Police: Willard residents use money from CSX to party with heroin

Money given to displaced residents after recent chemical spill results in drug overdoses at Norwalk hotel.
Aaron Krause
Dec 8, 2013


Three Willard residents displaced from their homes as a result of a chemical spill before Thanksgiving used money they received from CSX railroad to party with heroin, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

His department is handling the case because the individuals were found passed out Wednesday at the All American Inn & Suites in Norwalk.

Light said police found a man lying on the hallway of the hotel's third floor, passed out. Authorities gained entry into a room to conduct a welfare check and found a male and female also passed out in the room.

"They were a mess," the chief said. "They decided to go partying with heroin."

Light said the female was somewhat coherent and explained they used money they'd received from CSX to party with heroin. Both males were unresponsive, he added.

The police report wasn't complete as of early Friday afternoon, so the suspects' names were not available.

Police found "a lot of paraphernalia" in the room, Light said.

North Central EMS transported the individuals to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Authorities have sent a report to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Two Norwalk firefighters responded to the report of "multiple overdoses" at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and provided basic life support. The crew was at the hotel 25 minutes.

Editor's note: Reflector staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



In Huron County a Prosecutor has to file charges on a felony (not the police). The police can "hold" the people on a felony, but can't file the charges themselves. If the police report wasn't available as of Friday afternoon as stated in the report, then the prosecutor has no evidence to base the charges on until he sees the report. I'm sure charges and names will be released on Monday.


sadly from what i hear no charges where filed and a few hrs after being taken to the hospital they went right back to the hotel and stayed another night also believe i heard the woman was pregnant...so..... it is what it is is so freaking pathetic


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R U serious! ?


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Agreed Uturn.

modern concrete

They should be made to pay the railroad back.


Not going to happen,
Plus since the ones who ended up in the hospital are broke druggies, the medical system will end up eating the cost of their reckless behavior also.


this bunch should have stayed and inhaled the fumes and saved the money for drugs after the fumes are gone.
just can't teach economics to the dummies who get hooked on drugs in the first place


Do not get on here and try to defend any of the addicts or make excuses. People are MAD. They have a right to be. This is a horrible situation made worse. The railroad had a problem and did everything they could to help the people in Willard and clean up the mess. Now along comes these 3 and just turn good people in to raging- livid - viciously mad individuals who are fed up with this cr@p! This space should be reserved for those who are so helpless because of today's legal system they can no nothing but VENT. So lay off the excuses and defending!


I understand that people are mad and fed up. The truth is, there's too much money involved in all aspects of the heroin problem. No one really wants this "problem" solved.


aww coopershawk you butt hurt? I say they got put out their homes they got reimbursed they should be able to. spend it on whatever the hell they want


""I say they got put out their homes""

Is putting themselves in the hospital any better?

""they got reimbursed""

Right, it was reimbursement for being put out of their house, not drug money.


Shame on all of you. Those are someone's children. Maybe when you or your family are in danger God may just show your kind of mercy on you. I'm sure every negative comment on here belongs to someone without fault. Forgive me for speaking so freely in the presence of perfection. I for one will pray that they learn from their mistakes and clean up their act.
God bless those in need.


well said


Still should be charged!!!

JudgeMeNot's picture

You sound like you're afraid you might have to quit selling heroin and get a job.

Sitting In The ...

That should do the trick you praying for them.....


YOU sound like the person who has not been touched by this epidemic. My kids face it daily in the Willard School system. Most of us have lost family or friends to this plague. The drug addicts make their choices and by those choices they put their family through pure hell. We see it over and over.....don't pull your pious bs here. Willard is HOME to many good people. No mother or father deserves to be tortured by addiction by choice. Shame on me? Open your eyes you don't have a clue.


For those of you that have never had a loved one who made the wrong choice to try heroin, consider yourselves unbelievably blessed. Each individual had there own personal reason for trying heroin. The problem with heroin is that it changes the physical make up with in the brain for most people that try it. It only takes one time for heroin to do it's damage and "turn on" the craving and addiction for that craving. Can some one actually recover from the addiction to heroin, yes. But there only a few that have and it takes unbelievable willpower and commitment on a hour by hour basis. The legal system is not really interested in solving the heroin problem....too much money involved at all levels. As someone earlier mentioned, we have to go after the distribution routes and close those down. Better education on the effects and tremendous addictive properties of heroin could help some to never make that choice. Those that have loved ones under the influence of heroin, know all to well the damage and destruction this drug does to the individual, family and community.


** I do not know these people, I do not care about them, their families, etc. and I am NOT defending them **

*) As a PARENT! I cannot believe the comments that I am reading about members of our community.

"Let them overdose and die, we would all be better off"

"Heroin addicts are nothing but vampires and should be treated as such"

"Worthless P O S!!!"

I get that these are addicts but they are also someone's child, your friends grandkid and even a co-worker's family member.

Before you start bashing what these kids (who are making POOR CHOICES BTW) are doing, stop and consider that they do have a problem. I am not saying that one needs to pu$$y foot around the subject but maybe a little COMPASION helps. Comments like these are NOT necessary because if they do/did OD, the parents come on here & read this crap, they really don't need to see this.

*)It is their $$, who are we to judge them for what they spend it on? I am not trying to stick up for them but if you were given $$ for something & chose to spend it on something different--whose business is it but yours? It really is time for many of you busy bodies to get a new hobby or a craft or something other than spending so much time on this newspaper site. Its no wonder that many of the low life vampire addicts of our community cannot find the support to stay clean, many of you are too busy bashing them.

Whats the old saying...it takes a village...

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^^^Bleeding heart mouthpiece.^^^


Yep, and they spend the taxpayers dime on health care every time they OD and all the welfare they live on and the all the other FREE stuff. How can you hold down a job when you are a heroin addict? Not like you can pass a drug test. They are LEECHES on society. If they are in need of a "village to raise them" they would NOT want to live in my village. I would lock them in a basement and let them sober up real fast....COLD TURKEY.


Good one

Why doesn't God get them cured, then?

Oh that 's right, God doesn't work to pay for it.

The rest of us do !


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Tscs004 and momuf4 thank you for positive comments. These kids are by no means innocent but they need help. Their parents needs support.


looks like the bleeding hearts have taken over this column,people who are invested into low life drug addicts.
who the hell would stick a needle into their own arm in the first place?


I sure hope none of your "loved ones" ever make that wrong decision to try heroin.

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Why would anybody wanna try it?