Five-year financial forecast with $23,000 price tag removed from 2014 budget

Finance director says she doesn't want entire budget shot down over one item.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 11, 2013

The Norwalk city administration has removed the five-year financial forecast from the 2014 proposed budget.

The budget had included $23,735 for the forecast.

Finance director Diane Eschen said she didn't want the entire 2014 budget voted down by council over one item.

The administration and council members will revisit the forecast next year.

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I just wonder if current revenue is what the "forecast" budget is based on?
With multiple businesses closing, not just Janesville, but bATESVILLE, and most others businesses pay is so low, that with new tax codes most get refunds, ETC. but even the simple things like my wife n i have moved outta city limits, along with our out of town "taxed" income. I am not per say BIG money but every 1000 here 1000 there adds up. and i haven't heard of any increase in "working" population. Spending slows and this town sinks. That is why the council is hoping for unemployment extensions. Not real tax but merely transfered


Re: "The budget had included $23,735 for the forecast."

WHO was the intended contractor for the consultation?

Is the Norwalk Finance Dept. not capable of handling this? If not, why not?


Why even bother having a finance department if they have to pay other people to do their own job?