'She won't survive'

Local 22-year-old woman violates intervention program, could have avoided felony on her record if she had stayed out of trouble.
Cary Ashby
Dec 18, 2013


A Willard woman who violated the terms of the court's drug intervention program had several convictions imposed Monday.

Ashley Henry, 22, of 50 Crestwood Drive, admitted to several violations, which included a positive urine test for methamphetamine and ecstasy. The drug screen happened Nov. 16 at the Huron County Jail.

Henry also failed to show up for a probation office visit Nov. 8 -- seven days after she was released from jail. She had served a week behind bars for violating the terms of intervention. That's a standard punishment in the program, which doesn't require a hearing.

Since about Nov. 6, the defendant also failed to attend required AA and NA meetings. On Nov. 8, she didn't attend a mandatory substance abuse treatment session.

The Willard Police Department arrested Henry on Nov. 6 on the probation violation warrant.

Due to the various offenses, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway imposed three convictions: One count each of theft of a credit card and identity fraud, both for a Jan. 21 incident. She also was convicted of possession of oxycodone for a Jan. 31 offense.

In August, a positive drug test led to Henry being held without bond when Conway said the defendant "appeared to be inebriated." After that hearing, she tested positive for opiates and oxycodone.

The court granted Henry intervention in lieu of conviction in mid-September. That means if she successfully completed the court program, she wouldn't have a conviction on her record.

Probation officer Dexter Chandler, at Monday's hearing, said if Henry didn't receive in-house treatment, "she won't survive."

As a condition of her three years of probation, Henry will spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Conway ordered her to reimburse Willard police $40 to cover the cost of drug testing and fined her $250. Henry, who is subject to random drug screens, also had her driver's license suspended for six months.

If she violates the terms of her probation, she faces one year in prison.



Another family getting heartbreak and pain this holiday season. Addicts don't care. Mothers suffer beyond belief and families embarrassed. At least they know she will be safe for a little while. Who has the baby? So very sad for all of us.


The family needs to quit enabling her and kick her sorry a$$ out of the house. This girl will never change. She has had multiple chances to get help and all she does is get out and goes right back to using whatever she can get her hands on. Her family even spent a lot of money last year and put her in a expensive rehab in Michigan. Did it help? No. She got high the day she left. She's a pathetic excuse for a mother too.

former local

It's an addiction, I truly hope no one in your family has to deal with it.

All taken

It's a choice and yes I do have to deal with it in my close family and DO NOT feel sorry for this family member!!!


Umm, no I would never feel sorry for a loser like this. Druggies are so disgusting and are not worth the air they breath.




I have lived the other side of addiction and its so heartbreaking and it turns people into monsters. She doesn't need kicked out and thrown to the curb like a trash bag but moral support. Not enableing support. But someone to say you did a great job being sober today! And point out all the good that comes from being sober and remind them of that bad that comes from being high. I do not know the girl but I pray she gets help and stays clean. And that's what everyone should be doing is praying for these lost souls. I have watched many people get taken over by that demon of addiction including family members. It is no joke.


Yes she does need to be kicked out and thrown to the curb. That is the only way she will straighten up, IF she will streighten up. When she is 50 years old, if she lives that long, she will wish she had listened and stayed on the narrow path of sobriety. Maybe we need to throw away the ones that won't listen, and let society start over with the next generation. I for one am tired of it. No more feeling sorry. They do it to themselves, and they know what they are doing.

former local

You sound like Rush Limbaugh, who wanted to throw all drug addicts in prison.............until HE became one!


Have you heard of tough love? When intervention does not help, you give them what they want, but tell them how to get help when they are ready to accept it. It does no good to keep fighting a strong willed person. She has to come to herself before anything will help.


Again.. it was her CHOICE to become addicted and she keeps CHOOSING to go right back to it. People have been supportive of her and all she does is take advantage of everyone. She has stolen from everyone she knows including all of her family members. The guy shes dating right now is another loser thieving junkie. This girl will either wind up overdosing and die or just be in and out of jail and prison for the rest of her life. Its sad because a long time ago she used to be a good girl and very pretty. That girl no longer exists.

for it was mama

she just needs to grow up and deal with her choices the end! justice just needs served GROW UP NOW!!

swiss family

"wowser" I don't see where anyone is making fun of her.. I do see people that are tired of other people, like you and family members enabling criminals like her..In case you didn't notice, even the Judge and Prosecutor are enabling her... so what help does she have??

I mean seriously, read the entire story again, it is difficult to understand how many and when all of her choices of breaking every law took place.I do NOT know this girl at all, but I do know, from being on the mother side of addiction , and seeing first hand what works and what doesn't, that giving her 10 to 15 chances to change her life, and seeing how boldly she snubs and ignores what he limitations and restrictions are.Look what she has done, and the timing of her offenses.. as soon as she is released, she gets high, and personally I don't personally care if she wants to get so high that she can't walk, or talk.. I just want her to be behind bars, where she will not be able to get into a car, and probably kill or put into a vegetative state anyone whom I know..

