EHOVE taking steps to fire teacher accused of sexual relationship with student

Culinary arts instructor accused of having sex with 17-year-old female student.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 6, 2013


EHOVE has taken the first step in firing a teacher accused of sexual misconduct involving a student.

On Wednesday, the career center's board of education met in special session to approve a "resolution initiating proceedings for the consideration of the termination of the teaching contract and supplemental contracts of Michael Edwards and suspension without pay and benefits," effective that day.

Michael Edwards, 47, of Huron, was arrested by Erie County sheriff's deputies in mid-November at his residence. The culinary arts instructor is charged with sexual battery for an alleged sexual relationship last year involving a 17-year-old girl who was a student at the school.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

EHOVE initially placed Edwards on paid leave, following a procedure in place for situations such as this one.

"The school actually tipped off the authorities," said Sharon Mastroianni, superintendent at EHOVE Career Center. "Information came to us. It's devastating news when the teacher/student trust has been broken."

"Of course, we don't want this incident to reflect on what we truly believe at EHOVE -- that students and staff are safe as they are receiving top-notch career technical training," Mastroianni said.

The case will be presented to an Erie County grand jury.

"These events took place last school year," Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dennis Papineau said. "There was nothing this year."

Papineau said the relationship between Edwards and the victim began with texting and then escalated into the physical realm.

"It was consensual," he added.

The encounters took place at multiple locations in Erie County, Papineau said.

There was a second juvenile girl whom Edwards pursued through text messaging, Papineau said, but that girl declined his advances.




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Agree. I hate to even look at his picture. He disgusts me.

Whiskey Tango F...

Here we go again! These institutions are run by morons! He is innocent until proven guilty. Paid administrative leave is a fraction of what the legal fees will be IF he is found innocent. Learn from the morons in Huron with the Fox game and let the system run its course! If an attoney is giving you this advice then FIRE them!!!


Sharon M. knows how to run an organization properly. Watch & learn. Edwards should have had better judgment. Now he will pay.


I love how you comment on negative stories. You're easy to find, idiot. Of course, your opinion means nothing, Mr. Narrow Minded Small Town Bigot.

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"Bigot" seems to be the popular word lately.
I remember way back a year ago when bully was the "it" word.


ok i understand it was wrong of him but y should he be introuble when she was going along with it and in the relationship herself she is plenty old enough to know what she was doing

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He's in the power of position. Not to mention he's over 20 years her elder. He could've used intimidation, most likely he did.


So much for inocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I guess I'll protest with my vote next time Ehove wants more tax money.

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Protest away


Nice try Dave. Still haven't changed from 7-F. Bigot? Hardly since Fidel Nino, the Garcias & Corbin & I get along. Though saddened from Fidel's passing.


Wonder if he will be the personal cook for the warden....

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