Cops ID 'person of interest' in Burger King robbery

Suspect made off with hundreds of dollars.
Cary Ashby
Dec 23, 2013


Police have identified a "person of interest" in Thursday's robbery at the Burger King in Willard, but the search for the suspect continues.

"We've followed up on some leads. We have a person of interest," Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said Sunday.

"At this point, the information that we have is it's one person," he added. "We're looking for him. ... We don't know if they are on the run ... or laying low."

Holden said he hopes to have an arrest warrant ready today.

A Burger King clerk, who was waiting on the suspects at the drive-thru window about 9 p.m. Thursday, has described the masked driver as a Hispanic male based on his accent and color of skin. While the robber told the cashier he had a weapon, she didn't see it.

The suspect made off with hundreds of dollars, police said.

Witnesses got a good look at the vehicle, a steel blue-colored Ford Explorer. Holden said as of Sunday, police haven't seen the truck in the area since the robbery.

The vehicle had Sharpnack license plate holders on it, so police interviewed the employees at the local automotive dealer Friday morning.

"We talked to everyone there and they just said, 'Yeah, we sell a lot of them,'" Holden said earlier.

Because that model was mass produced, the chief has said finding the suspect's truck isn't going to be easy.

The robber's female passenger also may be Hispanic, but the clerk didn't get a good look at her. Holden has said the only detail the clerk remembered was that the passenger had long, dark straight hair.

After the robbery, Burger King closed its doors and police launched the investigation. Everyone was interviewed at the scene shortly after the incident, but officers planned to interview them separately.

There were no patrons in the restaurant during the hold-up.

The investigation remains ongoing. Police are fielding calls they are getting from the public to assist in finding the suspect.

Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest is encouraged to call the Willard Police Department at (419) 933-2561.



A warrent? How does it go from a person of interest to s warrent? I must be missing something or they are not telling us something. Regaurdless, I hope you catch the person responsible. That behavior is unacceptable, and a burden on us as a society


How did we go from......"At this point, the information that we have is it's one person," this......."We don't know if THEY are on the run or laying low." this........The robber's female passenger. So which is it one or two?


The guys is Juan Garcia Lopez Espinoza Jose Emanuel Martinez Jr. The second.....they usually add a new last name after a new warrant is issued for them. Description is Hispanic male, 5 foot 3. Brown eyes black hair. Cow boy boots, jeans, and flannel shirt.....lets see who gets that this is a joke...??


ferball, I did get the!


I am still trying to figure out how you rob a place from the drive-thru window.


mikesee, thieves deserve quick service too...