Sen. Brown pushing bill to extend unemployment pay for more than 128,000 Ohioans

Since 2008, more than 790,000 Ohioans have benefited from federal unemployment insurance
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 6, 2013


With emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) set to expire on December 28, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has announced he will co-sponsor a bill that would extend these benefits for more than 128,000 Ohioans and millions of Americans through 2015.

While the national unemployment rate has improved following the Great Recession, Brown believes that there are still too many hurting for Congress not to aid the millions of hard working Americans that continue to look for jobs in order to support themselves and their families.    

“We must do everything we can to support those who are still struggling following the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” Brown said. “These are hardworking Americans—many with children—who have fallen on tough times. If we don’t extend emergency unemployment insurance, more than 128,000 Ohioans would lose their benefits and the ability to support their families. That is why I urge my colleagues to take immediate action that would keep millions of Americans out of poverty.” 

Brown announced his co-sponsorship of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013, which amends the Supplemental Appropriations Act to extend EUC payments to eligible Americans through January 1, 2015. The EUC program was authorized by Congress in 2008 and has supported nearly 69 million Americans, including almost 17 million children. In 2012, unemployment benefits helped lift about 2.5 million Americans out of poverty. Just in Ohio:

·   More than 790,000 Ohioans have received EUC benefits between 2008 and 2013;

·   If unemployment insurance is not extended, more than 128,000 Ohioans would lose their benefits;

·   Since 2008, more than 6,500 Ohio jobs have been saved due to EUC benefits;

·   The average weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $318; and

·   The maximum weekly unemployment benefits in Ohio is $413.



Wow, I could almost make more money on unemployment! I doubt they take out for taxes or benefits.


Yes they do have taxes to pay.


You pay taxes on it and you pay into it, Thats why you can file for it.


I thought it was the employer that pays into it and that's the reason you can file. You do pay taxes on it also!

hit the road jack

trollingmotors: You do not pay 1 cent into unemployment! your employer does. FACT!


Re: "You do not pay 1 cent into unemployment! your employer does"

Extended unemployment benefits are Fed tax dollars.

"EUC is a 100% federally funded program that provides benefits to individuals who have exhausted regular state benefits."




Let the extended benefits end.
People will then get back to work instead of living off the taxpayers.


oh really that easy huh? 128,000 jobs are just out there waiting for the unemployment recipients to go work them??


AT&T is looking to fill 230 jobs


Factory after factory closing down and it's all of the workers faults right. You are a jerk. Hey keep fighting for that worthless airport that's bringing in all of the jobs you moron.


When you have to you'll take a job even if you feel it is beneath you status to keep food on the table.
Many companies out there have positions to fill but to many will not work since they would rather collect unemployment then take a lower paying job then they had.


The $318 weekly benefit compares to $7.95 per hour if you were working a 40 hour week; it IS taxable as income; and I believe if you have a child support levy on record it WILL be taken from this payment. The unemployment benefit is funded by withholding from your paycheck and contributions from the employer while you are employed. In that sense anyone who collects MAY be said to be living off taxpayers (who are still employed and paying in) but it's NOT the same thing - in fact the unemployed person WAS one of those taxpayers.


Except when the benefits are extended.
That is all from taxes on those still working.


Sen brown is a dirt bag and needs to be impeached. His late night private flight obama set up for him to fly to DC to vote for Obama care will not be forgotten. Only reason he got re-elected is the votes from Cuyahoga co.


Well that and the fact more people voted for him than the person running against him.

Screech? was it?




Isn't it his job to fly to DC to vote?
2012 Senate Election Results:
S. Brown 2,645,901 total
J. Mandel 2,371,230 total
Just in Cuyahoga County the result were
S Brown 404,532
J Mandel 161,455
If you don't count Cuyahoga County Results would have been:
S Brown 2,241,369
J Mandel 2,209,775
Brown still wins? Hmmmm want to try again?
How about this....The "Dirt bag only won because he had more votes that the other guy"
YOU'RE AN eye D ten T.........ID10T


The smart ones get the point littleboy


why don't you say what you're trying to say then smart one. Or is it because you know its wrong to make the point that you "smart ones" get?

Kottage Kat

Drove by Poly One, sign out front NOW HIRING. FYI


The rub:

The feds eventually want their unemployment money back from the state.

It ain't a "free lunch" for state taxpayers.

Really are you ...

Sen. Brown is pushing the wrong way. He needs to be pushing family wage jobs back into Ohio. You can not support a family on minimum wage. A McDonalds rep. said so the other day on TV. So if that is a minimum wage at McD's, then that is minimum wage anywhere.

hit the road jack

Micky'd also was exempted from Obama care so does that mean that I am? hell no!
People need to make a livable wage,the problem is a livable wage varies from one person to the next so their will always be the disparity.


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lol (sadly).


Some of you have no clue how EUC works.

hit the road jack

Since your such a scholar maybe you can educate them on it!


You don't need to be a "scholar" but you are one that seems to have a clue how it works.

Dr. Information

Enlighten us ole might government fund sucker.