sheriff's candidate Ruggles met with Judge Jim Conway and Court Administrator Linda Stower late Monday morning.

"He had all his paperwork together," Stower said. "We accepted his paperwork and (his) application was filed."

Ruggles, who was unavailable for comment, was named the permanent Monroeville police chief in late October 2005. He was the interim chief starting June 21, 2005 after former chief Mike White resigned. Ruggles was the Norwalk police chief from 1991 through 2001 and had been with that department for a total of 31 years.

After a candidate is fingerprinted at the sheriff's office, the person's application is filed with the Huron County Clerk of Courts. Stower said the candidate's fingerprints are forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation to verify there aren't any outstanding warrants or charges during a background check.

"We don't determine if they are a viable candidate. That is done by the board of elections," she explained.

Ruggles' application will be forwarded to the board of elections and the county commissioners.

"If they are party-affiliated, we send it off to the part chairman. Then, we're done," Stower said, referring to the responsibilities of common pleas court.

It's possible Ruggles could run as an independent or write-in candidate.

In December, Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dane Howard filed petitions to run as a Democrat for sheriff. Capt. James Bracken is running as a Republican. In 2007, Sheriff Richard Sutherland, a Republican, announced his decision to retire after 30 years in law enforcement.

"We haven't received (from Ruggles) anything yet," Sharon Locke, the deputy director for the board of elections, said this morning.

When filing his petition, Ruggles needs at least 189 signatures, but no more than 567 or three times the minimum, Locke said. The deadline is 4 p.m. March 3, the day before the primary.


smalltowner (An...

wow!!! We really have a wide selection to choose from....

1. one who is overweight and out of shape.

2. one who gets by on someone else's coattails.

3. one who is already retired and has a heart condition.


Isn't there anyone else??????

how about (Anon...

You please retire Mike. Give someone between 20-30 years of age a chance to land a good job.Do you really need to work?You remind me of some at my job - they act like they are going to live forever.Hey Monroeville lets find a new top cop.

Hey, how about....

you tell me what a 20 year old knows about being a chief of police or a sheriff. You remind me of some people at my job, young and inexperienced.

the older the w...

First off I'd like to say Thank you to Mike Ruggles. I can finally rest easy knowing who I'll vote for in the Sheriff's election now. With the experience, knowledge and integrity Ruggles displays not only in his professional life put all around Huron County will have someone we can be proud to call Sheriff. If you can't beleive me ask those in and around Norwalk, Monroeville or Willard about Mike. The man is Huron County Law Enforcement at its BEST and FINEST!!!!! Thanks again Mike!

yea right (Ano...

Get him a watch. He doesn't know what time it is.

oh yeah (Anonymous)

Huron County has the best and it ISN'T Mikey. TODD CORBIN is the MAN. No one comes close! This guy is a certified hero! What did you do for this country Ruggles. Step to the side. TODD CORBIN hazarded his life for others. Don't even think you can fill this man's shoes. I'm sick of these people thinking they will live forever. You are old and need to retire. Don't trust anyone over 50.ue2

no doubt (Anonymous)

No doubt Corbin is a heroe, doesn't make him a good chief candidate, no more than it would make him a good plumber. I am not minimizing Corbin's military history but just stating what I thought is the obvious.

re to oh yeah (...

It sounds or looks like to me that you were deprived of oxygen to the brain when you were a child or lived next to a nuclear power plant or high tension electric power lines when you were a kid. Todd Corbin did not run for Sheriff!!!! We all know and respect Mr. Corbin contribution to his country but he does not want to run for Sheriff. Maybe he has been promised a better job from Mr. chubby, Dane Howard. If Corbin would run, he would have my vote!!!

re to oh yeah l...

Sounds like he would like to take a hot shower or bubble bath with Mr. Corbin, maybe they could get a lot at the campground in Fitchville together!!!

Age, weight, wh...

You all remind me of my *EX* husband. Always looking for something to complain and whine about, which is why he is my EX. Fact of the matter is, if a young worthy canidate doesn't RUN for Sheriff, we have to choose from those who DO run. Isn't that how it works? So, given the choices so far, Mike is the best choice. I would rather have someone a little older, than Boss Hog, and Mr. Puzzle.

swiss family......

wouldn't it be great if we could all get past the petty things involved in the race, like how old someone is, or how much they weigh, or who they are related to?? and get on to the bigger issues , like who is most qualified, who do you trust more, and who would do the best job??

that is how an adult makes a decision.. not compare all of the petty thing like a bunch of 3rd graders,.. in fact that is insulting to the 3rd graders, to compare them to the way that alot of you are acting!!

may the best man win, reguardless of all of the extra baggage that they carry..it isn't really important , what is important though, is to pick someone who you feel will do the best job.. and that can't be measured by birthday candles, or belt size, or family trees..

It makes no sen...

Just weeks after letters were sent to the Huron County Fair board, the Huron county commissioners, The 4-H Extension office , AND the Norwalk Reflector -- expressing strong concerns about alcohol abuse at the fair campsites, now the fair is considering selling alcohol. Where is the concern for our families, and CHILDREN. What happend to their community service?

A question to all (3) canidates --- would you finally control alcohol at the fairgrounds????

Monroevillite (...

We need someone that cares on more of the issues!I would like to see someone that also REALLY&TRULEY care about our enviroement!Now, I don't mean that they have to be a tree huggin hippie,not that there is anything wrong with that.If ruggles gets in,there still will be a lot of open burning of trash!Now this is illegal I know in the state of Ohio!Why haven't people with open trash being burned not getting fined?If you have a burn barrel, the majority of the people are burning trash.Fine them!If you hit their wallets they will think twice before burning trash again!It's very bad for our enviroement& neighbors should not have to tolerate it!!It's the LAW-so it should be enforced !!!

to the 5:09 po...

Do drive 56 or 60 m.p.h. in a 55 zone? If so you are a criminal!! WOOo.