Police: Willard residents use money from CSX to party with heroin

Money given to displaced residents after recent chemical spill results in drug overdoses at Norwalk hotel.
Aaron Krause
Dec 8, 2013


Three Willard residents displaced from their homes as a result of a chemical spill before Thanksgiving used money they received from CSX railroad to party with heroin, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

His department is handling the case because the individuals were found passed out Wednesday at the All American Inn & Suites in Norwalk.

Light said police found a man lying on the hallway of the hotel's third floor, passed out. Authorities gained entry into a room to conduct a welfare check and found a male and female also passed out in the room.

"They were a mess," the chief said. "They decided to go partying with heroin."

Light said the female was somewhat coherent and explained they used money they'd received from CSX to party with heroin. Both males were unresponsive, he added.

The police report wasn't complete as of early Friday afternoon, so the suspects' names were not available.

Police found "a lot of paraphernalia" in the room, Light said.

North Central EMS transported the individuals to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Authorities have sent a report to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Two Norwalk firefighters responded to the report of "multiple overdoses" at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and provided basic life support. The crew was at the hotel 25 minutes.

Editor's note: Reflector staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



Wrong again Zippy.


come on now thats horrible saying they shouldnt have been found so quickly and saying they should die. they made a mistake and got hooked on a drug and we all know addiction is horrible and yourw not yourself at all and those people are still human beings and are daughters and sons sisters and brothers. yes heroin is a horrible thing but theyre humans and humans make mistakes they surely dont deserve to die and i pray that one day they will see what their lives are worth and get clean


Not a mistake, a choice.


yes your correct it was a choice but i bet alot of them now think it was a mistake im just upset about people saying they should all die i mean how would they like it if somebody thought they should die or their family because of a choice they made drugs or not. it seriously makes me ill

Sitting In The ...

Parents prepare their children for adulthood and some do a better job then others simply because everyone's kid isn't doing heroin. While the kids are ultimately to blame people who claim they're innocent victims of some "mistake" are part of the problem because it's not a mistake it's a decision.


yes youre correct it was a choice and im sure some of them now think it was a mistake and im not making excuswa for it. it just makes me sick that people are saying they should all die i mean come on now


I'm a registered nurse. I have no tolerance for ignorance. I deal with these people every day. I completely agree that they should be held accountable for their actions. I don't however agree with people saying they should have killed themselves and blah blah blah... have a heart. They are sick and need help. I'd much rather pay for these young kids detox than your welfare and disability checks... yes I'm sure plenty of those with opinions on here fall in the category. Maybe we consider some of those LEECHES on society. I feel sorry for you and your cold hearts.


You have no idea who is here. You are so impressed with yourself and your opinions that you want to step on someone so you feel taller. People in Willard have plenty of good intentions and compassion. Not everyone is on welfare. You claim to be a nurse so am sure you see plenty of people who are but in Willard I see people working and sweating and trying to do their best to raise their families. Good people trying to survive and are forced to deal with drug addicts. If you are so compassionate and understanding and educated you should realize some comments are for shock value and should be taken with a grain of salt. Others are heartfelt from people suffering through this miserable epidemic. Cold hearted? Not by any stretch. You think you are an expert on the subject? I think you have illusions of grandeur.


For all those you say "it's their money they can spend it how they want".Ok,fine just who is paying for the cops,squad and hospital personnel who took care of these idiots? You guessed it,those of us who don't do heroin.


To wish death on anyone is pure insanity.yes they should be charged i agree but some on here border on pathetic with there comments.


This is so freaking stupid. The police dept told us to leave and when we went to get the money they were giving, after waiting in line for 2 1/2 hours, they said we shouldn't have been evacuated! My daughter and I both missed work because of it. But they give the money to these drug addicts? Wow CSX


Whoever told you that you shouldn't have been evacuated has absolutely no clue what they are talking about. And also, what did you expect CSX to do? Give the people drug tests before they got their money? Come on man, think before you speak and don't take someone's word as fact.


Did you live in the evacuation area or you one of the many who showed up trying to get CXS money who were clearly out of harms way?I know for a fact that many,many people tried to claim they were affected when they were not and I know of nobody who was denied compensation that had the proper paperwork.


do you concider me one of the LEECHES? I am disabled but I am not a junkie. I worked hard and went to the doctor because I had a cold I couldn't get rid of. Guess what? it wasn't a cold. Something more serious. I am only 55 and CAN NOT work anymore. I feel bad enough and to see people call everybody on disability a LEECHE does not help.


You are absolutely right. Some people vent and others make statements they don't really mean. This is a terrible event that affects many people. We have some who consider themselves experts trying to put people down for venting their frustration. We need the real experts on the subject-the mothers, fathers and families who have watched and suffered as their children forced them to watch the destruction a drug addict brings to those around them. Lots of things said that you can't take personally just consider the source.


