Grand jury indicts local man accused of dumping stolen goods

Female accomplice burglarized both of her neighbors' homes and broke into her mother's garage, prosecutor says.
Cary Ashby
Dec 17, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has indicted a local man implicated in local burglaries.

Eugene Large Jr., 43, most recently of 2090 U.S. 20, was indicted on two counts of burglary in connection with incidents on Oct. 22 and Nov. 2.

He also faces one count each of theft stemming from a Nov. 8 offense and one count each of receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence, both in connection with a Nov. 6 incident.

Large's suspected accomplice, Maria C. Stallard, 35, of 2190 U.S. 20, Monroeville, is charged with two counts of burglary in connection with incidents on Nov. 2 and 5. She also faces three counts of theft stemming from offenses on Nov. 14 and 8 plus one count of breaking and entering in connection with an Oct. 27 incident.

"She burglarized both of her neighbors' homes ... (and) she broke into her mother's garage," Woodruff said. "She stole a lot of jewelry from these folks."

Authorities recovered some of the property when they reportedly found the pair at an Erie County hotel.

"Mr. Large disposed of a lot of the property in the Dumpster behind the hotel," he also told the judge.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office primarily handled the case.

"There was one theft count in the city of Norwalk," in which the suspects are accused of stealing a laser leveler, Woodruff said. Regarding Large and Stallard, the prosecutor said "there's certainly a relationship."

Large, who goes to trial Feb. 4, has been unable to post a $25,000 bond. He and Stallard, whose bond was set at 10 percent of $25,000, are subject to random drug screens.

The grand jury met Friday and the results were released Monday. The full story was published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.



White Sparkling Wiggles


White Sparkling Wiggles


Shame to you Maria! Stealing from your mother too?! She is such a sweet, kind, hardworking person. You haven't changed since school. Change; this could be your last chance.


This guy has worked for the police since he was 18 yr.old to get out of trouble,he went undercover as a snitch in sandusky schools.i wouldnt be surprised if the cops were using him in huron county jail to do the same!


The neighbors she stole from are sweet, kind, hardworking people also. They are people who have helped Maria and her Children many times. They even lent a jack and assistance in changing a tire 3 days after the thefts occurred. (The theft wasn't noticed by these neighbors until 2 weeks after they happened.) I truly hope they get prison time, as much as the law will allow. How will her neighbors ever be comfortable leaving their homes in the future if she is out of jail and living right between them again?