She needs to hit her rock bottom, and you enabling her, along with our Prosecuting team, along with our inept Judge on the bench, she will continue to follow the life style she chooses, and will probably continue on until she or some innocent person will die

OH, ,and to the person who once said that it is NOT the judges job to be in charge of "morals" but he is in charge of the "law" this type of example is what I referred to.. he is NOT acting as a judge.. he is giving her unlimited chances, like parents do to their out of control kids,trying to teach them "morals"...


Swiss I do agree with you but I think she has already hit rock bottom and it doesn't seem to have any effect on her. When you get to your lowest point in life and you still do nothing to better yourself then its hopeless. Even her own daughter isn't enough to make her stop using and hurting herself and others. Most of them like her don't care about there kids.. they choose drugs over them everyday. I hope she gets it together one day but I just don't see that happening.


I read comments on here at times to see how ignorant some people can be. I lived here a short while and moved years ago but do keep up on the news even though I don’t these people. I believe in most cases families, friends, etc… do some what help to enable the situation knowingly or not. I would like to think in most cases families want to get their children help and not give up on them. Sending somebody to rehab is not enabling them. While at the same time I agree that the courts need to do more. I would rather see them behind bars and I bet most families of these addicted people would also to know where they are. The way I view many of these comments are from people with perfect lives, families and friends. I guess bashing makes you feel better. We are all God’s children and have to answer for ourselves good or bad. I have read comments on here for years and there are people who tend to feel the need to make comments on other peoples misfortunes. I do not condone the misuse of drugs, drinking, smoking, over eating or whatever your vise may be. I guess unless we have to walk in the footsteps these families how can we say what we would do for sure. Sometimes easier said than done.


She must think she is too pretty for any rules. Spoiled brat I think.


meth. there go's the purty mouth..


It is in the eyes. I have seen it in a child that is told to not touch something, but puts one finger on it anyway.


Well aboveground I'm not perfect but I CHOSE to never stick a needle in my arm and shoot up heroin. I'm just stating facts and I know some people can't handle the truth but it is what it is. I never said her family enabled her by sending her to rehab. They were trying to help her. But by letting her keep stealing from them and letting her live with them everytime she gets strung out even after she gets out of jail is enabling her. She is what she is and probably will never change. That's just cold hard facts.


No I am not perfect. I make mistakes. My mistakes are NOT illegal ones. I do not steal from my family or friends. I do not choose to do drugs. This problem she has is a CHOICE. And she is choosing DRUGS. It sounds like she has a child too? She has chose drugs over her child? To me that is just sick. She is not a mother, she is worthless. She does not deserve the title mother. She should have her child taken from her. She has been given chance after chance and NOT changed. She will probably never change. She LIKES her life. She chooses to get high. She chooses to do drugs. That is not a MISTAKE that is a CHOICE. I am not perfect but I make better choices. Sorry if you or anyone is offended by that


Do you really think she likes being a drug addict? That she enjoys running around looking for a high... that she likes getting sick when she doesn't have drugs... or that she really loves selling all her things and stealing to support her habbit... I highly doubt she likes her life. If you ask any random drug additc of any kind I'm positive they will tell you they regret that MISTAKE they made. It may have been a choice in the beginning but its not a choice to remain addicted to a drug that clearly is ruining your life. Why do you think they made rehabs, detox clinics and medications to help people get off of drugs? Stop being so ignorant.


I couldn't of said it any better ladydye. That is the truth. She chooses drugs over her daughter and always has. She would rather go out and party and shoot dope and do meth then sit at home like a real mother and take care of her child. The men she chooses to be with are disgusting junkies too. The truth hurts and I'm sure one of her family members will be on here defending her and the sad thing is she's probably stolen from that person too. Like I said before she probably will never change.


I am so glad that you people are not God! The judge we will all meet sooner or later.


What part of God did that girl reach out to? I am betting she told God to leave her alone.


Oh here we go. I knew the bleeding hearts would start sooner or later.


I would rather have a bleeding heart, than no heart at all.


Korrupttown88-I couldn’t agree more with some of your thoughts, but on the other hand seems like you know an awful lot to not be connected yourself somehow. I’m sure that is a no. Wouldn’t blame you for saying that. Everybody has an opinion.


HAHA! Well I can say this for certain I don't do drugs and I don't choose drugs over my children. Yes I do know Ashley and everything I have stated is facts and not opinions. Sorry if you are related to her but facts are facts. Shes proven herself time and time again.


I don't know anything about her just that you seemed to. Lots of sellers don't do the drugs themselves. Just saying.


Yes indeed, and why they should be put away for life. The make zombies out of kids, then stand holier than thou. Drug sellers should get life in prison so they can't hurt anyone.