Police: Willard residents use money from CSX to party with heroin

Money given to displaced residents after recent chemical spill results in drug overdoses at Norwalk hotel.
Aaron Krause
Dec 8, 2013


Three Willard residents displaced from their homes as a result of a chemical spill before Thanksgiving used money they received from CSX railroad to party with heroin, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

His department is handling the case because the individuals were found passed out Wednesday at the All American Inn & Suites in Norwalk.

Light said police found a man lying on the hallway of the hotel's third floor, passed out. Authorities gained entry into a room to conduct a welfare check and found a male and female also passed out in the room.

"They were a mess," the chief said. "They decided to go partying with heroin."

Light said the female was somewhat coherent and explained they used money they'd received from CSX to party with heroin. Both males were unresponsive, he added.

The police report wasn't complete as of early Friday afternoon, so the suspects' names were not available.

Police found "a lot of paraphernalia" in the room, Light said.

North Central EMS transported the individuals to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Authorities have sent a report to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Two Norwalk firefighters responded to the report of "multiple overdoses" at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and provided basic life support. The crew was at the hotel 25 minutes.

Editor's note: Reflector staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



Very good question. What drives anyone to try heroin? Ignorance to the dangers of heroin, thinking that they won't become addicted, abuse....who knows. Why do people become alcoholics?


You are absolutely right. Why did they do it? Not smart enough to control themselves? Then lock them up and dry them out. You may as well stick a gun to your head as stick a needle of heroin in your arm.
I blame the addicts because I have seen the heartbreak first hand when a mother loses a son. She paid with a broken heart and life because he wanted a "high".

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Diabetics? @Earlducks


Not even the same issue!


and another thing the girl on the gurney looks like she's having a hell of a party,think i'll stick to Jack Daniels


The answer to the drug problem is to end the spectacularly failed costly Drug War.

They say the Drug War is over. Don't be fooled. As long as drugs remain criminalized the Drug War will never be over.

When is the U.S. government going to finally realize that it can't legislate morality? Many people believe the answer to solving our drug problem is to simply tell people to say "no" to drugs but after being in practice for decades now the evidence shows this has failed miserably. People have been doing drugs for thousands of years and it's never going to stop. There will always be people who do drugs and those who become addicted.

Didn't we learn from the mistakes of Alcohol Prohibition in the 1920s/30s? It didn't work then, and drug prohibition certainly isn't working now. The failed Drug War has cost the U.S. taxpayers over a trillion dollars and has been in force for over seven decades. And the real tragedy here is all of the violence that has been associated with the Drug War and illegal drug trafficking. Drugs are more readily available and the Drug War has created a black market, gangs in every U.S. state, and powerful violent cartels south of the border and in other countries.

The laws have done more damage to this country than the drugs themselves. We have created more criminals out of drug users/addicts who should really be treated as medical patients. Wouldn't we be better off spending the Drug War funding on education, drug treatment and rehabilitation instead of failed law enforcement and incarceration? And not having to build more prisons?

We need to reevaluate our position on drug use in this country. I firmly believe we should decriminalize all drugs. Legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol in regards to the law, and create an atmosphere that doesn't stigmatize the drug user. I would never advocate anyone use dangerous hard drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. But the fact of life remains people will choose to use such drugs and become addicted. Countries in Europe have tried different strategies that have reduced the problems associated with drug use. Why can't the U.S. take these same approaches? We should adopt programs for hard drugs (meth, coke, heroin,etc.) like the Swiss heroin program (where addicts can get their drugs from medically supervised clinics) which has shown positive results in reducing violent crime and HIV infections and helps drug addicts to become stable and productive members of society.

Locking people up and throwing away the key is not the answer. When someone has a real drug problem and is addicted their main focus will always be to obtain and use drugs, regardless of any law. And putting a mark on someone's permanent record that will follow them for the rest of their lives will only hinder them to become productive members in society in getting jobs, student financial aid, etc.

There are many people against legalizing and/or decriminalizing drugs and have expressed many fears and dooms day scenarios but evidence has revealed this would simply NOT be the result. Portugal decriminalized drugs in 2001 and none of the nightmare scenarios touted by preenactment decriminalization opponents have become a reality.

And what are the ramifications of manufacturing, importing, and selling the drugs right here in the U.S? Wouldn't that create a new industry? Jobs? Tax revenue? And stop funding the violent cartels and eventually take away their power?