I agree^and believe knowledge is power.
Maybe some of the frustration comes from knowing addiction all to well and knowing the wreckage and chaos it brings.
Knowing the laws need to change or things never will.
Everyone needs to be vigilante.
I feel for all effected by addiction.
Addicts are oblivious, self-centered,tunnel visioned, full of plain stupidity and lack of common sense/good judgment, respect for others or the law....there I vented...lol
For those who say NO and for those who "know&care&enable"
PS..I agree lock mama up with some good "clean"literature ..baby deserves that!


I was referring to junkies and heroin addicts as leeches. They cannot hold a job because they cannot pass a drug test. No job, they have no medical insurance (for when they OD), no means to support themselves, they steal to support their habits, etc , etc. Not anyone living on disability.


I think people have the right to make comments like waste of life, p.o.s etc.... I personally am sick of supporting them with new I Phones, Nails, and medical bills. Pretty crappy they get all this for FREE and I a hard working citizen had to take out a loan from Citizen's bank to pay off a small bill from FTMC or else they where gonna garnish my paychecks. REALLY!!! It's twisted!! I even have neighbor's who deal and nothing is getting done and they live high on the hog!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE these people don't care about themselves let them die and stop wasting our hard earned money!!!


these junkies are scum and i dont care who's family they belong to mine, yours,theirs, they are all better off in body bags!

Dr. Information

1. Heroin is everywhere
2. Using is a choice, nobody forces you
3. 99% of users either die from using or die in prison, they rarely get better
4. Weak people allow drugs to enter their body and control it
5. Rehab doesn't work 90% of the time
6. If they would start putting users in prison for years, it would most likely have a positive effect on potential users. Nobody wants to be locked up for that long.

Now this girl is pregnant, will be requiring tax dollars to take care of here kid, which I'm fairly certain she won't. Trash breeding more kids that will grow up just like them. Entitled, weak and lazy and uneducated


That baby will be born addicted.

Maybe they should have bought some Krocadil. instead.

I've never seen a drug addict yet, that could hold a job. Or take care of a kid.

I've said it before and it bears repeating:

Unless you are tied down and shot up by force it is a


Why in the hell should the rest of US pay for someone choosing to be a junkie?

I only mean drugs here... so don't reply with " food " analagies. That' s an old argument which doesn't wash clean.


I think the ones that are saying we should feel sorry for them and their families are crazy. If the family is hurting because of them doing drugs , then step up and be a family and help them. Don't sit back and whine when they od . If they would help them, I wouldn't have to pay for them to go in and out of jail or the hospital. Life offers many choices, you choose to do things, I never decided to put a needle in my arm, so I shouldn't feel sorry for the idiots that do. Grow up and get a job and a life and quit living off the real working class. But then again , if they were raised on the welfare system they never will, we'll just keep supporting them and the drug addictions. Tired of all the excuses, be an adult for once, not low life junkies.


The Stakhouse legacy lives.


People that have read your negative posts before will be fully aware of what kind of mind you have. Your parents must be proud.

Dr. Information

Kurt posts are trash. He's a digital warrior that rarely makes sense. Huge axe to grind behind that fake name.


How are the Stackhouses responsible for this? That's just a ridiculous comment!


Once the check has their name on it, it's none of our business what they spent it on. It's not my money or my body they are abusing with heroin. Let em party, we all know their fate.......addiction followed by sickness followed by prison/funeral home. They all made the choice the first time clean and sober. I know what heroin does so I won't try it, it's common sense vs stupidity


I'm curious...why don't all of you post your comments on Facebook so we can see who you are instead of hiding behind your anonymous screen names. And before anyone trashes me for having one on here, I posted a comment on Facebook a couple days ago. Stop hiding all of you trolls with no lives.


Because of wackos who call people out and or threaten for speaking the truth or don't like the opinion of others.

Personally, my opinion and remarks would stay the same whether I choose to use my real name or not.

*** Don't worry the usernames will cease when this and the SR change over soon.

As far as FB goes there are fake names on there as well.

Besides FB is not the end all and be all and many people don't bother with it.

BTW: YOU have one -- POT meet KETTLE!


The wackos are the ones making the disparaging comments. What would they do if they didn't have this forum and had to go out into the real world? There is no way they would make the comments that they've made on this story or in past stories in the general public. And in all fairness, if I hadn't seen this story on my FB page, I wouldn't have created a screen name on this site, except for the ignorant person who is trying to blame the Stackhouse family, yet again for other peoples' behavior. And no, I am in no way related to them, but do know the family and think highly of them. I'm not sure why they are brought up every time something bad happens in Willard.