Cops name Burger King robber, still looking for him

If you have any information, call the Willard Police Department.
Cary Ashby
Dec 24, 2013


Police have named the man they suspect robbed the Burger King in Willard. However, he continues to allude arrest.

Javier L. Vargas, 23, of 419 Plymouth St., Plymouth, is charged with robbery in connection with the Dec. 19 incident. If convicted, he faces nine months to three years in prison.

"Vargas is the Burger King robber," Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said today.

The third-degree felony was filed Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court and Judge Eric Weisenburger issued a warrant for Vargas' arrest.

Police were able to identify the suspect based on multiple tips.

The whereabouts of Vargas remain unknown.

"We have several agencies looking for him," Holden said. "He supposedly told the girl he had a gun. ... I'd consider him armed."

A Burger King clerk was working at the drive-thru window about 9 p.m. Dec. 19. She described the masked driver as a Hispanic male based on his accent and color of skin. While the robber told the cashier he had a weapon, she didn't see it.

The suspect made off with hundreds of dollars, police said.

There was a female passenger in the steel blue-colored Ford Explorer driven by Vargas. Holden has said the woman also may be Hispanic, but the clerk didn't get a good look at her, although the victim remembered the passenger had long, dark straight hair.

"The passenger we believe is his girlfriend," Holden said. "We'd like to interview her before we determine any charges."

As of Tuesday, Holden said police hadn't heard from the girlfriend.

Witnesses got a good look at the Explorer. However, police said they haven't seen the sport utility vehicle in the area.

Because that model was mass produced, the chief has said finding the SUV isn't going to be easy.

There were no patrons in the restaurant during the hold-up.

Anyone with information that could lead to Vargas' arrest is encouraged to call the Willard Police Department at (419) 933-2561.


Dr. Information

This has to be one of the dumbest attempts to rob a place and get away with it. Deport these fools back to the promise land.


You cant deport Americans


I'm surprised the focus hasn't turned to the McDonald's Hamburglar


Ha! Love it!


nope Just a racist person wanting to deport a American back to Texas.


Raciest? From your spelling it seems like the poster is more concerned with 50 Shades of Grey than 50 shades of brown. (If you get the joke congrats, you're smarter than 90% of Huron County)


You should look up the definitions for both spellings. I think votelibertarian has the right spelling for what he/she means.


If you're a racist you should be able to spell it correctly and know the definition.

Simple Enough II

Why not just close the drive thru window?

Simple Enough II

I guess he didn't have the balls to hold up a local heroin dealer, just opted for the Mickey D's! I guess you might be another Pancho Villa (not to be mistaken with Bob Vila, who actually did something positive in his life).


What!? Totally stupid statement. Do you even know who Pancho Villa is?


This was a friend of mine kinda in high school. I hope he didn't do it but chances are he did it IMO. Sad to see this, I hope he gets the help he really needs through rehabilitation in a cell so he has plenty of time to reevaluate his situation.


I am kinda thinking that maybe a picture could help other people look for him too. Maybe that is too much to ask.