Radio Disney, Ohio drilling group team up in 'Rocking in Ohio' program for youngsters

Activists fear in-school "brainwashing" program could spread across country.
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Dec 18, 2013


The fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders at O.H. Somers Elementary School raced to build pipelines out of plastic chutes.

The two 15-member teams were charged with moving three pingpong balls that might have been natural gas or oil to a bucket at the end of the chute.

The 200 students in the cafeteria cheered wildly as the two teams worked together to get the balls into buckets.

The 60-minute Rocking in Ohio show was directed by Radio Disney Cleveland with emcee Taylor Bell and three staffers.

The interactive show, patterned after a television game show, was loud, noisy and raucous at times as students were eager to answer questions, play games and win prizes. There were dance contests, relay races, geology quizzes and crab-walk races.

The hands-on program was sponsored and funded by the Granville-based Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP). The stop in Mogadore was one of 26 such stops in eastern Ohio in the last few weeks by Radio Disney and sponsored by the oil and gas group.

This sponsorship has some anti-drilling activists in the state crying foul.

“It’s disgusting,” said activist Teresa Mills of Columbus, a staffer with the Center for Health Environment and Justice.

Trying to reach children with a pro-drilling message “absolutely does bother us,” she said.

Radio station contacted

A recent assembly held in Youngstown so troubled local activists that they sent emails to the Cleveland radio station, Mills said.

Activists fear that the Ohio in-school program could spread across the country.

“It’s not something that Disney should be involved in,” she said. “It’s about brainwashing our children.”

Ohio activists have not made direct contact with Disney corporate executives in California, but they might if the battle escalates, she said.

The children may take the message home and sway their parents to support drilling, she said.

“They’re using children where they should not be using children,” Mills said.

“Disney should be warm and fuzzy and dreamland, not promoting oil and gas. That’s just wrong,” she said.

OOGEEP’s Rocking in Ohio is designed to get kids excited about careers in science, technology, engineering and math, not to push drilling, said Rhonda Reda, the program’s executive director.

The word fracking never popped up, she noted.

Focus on science

The program combines information about oil and natural gas creation and production with fun activities, she said. It also highlights the sciences involved in the drilling industry, such as chemistry and geology. The goal is to get children excited about science, she said.

And she points out that it was Radio Disney that approached her group to get involved in sponsoring the school assemblies.

The program, organizers say, was developed with input from Ohio science teachers and fits in with Ohio curriculum standards. OOGEEP completely funded the project and partnered with Radio Disney to present it.

“It allows science to be fun,” Reda said. “Who better than Radio Disney to do that?”

OOGEEP is a nonprofit education and public outreach group of the Ohio drilling industry. It was founded in 1998.

The Mogadore school was selected for the program because Somers sixth-grade teacher Amy Wilson participated last summer in an OOGEEP program for educators.

Wilson said she was impressed by the Rocking in Ohio program and thought it provided the youngsters with plenty of useful information presented in a fun-filled way.


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and "brainwashing for the "anti-oil" isn't going on? "brainwashing for big government" "brainwashing to make young children believe being gay is right" "brainwashing Jesus is not real/worth believing" "brainwashing christian belief is wrong" "brainwashing global warming"?
Or is that ok?


Brainwashing or in their case propaganda is only ok when it is done by a politically correct group.


Hey, guys, Obama is pro fracking and drilling. He also wants to approve the XL pipeline. Waddya think? Does that change your mind on this?


What world are you living in Roger?
Every policy Obama has passed or pushed would limit or end pro energy programs that aren't "green".


you have to forgive rogerthat, he has a tingle up his leg for obummer. Roger also forgot to mention the 400 coal plants that have been closed due to obummers war on fossil fuels.


Wow, I wish that was true! We need somebody in charge that has the balls to do that but it sure ain't Obama.


Ok skippy which in turn will skyrocket electric bills, you tree huggers really don't have a clue do you


Why would electric bills skyrocket? The XL pipeline is for Canadian oil exports, the coal is for China. Need I continue? You blind Tea Party fans only believe what Fox tells you to believe. By the way, I think you're copying contango when you say "skippy".

JudgeMeNot's picture

The Keystone Pipeline already exists. The existing one runs from oil sand fields in Alberta, Canada into the U.S., ending in Cushing, Oklahoma. The new Keystone XL pipeline would pass through the Bakken Shale region of eastern Montana and western North Dakota and help get that oil to the US market. Guess where the new pipeline ends? Cushing, Oklahoma. Better get your facts straight before you go spouting off a bunch of nonsense.


Look up your pipeline info again. Obama ordered his administration to cut red tape and anything else they needed to get the southern link built from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico.


Oh yeh! Obama did that as a campaign tactic last yeatr ,but has anything been done since?
Obama canceled the pipeline before that even after all government agencies involved gave their ok to the plans, He also dragged his feet on doing that to delay.
Obama also threatened to veto a bill that would have overroad his cancelation.

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Facts are America needs oil and getting it from Canada is way better than getting it from the middle east.


So when the fire department comes in and teaches kids about fire safety, that's called "brainwashing," right?


Only when they start collecting and burning books.
Fahrenheit 451 ?


Hitler burned books.


It is one thing they used in order to control thought.
Fahrenheit 451 is a novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works. The novel presents a future American society.
There is also a movie based on the book.


There is also a booked called, "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." it's about getting your period and how the female body has changes. I suggest reading it as it shows a great view into the future of a woman. Its also about the struggle of a young woman who wants change and has to be patient.


Obama is a disaster for "green" anything. More drilling, more fracking, more mountaintop blasting, and he's going to auction the Powder River Basin coal. Where in hell do you guys get your info from? The 400 coal plants have passed their lifespan, their closing has nothing to do with Obama. He would keep them open for his coal industry pals.
I don't think the fire department is pushing a product, are they?