Police: Willard residents use money from CSX to party with heroin

Money given to displaced residents after recent chemical spill results in drug overdoses at Norwalk hotel.
Aaron Krause
Dec 8, 2013


Three Willard residents displaced from their homes as a result of a chemical spill before Thanksgiving used money they received from CSX railroad to party with heroin, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

His department is handling the case because the individuals were found passed out Wednesday at the All American Inn & Suites in Norwalk.

Light said police found a man lying on the hallway of the hotel's third floor, passed out. Authorities gained entry into a room to conduct a welfare check and found a male and female also passed out in the room.

"They were a mess," the chief said. "They decided to go partying with heroin."

Light said the female was somewhat coherent and explained they used money they'd received from CSX to party with heroin. Both males were unresponsive, he added.

The police report wasn't complete as of early Friday afternoon, so the suspects' names were not available.

Police found "a lot of paraphernalia" in the room, Light said.

North Central EMS transported the individuals to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Authorities have sent a report to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Two Norwalk firefighters responded to the report of "multiple overdoses" at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and provided basic life support. The crew was at the hotel 25 minutes.

Editor's note: Reflector staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



Too bad they were found so soon.


And this surprises anyone?

believe it

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Heroin addicts are nothing but vampires and should be treated as such.




Waste of money and resources.


Wonder why they decided to vacation in Norwalk?


All the hotels in Willard full


Worthless P O S!!!


Would you expect anything less?

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How much did they recieve?


My sister works at Walmart in Norwalk and she said that as soon as people got those checks they were heading over there to cash them. CSX passed out these checks on Sunday following Thanksgiving.

This money was certainly a blessing to many families, and I am sure that many of them used this money to help with their Christmas shopping, or to pay some bills, but the first thing I thought of was all of the junkies that would be using this money for heroin. I wonder if CSX is liable for that??

On the bright side, maybe there will be a few less break-ins for the next day or 2.

Now before everyone goes ripping Willard, not everyone that lives there is a drug addict and a scumbag. I grew up there, and my mom still lives there. I have good friends that are raising their families there.

Willard will always be home to me, and I am truly saddened and applauded at what Willard has become known for over the last ten years. I have lost close friends to this drug and they were "good" people. This addiction can grab anyone and this entire area is under attack.

I am not looking for a debate over this or that. I just thought I would say my piece. I look forward to the day we can say remember when.


"This addiction can grab anyone"?
"We are all under attack "?
You must be crazy!
Its a choice!!
I choose No
Good day!


Like what a stupid comment to say if CSX would be held liable hmmm for what I wasn't aware they handed out herion..


And why do you think CSX would be liable? What the people did with the money they got after they cashed their checks, is not their ( CSX ) responsibility.


"I wonder if CSX is liable for that??" One of the STUPIDEST comments I have read on here. However I am not even surprised, at some point we started to teach our kids that NOTHING is thier fault, but always the fault of someone else. Pull up your big boy/girl panties and start taking responsibility for your actions and teach your kids to do the same.


An even more important question than where they got the money to buy the heroin is who did they buy the heroin from? Busting up the distribution network is the only way to truly solve this problem.


Consideration of charges?!!!
Are you flipping serious! ?
They should have been hauled in and charged,then worried about their medical conditions ...doesn't seem they gave a shiot about any health concerns.
Maybe the chief don't like to kick people when they're down? HAAA


They will not put these POS's in Jail!!!
The police do not want the responsibility of them detoxing in jail!
Just freaking amazing!
BTW most individuals got about $600.
Maybe the rest of the businesses should chip in and give another payment and get rid of a few more!
And NPD your response time is way to fast!

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Thank you for answering my question. So everyone individually got $600 or per household? I'm just curious.


Each household that was forced to evacuate received $600 for expenses & inconvenience.

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Thank you


jagoff its not that the police don't want the responsibility, its the fact that the city and tax payers have to PAY for them to detox Let the jerks detox on their own, painfully and then charge them. And onegirlarmy you are so right, it is a choice the... first time, then they get hooked and the cycle begins. We should find a dealer, pay to have the sh t laced then start picking up the bodies. Advertize it was a one tank trip. on more addictions I bet sale go down some. CSX has no fault they cant control who buys what The city of Willard has tons of good people, you just hear about the bad ones cause reporters aren't looking for good news stories only the bad gorey ones that sell papers


^ Agree 100%


Going after the dealers won't help ... You gotta go after the networks and the routes. and the businesses who are fronting it.

BTW: Most of the Horse comes up here through Mexico -- research the routes.

Oh and UNLESS someone is tied down and forcefully shot up. I Agree. It's a CHOICE. Just like I CHOOSE not to smoke or drink or do drugs.

I choose NOT to load that gun.

Just saying.


could not agree more, well said. Also we need to do the same with alcohol and tobacco products, just lace it with something, and not tell anyone and let all the degenerate people like those addicts in the story and alcohol/tobacco addicts who dont care about their health and others to just get wiped out of the gene pool, the human race wouldnt even miss a beat by losing them!~

Tiredofthe BS

It is also that they could die in a cell and how many people would be up in arms ready to sue the department because "their poor little lost soul wasn't coddled in their time of need" boo-hiss.


Where are the names? They must have been charged with possesion and paraphernalia. These low-lifes are an embarrassment to the city of Willard.


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While the rest of you p i s s and moan and call names, I think it is a good time for me to say, THANK YOU GOD, THAT YOU HAVE KEPT I AND MY CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN FROM THIS PROBLEM, and pray it will not pop up in our family in the future,