Brown urges unemployment extension

Emergency unemployment compensation to expire Dec. 28
Scott Seitz2
Dec 10, 2013

With emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) set to expire on Dec. 28, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and 31 of his congressional colleagues urged Senate leadership to support a bill that would extend these benefits for more than 128,000 Ohioans and 1.3 million Americans through 2015. While the national unemployment rate has improved following the Great Recession, Brown and his colleagues contend that there are still too many hurting for Congress not to aid the hard working Americans who continue to look for jobs in order to support themselves and their families.

"We must do everything we can to support those who are still struggling following the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression," Brown said. "These are hardworking Americans -- many with children -- who have fallen on tough times. If we don't extend emergency unemployment insurance, more than 128,000 Ohioans would lose their benefits and the ability to support their families. That is why my colleagues and I urge leaders in the Senate to support immediate action that would help keep more than one million Americans out of poverty."

Last week, Brown announced his co-sponsorship of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013, which amends the Supplemental Appropriations Act to extend EUC payments to eligible Americans through January 1, 2015. The EUC program was authorized by Congress in 2008 and has supported nearly 69 million Americans, including almost 17 million children. In 2012, unemployment benefits helped lift about 2.5 million Americans out of poverty.

Just in Ohio:

More than 790,000 Ohioans have received EUC benefits between 2008 and 2013;

If unemployment insurance is not extended, more than 128,000 Ohioans would lose their benefits;

Since 2008, more than 6,500 Ohio jobs have been saved due to EUC benefits;

The average weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $318; and

The maximum weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $413.



looking forward to day this guy gets unemployed

Estrella Damm

I urge the government not to pay for trips to South Africa to applaud a terrorist. I also urge the government to withdraw there horrible and catastrophic attempt to enter into health care insurance.


There, they're or their? Which one is it? isn't there. :)


Yeah, extend it. Just make sure that they have to go thru the same drug testing to spend my money as I do to earn it!! I don't think that's to much to ask.


According the latest job figures, the employment landscape is improving.

There's also serious talk about the Fed. Resv. "tapering" and taking their foot off the money pedal because they see the economy improving.

Given these circumstances, there's little need to put an additional burden on OH taxpayers, since the Feds will want their EUC funds back eventually.


smoke and mirrors.


Yes these lazy people need to find work, Im tired of supporting them, Also Sherrod Brown, you seriously need to go to a Dentist to get your buck teeth straigtened out,


How does this idiot keep getting re-elected?

Kottage Kat

Idiots keep voting for him.


Kottage Kat, no one could have stated that any better!!


That was my laugh for the day !


So, you want to take unemployment benefits, that were already 100 weeks, add another 104 weeks, making 4 full years people can live off the gov't? Why is this necessary when our leadership is touting a drop in unemployment to 7%?

Also Scott Seitz, "Great Recession"? Trying to make this worse than it actually was are we? Talk to someone who lived through the "Great Depression" and you might just call this last one a recession.


Unemployment should last 6 months and that's it.

Dr. Information

What extending unemployment has done is created a new class of government money suckers. I know of 2 people right now that wont work for anything other than under the table cash because they have been riding the unemployment train for 3 years. Their response to why aren't you working? Why would I, I am comfortable with what I am getting in unemployment and the little cash they get under the table.

This administration has taken the entitlement welfare state to an entirely new level.


You can report them.


I wished he plead for Obama to create more jobs instead of more $1million vacations, or to use Air Force one to transport that dog of his to Hawaii. Guess Brown is like many other libtards, its all about THEM getting their special stuff, like their special Cadillac insurance and everyone else can DIE.


It's strange, everytime.I post something. bashing Obama my comments magically disappear. I'm not talking the usual lame " this comment has been removed for yada yada yada b.s." I'm talking gone, disappeared. You are right arnmcrmn jobs reports, unemployment numbers, Iran nuclear deals, bengazhi, irs scandal, fast.and furious, ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS

Really are you ...

Mr. Brown is trying to take the easy way out on this issue. Let's keep allowing quality jobs/ careers to leave The State of Ohio. Extending the safety net of unemployment benefits for those who can not find or choose not to find employment. Must be easier. Instead of bringing, and or creating, quality jobs/ careers in The Great State of Ohio. Where will Mr. Brown work once his political career is over?


Re: "Where will Mr. Brown work once his political career is over?"

I'll guess: Lobbyist.


And where will you be? Sitting at your computer complaining about the new senator.


Re: "And (snip)"



Please elaborate.

hit the road jack

He will probably be a lobbyist,just like Harry Reid sons,all of them lobbyists.


You're just spouting more Fox Spews talking points. How about Repulican lobbyists? I know a few and they're arrogant SOB's, so what's your point about Harry Reid's sons? Makes no sense whatsoever. They're on both sides of the aisle, and their allegiances lie with whomever pays them the most.


I can't wait till some of you people lose your jobs. If you even have one. And have to step away from your computer and actually loom for a job. You will find it pretty hard. Should it take more than 6 months to find one, no. But not everybody is on it for a hand out. If your company downsized or moved, how many of you could pay your bills with 315 a week? And buy food, gas, school fees. Just add your bills together and then food, gas and kids. See what you have. And people saying their are joins.. where? Spherion at 9 dollars an hr? Or McDonalds? No wonder why people stahbon unemployment if that's all their is for money? Wonder why people sell drugs? BECAUSE THEIRS NO FAQING JOBS WORTH THE MONEY!

Really are you ...

I know exactly what it is like to be unemployed. 2009 I could not find a job anywhere, not even flipping burgers. Finally landed a decent wage paying job, and this job is slated to leave in the very near future.

I know what to expect, a lot of resume submissions, applications, and hope. Hope that I will be selected for an interview somewhere down the road.

To tell you the truth, I am tired of relying on working for a company to receive a paycheck. With what I know, I plan on starting a business in Huron County. Employing a large amount of people who lost their jobs lately with a full time family wage job. I am going to make a lot of people mad by creating this new business. Mr. Brown is going one way and I am going the other.


Good for you and good luck. Keep your visions to yourself. All you'll do is attract a bunch of negative criticism. Hungry people don't stay hungry for long.


My guess is that most of these people are old, retired and living off of their Social Security...the public dole. Their only purpose in life is to gossip and complain about others because their lives are perfect. Just in case they complain too much about our President and the Democratic party, they are relying on a program/s that were put into place because of "bleeding heart" democrats. It's called "entitlement" and we better never, ever talk about taking those benefits away from them. So next time they see a Democrat, they should say "thank you" for helping them survive in their golden years.


Re: "relying on a program/s that were put into place because of "bleeding heart" democrats."

Off-topic, but:

And which are subject to several trillions of dollars in potentially unfunded liabilities.

First to go broke: SSDI.

Nope. No gubbermint entitlement program payments here.

hit the road jack

yougottobekiddingme:You can not say that because you know the Democrats who are supposedly helping people out are filling their pockets at the same time.
Look at the Kennedy'd they have stolen this country blind and people like you say nothing or do not even acknowledge it happens.