Local man beats female cop while attempting to flee

Shots fired during arrest in Plymouth.
Scott Seitz
Nov 21, 2013


A 37-year-old man is in custody after allegedly attacking two village police officers Wednesday.

During the struggle to arrest Daniel Cody Loera Jr., of 34 W. Broadway St., shots were fired, according to witnesses and police.

Who fired the shots and how many were fired still is under investigation, said Plymouth police chief Charles Doan.

Officers were initially called to the scene due to a reported domestic dispute.

Doan said about 11 a.m. officers were called to the Broadway Street residence, which is right around the corner from the police station, due to the domestic disturbance report. When officers arrived, Loera was not at the home.

"We received a second call and the caller said, he's back (Loera)," the chief said, adding officers responded a second time and attempted to contain Loera in a white van.

Doan said he still is piecing together what happened next and added the Bureau of Criminal Investigation is processing the scene.

Reportedly, Loera would not exit the van and Detective Cameron Dailey was attempting to assist the suspect from the van when Loera charged at him and Officer Krystal Kessler.

Doan said he heard a report that Loera might have grabbed a screwdriver from inside the van and threatened the officers, but this is unconfirmed.

Doan indicated Loera had Kessler on the ground and was "beating her" and then attempted to flee.

Witnesses said this is when shots were fired by Dailey at the suspect.

There were unconfirmed reports the suspect was shot in the leg, but this could not be verified.

"There were shots fired," Doan said.

"But, how it went from there is still under investigation," he added.

Dailey, Kessler and Loera were all transferred from the scene to a local hospital.

The officers' injuries were non-life threatening, the chief said.

Doan said Loera will be charged with felonious assault of a police officer.

Doan was asked if the police department has had dealings with Loera previously.

"Yes," he said, showing a reporter six pages worth of incidents involving Loera on a law-enforcement data base.

Doan wanted to thank Richard County Sheriff Steve Sheldon and his deputies and Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and his deputies for assisting at the scene.

"We received a call from Sheriff Sheldon that there was a shooting in Plymouth and it was on the Huron County side," Howard said.

Howard said it was too early to provide details about what happened.

The initial report indicated Loera may have had a .22-caliber weapon, but Doan later said no gun was found.

"Two Plymouth officers responded to a call, that has been confirmed," Howard said.

Huron County deputies secured the scene with police tape.

The incident took place right across the street from the Plymouth branch of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library.

Library employees said they did hear shots fired and immediately enacted emergency protocol.

Witnesses stated three or four shots were fired in the direction of the suspect.

Howard added Loera will be booked into the Huron County Jail once he's released from the hospital.



All this uncertainty leads me to believe that deadly force was used by these officers when it should not have been, and now you are trying to cover it up. He may or may not have had a weapon, but none was found, c 'mon do we look stupid to you. I don't know exacally what happen, but something smells awfully fishy here, and I hope its not more scandal and cover up crap going on by our local law enforcement


Can't tell by looking at your print, but now that you ask, the comments that you make sure make you look stupid. You don't hit on any woman, and certainly not a policewoman.


Did YOU read where he had a cop on the ground and beating her? Then was trying to flee? That allows force to be used. Now don't you look stupid.


The part where he was fleeing is why he shouldn't have been shot. Unarmed, running away? He deserves a Complete a$$ whooping and felonious assault at a minimum!! Shooting a man in the back=cowardly..............if he had a gun than all is forgiven toward the officer.


Ok, the man just hurt/tried to hurt a member of his own household. He beat a cop. Possibly had a weapon (although unconfirmed). What if you kid was leaving the library and walking across the street and they were next? Your wife? Your mother maybe? This turd proved they were violent and needed to be stopped. Especially if they had a weapon. And uhhhh you hit me, it's an assault. You hit a cop? Total different charge. You have essentially hit the whole town. You hit a representative of justice. Big difference than assault. Cowardly? That is hitting a woman. PERIOD!


What if YOUR kid was leaving the library and got hit by stray bullet fired at a man with no weapon running away? That time of Day in front of a library, get real, the officers were out of line. Especially firing FOUR shots?


I would rather have a trained professional fire a shot than a turd. No, a stray bullet would not have hit my child. You see, that is the difference between this piece of trash and a cop. If a civilian or innocent was around a shot would not have been fired. This guy put a family member and two cops in danger. He wouldn't have thought twice about your spawn. That is the difference between good guys and bad guys. Ya ought to study up on it.

Richard Cranium

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If I were a female cop and someone had me on the ground beating me up.I would at least beat him over the head with my weapon and maybe shoot him in the leg.I sure wouldn't want him to get it away from me !


and you wouldn't do the same if you were a man? DAH! Equal job, Equal pay, Equal risks??? or is that not correct??


True,I was just giving her an edge.Incidentally,Tough Guy said as he left,I will probably get about 5 years and then I will be back to get you.


If I were down on the ground being beat and was a cop, woman or man, the last thing I would do would be to draw attention to my weapon. Plus, grabbing for a weapon take away valuable hands. Not a good idea unless there is a window of opportunity.


Why we need more like Corbin.

what the?

Cop says stop, you don't, they should shoot you..........

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what a piece of crap to be hitting a woman whether she was a cop or not..what a idiot..he will pay now...well hopefully he dont just get a slap on the hands for it...these wanna be thugs need to learn they cant just do what ever they want...bye bye


A thug hits a cop, being a woman is of no concern PERIOD! If that was the case, if there is some code among thugs not to hit cops if there a chick, why would you ever hire guy cops again. Can't believe how many of you think about "woman" first "cop" second??? Heck with that thinking, an NFL team with all chicks would always score and win


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What "uncertainty"????

Nobody said a "weapon wasn't found". Everything is "Unconfirmed". That is very normal for an investigation. Common sense and watching Law and Order can tell any idiot that. I bet your a special kind of fella. The kind that looks at police as a hinderance of a lifestyle instead of a tool to keep a community safe. You are obviously only seeing what you want to see. Either that or you have reading comprehension problems. If so. There is help for that you know.


Moral of the story?

Don't attack a cop and you won't get shot at.

Cliff Cannon

@tiedofturds : Amen

Dr. Information

Beat a cop, get shot, if you live, consider yourself lucky.


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believe it

Why do we have to put up with white trash?