Cops: Knife-wielding patron makes 'threatening gestures' at bartender

UPDATED with the full story about Wednesday's incident at the Willard Varsity Club.
Aaron Krause
Nov 21, 2013


A Willard man was arrested early Wednesday evening on suspicion of aggravated menacing after he allegedly brandished a knife and made threatening remarks to a Willard restaurant bartender.

Huron County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Steve Shupp said authorities were called to the Willard Varsity Club at 5:34 p.m. for the report of a man with a knife making threatening gestures. However, Shupp said from the information deputies could gather, the suspect, Thomas Burkhalter, 53, of 3096 Washburn Road, didn't make specific threats.

Shupp said deputies arrived at the restaurant about 6 p.m. and found Burkhalter sitting at the bar saying something unintelligible.

"You could make out some of the swear words, unfortunately," Shupp said. "He didn't give us any problems."

Shupp said the suspect complied with officers' orders to go with them.

"He definitely reeked of alcohol and was having serious issues with walking and standing," the deputy said.

Officers confiscated what Shupp called a "folding blade" as evidence and took Burkhalter to the Huron County Jail. Shupp said the Huron County Sheriff's Office will send a report to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for consideration of an aggravated menacing charge, a first-degree misdemeanor.

A jail spokesperson said Burkhalter was arrested in 2003 in connection with contempt for failure to report to jail for failing to pay fines and costs in connection with an original charge of drug paraphernalia possession.


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This restaurant isn't in Willard city limits. Therefore, the Sheriff had to come as they always do.


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