Armed robbery at local Burger King

Authorities looking for suspect in steel blue colored Ford Explorer with Sharpnack license frames on it.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Dec 20, 2013

The Burger King restaurant in this city shut down after being robbed at about 9 p.m. Thursday.

No one was injured as the suspect drove up in a steel blue colored Ford Explorer with Sharpnack license frames on it, according to a clerk and Police Chief Mark Holden.

Shortly after the incident, the eatery, located at 1148 Conwell Avenue, closed its doors and police officers moved in to interview the victims.

The Burger King clerk who confirmed the robbery referred further questions to the district manager.

Holden was briefed by a dispatcher but didn’t have many details as the investigation was just beginning and the officers were unavailable.

While the suspect apparently indicated there was a threat of a weapon, the clerk “did not see it,” Holden said.

As far as the amount of money taken, that also was uncertain at this time. “The dispatcher wasn’t sure what was taken,” Holden said.

The Huron County Sheriff’s Office quickly issued a “be on the look out” for the suspect's vehicle telling area officers that the “armed robbery” had just occurred.

The public is encouraged to keep their eyes open for the suspect's vehicle and contact local authorities immediately if they see the vehicle or have an information that can lead to an arrest.



times are tough in Willard when they be robbing the king..


From the register: The driver, described as a man with darker skin and a Hispanic accent pulled up to the drive through window.


Hmmm Maybe go to Sharpnacks and ask them who has purchased a blue explorer. Was the driver white, black, hispanic? I thought these places had surveillance cameras on the registers so maybe they have the driver in view. Wow I just don't have much to go on here sorry I couldn't of been more help.


I work at Sharpnack Chevrolet. We also have a Ford dealership down the street. Im sure if the police need any assistance with anything, we would be glad to help. It shouldn't be too hard to research. Hopefully Burger King has some kind of surveillance cameras so there is a little more info to go on. I hope they catch this idiot.


good point go to the dealership look through the records. unless the vehicle was stolen


armbender,perhaps you could call mr.holden and suggest that they give it a try.


go to the frist junkies then work your way to the next and so on sooner or later one of them will give them up


I hope it wasn't a made up story.

Fibber Mcgee

If it is, it's a whopper of a story.

In my opinon

You're not kidding..No weapon seen but it was an armed robery. It could have been a tube of chapstick or something else in his pocket,lol

believe it

Surveillance videos should clear everything up, whether it's a made up story, license plate number possibly, how many people in the vehicle maybe, etc.


I will do that. We are discussing things as we speak.

Scranton Tibbs

Only gonna get worse.

what the?

Dear Huron County Judges, Do you see what is taking place in Huron County? Please stop slapping people on the wrist. It's time that they are punished for crimes that they commit. The old "I am sorry" trick does not work anymore!


Wonder if it was an inside job, Who drives thru a place to rob it? Step away from the window, lock the damn doors to the place and call the police!!!


Well that makes too much sense!


I must be confused. I read and reread the article and still didn't see anything regarding the robbery taking place via the drive-thru. Could you point out or cite where in the article it says the robbery occurred from the drive-thru?


um, it says they drove up, so if they "the worker" saw them drive up it must of been at the drive thru.


Read the Saturday Issue of the paper...It's in there that it took place at the drivethru window. In this case, I would not be looking for a Steel Blue SUV....I would be looking at the employees and their friends....


Thank you for clearing up my confusion. Your advise is appreciated!


i was wondering the same maybe a bf of a worker hmmmmm

William Jeffers...

Q: Welcome to BK may I take your order:
A: Yeh, I'll have a Whopper Value Meal with a Diet Coke and...can I sub Onion Rings for the Fries.
Q: Sure...would you like a small, medium or large combo?
A: I'll have the small combo
Q: Anything Else?
A: Yeh, give me all your $$ and nobody gets hurt
Q: Okay, that will be $6.35 - would you like me to give you all our $$ first or should I just take off $6.35 before I hand you the bag of cash?
A: uhm...just give me all the $$ first and then I'll give you back the $6.35
A: Okay, pull around to the 2nd window.
Q: Wait, I think I have a $5 gift card?
A: Okay, just pull around and we'll figure it out. Thanks.


I vote this as #1 Comment of the Year! Lol Well Played!