New court motion filed in Jake Limberios death investigation

Shooting death ruled accidental, not suicide.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 4, 2013


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Tuesday announced that his office will file a motion in the Sandusky County Court of Common Pleas to seek guidance regarding evidence retention following its completion of the investigation into the death of Jacob Limberios.

On Nov. 20, a special grand jury in Sandusky County found that the March 2012 shooting death of Limberios was accidental. The same day, DeWine announced findings of his office's investigation.

As part of the investigation, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) firearms testing found that the gun which fired the fatal shot could fire without the trigger being pulled due to a misalignment of parts. Testing could not be completed to definitively determine the cause of the malfunction, as such testing would require dismantling the gun. Instead, BCI preserved the gun's parts alignment as it existed at the time of Limberios' death.

The Attorney General's Office will be seeking guidance from the court regarding retention of the weapon, as the parties who might normally receive this evidence at the conclusion of an investigation are currently involved in civil litigation.

To read a story with all of the details leading up to and including the day of Limberois' death, click HERE.




Here we go again.....

modern concrete

Would you feel the same if if was your child????


I'm surprised this isn't a banner headline in The Register. Oh's not Sunday. Gotta sell those papers with more tabloid news on the day the paper costs the most. The Register coverage of this tragedy has been filled with lots of sensationalism and very little journalism. It became pretty obvious when we saw Matt Westerhold interviewing Attorney General Mike DeWine. Clearly, Westerhold has only a miniscule understanding of the legal system. His ignorance by his questioning was glaring and laughable.

Now The Rest of...

Isn't that true of Matt Westerhold on most issues. He never allows facts to stand in the way of his bias on any subject.


The story that does not stop!


This just proves once again , to me, the Register ( and others) has other motives of their own.

So glad I stopped my subscription.


Its simple ,, the girl shot him accidently and all th boys are covering for her !!!!


i believe the girl shot him to if you watched her on dr phil her attitude screamed guilt


this case has been resolved,if you want to play detective get out the game of clue


Absolutely, it's resolved. Nothing more can be proven. IN other words, the burden of proof is on the family and friends.

It's like beating dead horse, stick a fork in it - it's done.


modern concrete

I know as a parent, I want the complete true, if this was my son. Science doesn't lie. but people do!!! It is enough to bury your child, but not have the truth. The unprofessional job that Sandusky Co. Did as an investigation. Had Sandusky Co. Did their job, this would of been put to rest.