Police seek help for 'challenged' resident

Man charged with misusing emergency 9-1-1 system.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Nov 29, 2013


A "challenged" New London man who generated more than a dozen police reports in a matter of 40 days was charged with misusing the emergency 9-1-1 system.

Fredrick Biller has been the subject of New London police incident reports 13 times from Oct. 15 to Nov. 24, according to police records.

The Biller family, which includes Fred's brother Scott and their senior mother Helen Searl, is "challenged," according to Police Chief Mike Marko who has had many dealings with each of them since taking office in 2009.

While Fredrick Biller is cooperative with police, his mother is very difficult to deal with and has made it clear she dislikes the chief, Marko has said.

Earlier this year, Marko referred the family to the Huron County Adult Protective Services Department, which is a division of Job and Family Services, following several run-ins that upset village residents.

For example, during an Easter egg hunt, the Billers took all the eggs, a report stated at the time. After police located the family, they returned the eggs and told police they weren't aware they were causing a problem.

Many other complaints noticed by either the police or village residents were also filed with the police department which led Marko to seek help.

Marko had to make multiple attempts several months ago to reach Adult Protectives Services Department, he said at the time. When a representative of the department contacted the chief after the chief's several attempts, they assured him they would look into the family, but then they never followed up with the police for an update.

The case-worker Marko is working with is Nakita McCann, according to the JFS Human Resources Officer Tammy Serrano.

As far as the chief being left in the dark on what happened with the Billers and the case-workers, Jeff Felton, administrator of Adult Protective Services, said "normally we follow up with the referral source."

The follow-up is especially used to obtain more information from the referral source, Felton said.

Felton also said he could not comment on any specific information regarding individual cases due to the mandatory privacy issues regarding questions about the Billers.

So, Marko has been leaning on a friend of the Biller's to help mediate the ongoing problems because he can not get help from anyone else.

"We've got to do something," Marko said. "We have to help people who can't help themselves."

On Monday, Marko put another call into the Adult Protective Services office, which was returned Wednesday.

"I think they are overwhelmed over there (at the Adult Protective Services office,)" Marko added.

"I don't know what (Marko) is talking about on that," as far as the unreturned phone calls from the police to the agency.

Regardless of the lag in communication, McCann told Marko Wednesday she is arranging for new housing for the Billers because their current home on Westwood Drive has no heat.

Felton and Marko both stressed though, they can't force the family to receive service just because they have "intellectual and physical disabilities."

Unless the Billers are deemed "incompetent" by a court, which has not been examined thus far, they continue to have the same rights as any other civilians, Felton said.

"I don't know if the (Billers) will be agreeable with it," Marko said.

If the family is willing to move into a new house, it will likely be out of New London. "No one in town (New London) will rent to them," Marko said. So, the family may be relocated. As far as any discriminatory concerns regarding the local landlords, Marko said he is unsure what will happen with that situation.

Police reports indicate in mid-October Fred Biller came to police regarding a missing dog, an injury, various illnesses on multiple occasions and harrassment by an "unknown individual."

On Nov. 11, an employee from Dollar General on East Main Street contacted police asking to ban the family from the store because Fredrick Biller allegedly "keeps hugging her and causing a disturbance," the report stated.

Later that evening, Fredrick Biller left his residence again without permission from his mother (who has custody of him), a report stated.

When Officer Kristofor Pinkerton located Fredrick Biller walking near the intersection of South Railroad and North Main streets, the man told the officer he was walking to the police department "because he didn't feel well," the report stated.

Biller then told Pinkerton he was going to the police department to talk to him and use the restroom. Biller's family arrived and took Biller home, the report stated.

Again later on Nov. 11, Biller left his residence without permission and headed up to the police department, according to a report. Biller told Officer Kevin Verburg "he had lost his (medical supplies). Freddie became upset about being barred from the Dollar General store and threatened to assault the clerk," the report stated.

Fredrick Biller has previously been charged in Norwalk Municipal Court with assault resulting from an incident in New London, Marko said.

"(Biller) was advised not to return to the store at any time or he would be charged. (Biller) stated the clerk had jumped on his back for no reason and he denied that he had grabbed her breasts," the report stated.

Biller's family arrived at the police station shortly afterwards and took Biller home without further incident, Verburg wrote.

In the next few days following the interview with Verburg, Biller called for an ambulance twice claiming he was ill. The medical personnel checked him, but found nothing wrong, the reports stated.

Beginning on Nov. 16, Biller began sneaking out of the family's home late at night.

Since Nov. 16, Biller left the family's residence five more times and during the latest incident called the emergency 9-1-1 line again from a South Main Street business.

On Nov. 23, as Verburg was on his way to the business, he found Biller at a North Main Street gas station. When the officer stopped his cruiser, Biller fled. "Freddie was again stopped at the PNC drive thru where he attempted to evade me again," Verburg wrote in the report.

While Verburg handled the disturbance call Biller made to the emergency police line, Marko said he advised the officer to charge him with misuse of the 9-1-1 system.

Around 10 p.m. the following day, Biller snuck out his family's residence through a window again. He was picked up by police and Marko spoke with him, the chief said.

Biller told the chief he left the residence because his mother was upset with him because he had gotten a ticket the previous day, Marko said.


retired and happy

OK, before the "anti police squad" starts their complainants about New London. I want to personally thank our Police Department here in New London for an excellent job they do on a daily basis, including this sad situation.
Anyone who has lived here for any period of time knows this family. Whether you like them or not something needed to be done and if it takes the Police to do it then so be it.
It is just sad that other family members have not stepped in to help.
The Chief commented that it is "our responsibility to help people that cannot help themselves", even in the face of a hostile women who dislikes the Chief. Good job New London Police Department!


very well stated


What was taking the Police Chief "several months" to do will be done in the matter of a week's with the help of this story. I wouldnt give him to much credit, after all he's been working on it several months and got nothing done.


Have you ever dealt with some of the county services? They do NOT move all that fast. Heck federal services are even worse.

North Fairfield

Good response retired and happy, like you stated the "anti police squad" aka dusty is already bashing the Chief. I think he probably had a run in with him at one time or another and confronts him behind his computer.
I think they do a great job also, anyone who thinks differently needs to go to their Facebook page and read what goes on in town.


I was just stating the facts in the story, If you think several months with no progress is a "Good Job" you must be in his coffee club at McDonalds.