Norwalk Furniture listed as non-compliant by AG's office

Company had its tax-credit rate reduced to 50 percent for not creating enough jobs.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 22, 2013


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has released his 2013 Report to the General Assembly on Award Recipient Compliance with State Awards for Economic Development. The report, which is required to be submitted by the Attorney General to the General Assembly pursuant to statute, analyzes compliance with the terms of economic development awards for recipients which had performance periods ending in calendar year 2012.

The report determined 266 awards had a performance period ending in 2012. The report found that 146 awards were in substantial compliance while 120 awards did not comply, resulting in an overall compliance rate of 54.9 percent. The report also listed compliance rates by award categories:

Workforce compliance rate: 100 percent (14 of 14 awards in substantial compliance).

Grant compliance rate: 49.5 percent (52 of 105).

Tax credit compliance rate: 53.8 percent (56 of 104).

Loan compliance rate: 55.8 percent (24 of 43).

Norwalk Custom Order Furniture was listed as non-compliant on the Attorney General's list.

Norwalk Furniture was the recipient of a job creation tax credit, with the goal of creating 260 jobs. According to the report, 145 jobs were actually created.

As a sanction, Norwalk Furniture had its tax-credit rate reduced to 50 percent for tax year 2014.


hit the road jack

Obviously they need to hire the people who counted the "green jobs" created by Obie,then they would meet their quota and get their credits back,no problem!


Naw cliff: just trying to remember the guys name (dark hair) that was in charge of their transportation dept. (I promise to see you soon - so busy) No....that was not a test either. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje : Not sure, whom you refer too.Wish, I could've been more helpful. ( Though, it may well have been Mr. Price.)

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.


The dealers who attend the market are required to buy, thus the reports of record setting market is misleading. If the have record setting sales once the new product hits the sale floor then it is a true indicator of the job the marketing people ( who come up with the new styles) are doing. Look at the new introductions--will they sell to the masses or only to a few who can afford them. Problems in the past was new styles that sold small amounts. They need to sell to the masses to have a strong base. My questions is do the new introductions hit the mark or are they just interesting to talk about? The lack of filling the expected jobs fall directly on the shoulders of the people coming up with new introductions. No increased sales--no additional people working. Are they held accountable?