These are questions that I think once answered, will solve our drug problems and the days of the Drug War will be history.

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Plenty of truths mentioned here by votelibertarian....


"If you are not free to choose wrongly then you are not free at all." Jacob Hornberger

If there is no victim other than one's self then there shouldn't be a crime. We are the "freest country in the world" but we have the largest prison population in the world and that is not even per capita


Holy crap somebody with a freaking brain.... thank you kind sir/or madam.


I by no means am defending these people what they id is wrong and they should be charged. HOWEVER to wish death on them is pthetic there someones child- they made a big mistake in life. to wish death on someone is absurd. if it was your child would you wish death on them . SADLY folks any bodys child can end up on drugs no mtter how good you parent them. i know god forbid if 1 mine did id hope people would wish they could beat the problem turn life around not wih them death!


They know its wrong Period!!!
Hell yes people are mad!
Don't try to get my sympathy.
To hear about people like this make me sick!
Sock it to them!
This is an outrage if they are not charged with atleast the paraphernalia.


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Not to worry, there will be plenty more to replace them. Sure hope none of your loved ones ever become as you call them...."junkies".


Im not a junkie and I never will be.. I made that choice because that's what it is. Worthless people like whoever the girl is needs to either be locked up forever or do away with themselves. Shes pregnant and shooting up. how much more worthless can you get? if one of my family members ever became a junkie I would say the same thing about them also. its a choice.


Your are correct about one thing......initially it is a choice. Afterwards it is because of the effects heroin has on the brain. Can you lock up every single person that has made the choice to use heroin? Take a look at the local jails which are full of users. Show me one person on this earth that has not made a bad decision in their life. Heroin is the worst choice any one can ever make.


I bet if the bleeding hearts on here were asked to fund their counseling and other costs associated with their heroin use..they would be the first to shut up. I say, stick them in a building and give them an unlimited supply and let the body bags be ready!!


Don't fool yourself, WE are all paying for heroin use.


Do you work? Do you receive ANY benefits? Because I don't. I probably pay it welfare in fact . You sound super uneducated...ignorant in fact. I suggest the same for you.you are useless to society.
How did that make you feel?
Grow up.


i love how you/ people keep using that buzzword on here "bleeding hearts". It's like you're so busy judging others that you forget the biggest bleeding heart of all was our Lord Jesus Christ,smh.


you cant use a fairytale as a valid agreement.



All taken

I have 2 loved one's in my immediate family that are junkies. That's right Junkies, and that is what they are. The first time you use, it might be a mistake. After that it's no mistake and I am sure it is not these peoples first time either. These people are worthless junkies. I have not met a junkie yet that was worth a crap and there are alot of them out there. Including my own family! Now someone tell me I wouldn't talk this way if it were my family because it is my family and I feel the same way everyone with a negative comment feels. You cannot convince me to feel any different about junkies. Stop making excuses for these people, that is what they want, they want you to talk about them, they want you to feel sorry for them, they want your attention and that is what you are doing. My family was not raised to be like this but yet members of my family made the choice to be this way!!!!!


My family's experience with junkies/vampires is the same as yours "All taken". A junkie is nothing but grief and despair to all whom they come in contact with. Junkies do not deserve sympathy!


Most families have suffered and most people share your feelings who have been touched by the "choices" made. Someone who has not seen the destruction a junkie forces on their family can tell the rest of us how wrong they are until they have to watch a mother or sister or father or brother sobbing over the loss of an "addict". Too many of us know first hand and there is not help for the pain inflicted by the addict, junkie, alcoholic, dope dealer. My heart aches for the famly I have no compassion for the addict. Addicts can get help from all kinds of agencies and organizations who want to help. No one bears the parents' pain when they bury a child.


Willard, go figure.


You are a fool if you think that's the only place it happens. Why do you think they were in Norwalk? Get a clue.


You'll have to excuse Zippy, as he lives in a castle, high above the God's Country known as Milan, where never a problem arises.

He's never recovered from his favorite restaurant closing down several years ago after losing business due to the idiot owner displaying an Obammie sign.

You also spelled "tool" wrong when you tried to describe Zippy. :)


ModerndayA-hole, where you been buddy?! Missed your sharp wit. lol!


Really? Willard? This crap is in every town!


Yes it is, but no place around here more than Willard.