EHOVE teacher arrested on sexual battery charge

Alleged victim is a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 15, 2013


An EHOVE Career Center teacher was arrested Thursday on the charge of sexual battery.

Michael Edwards, 47, of Huron, was taken into custody by Erie County sheriff's deputies at his residence, said Chief Deputy Jared Oliver.

The alleged victim was a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school, Oliver said.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Oliver said. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

Edwards is the culinary arts instructor.

Oliver said Edwards was incarcerated at the Erie County Jail, without bond.

The case will be presented to an Erie County grand jury.




Rape is Rape he knew what the hell he was doing !!
He is a teacher for Christ sake...
Are you people just plain friggin stupid!


100% ON TARGET!! These idiots trying to clean this up with fancy terminology is concerning, people on this forum not understanding the depth of this crime! Disgusting. Anyone thinking a TEACHER taking his students to there homes and having sex with them isn't rape are void of character. Children who are still growing up, under the protection of their family, who the HE*L does this PERV think he is!!! He's a disgusting piece of SH*T and if it were my child there would be no charges against him because he would be DEAD! NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will do to my family what this creep did. Heck, I'll probably turn myself in to authorities, I have no problem with prison or execution knowing this perv will never take advantage of another kid.

I question the level of moral character of anyone trying to defend this crime as justified in any manor. And Ohios law of 16 sucks too.


Urajerk - thank you for choosing that name. Knowledge and experience brings wisdom in any area of study. Rape was not used in any released material. Should we say he also had a harem and illegal prostitution ring? Let's throw in a few more accusations for good measure. If this guy is found not guilty and it is found that this girl cried wolf are you going to feel remorse for your words. I hope you write a check to he and his wife to help pay for their legal bills. This most terrible thing about our media is that they do not go back to the wrongly accused and do an article so the public can see what the real truth is. I challenge the media to start doing follow up articles so the public gets all the information.

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I wouldn't call it rape, but he was definitely in the wrong.
To answer your question, yes, people are that friggin stupid.


According to the cops in Ohio, It wasn't illegal/rape 12 years ago when a 26 year old was in a sexual relationship with my 17 year old sister and she got pregnant.


He probably wasn't her teacher, and she probably didn't get caught or file a complaint.

Yall Make Me Sick

Here we go again, it's always the child's fault YES I said child she's under 18. He was put in a position to TEACH the kids culinary NOT about sex. Let me guess... She dressed like she was older or like she asked for it? Either way he was SUPPOSE to be the adult she's still a child. He needs to learn to say NO!!!




Hold on -- the court hasn't found him guilty. How is it that you have found him guilty? A teachers job is hard especially dealing with 17 year old "children". They get mad at you for asking them to pay attention in class. They put holes in your tires, throw paint on your house, and falsely report information because they know nothing about discipline. They are left alone at home by parents who let them run rampant showing little to no respect for anyone. Are you familiar with the foster care system or the CASA program? I challenge you to take these older "children" into your home and do some good with your energy.


17 is not a child.


how sick in todays world people defend sickos and blame the victim. if a girls raped sexually assulted it must be there fault in some u morons eyes. to you freaks defending him would you defend him if it was your child?


This is exactly why a lot of girls and women never file complaints when something happens to them in a sexual nature against their will. They are immediately labeled as a tramp and blamed b/c they dressed skantilly, or blinked wrong and it's 'not his fault'


Do you know he is guilty? Let's through you in jail and let you sit there knowing your innocent and see your point of view then. If my child made this accusation I would make 100% sure it happened before doing something like this. Unfortunately people are far from handling things this way. As stated before the teacher at Western Reserve was put through hell because a "child" asked the teacher to put a sticker on her shirt. That poor teacher did nothing wrong and it was blown to a year's worth of accusations, legal bills and court.


While the law is the law and we are expected to obey and respect the law...if in fact he was NOT a teacher this would not make the rag...OOPS "newspaper". When there is partial guilt on BOTH sides why is it that only 1 is drug thru the mud and guilty? I would bet a fortune that this man was not the first "relationship" this scank had...


It would make the papers

Because she is 17, DUH !!!

Still a very formidable age.


16 is age of consent. So NO this would not be in the paper because there would be no investigation or charges to be brought as it is COMPLETELY LEGAL in the state of Ohio.

Most Wanted

44846GWP...I think most of us realize that 17 is not a child when you look at most 17 year old girls physically. That is not the point. I don't know if this guy is innocent or guilty. The point is...if he's a teacher...he is guilty. As a teacher, you realize when you take the position that you are not aloud to sleep with the students. It is forbidden fruit...not only that but against the law. Just like if you take a job as a bank teller you are not aloud to take money out of the till! If you do they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. It's pretty much guaranteed. These idiot teachers who do this...not saying this guy did or didn't...have no one to blame but themselves. They were told, they know the rules and consequences. So it doesn't really matter how grown up you think a 17 year old is. You can think it all you want, but if you're a teacher you better not touch it.


Seriously How often has this happened at ehove? I seem to hear about this going on a lot there. I google this and all I found was one older story but I swear this has happened more than that.


And another one who thinks that EHOVE is filled with sexual predators. Guess we should just shut it down, it does more harm then good.

FYI: Newspapers don't report Not Guilty verdicts because they don't sell papers. We have no idea what happened in that case. Nor is it relevant to this case.


You are incorrect. It has not happened a lot at EHOVE. As I said I follow these stories in all schools. Many accusations by disgruntled students end up being false complaints in all schools. Some throughout the United States have been true and proven in a court of law.


If this 'relationship' did happen, and all that...look at him? Seriously? A married, old guy (in the eyes of a teenager). There's GOT to be better prospects for her. What was the attraction? Manipulation? Was she needing a better grade on her Potato Peeling final exam?


I realize that a news story like this will bring emotions out but we need to keep in mind that the 17 year old was younger than 17 when " the relationship" started. The circumstances in which this was discovered were not stated. These abusers are like cockroaches, for every one you discover, there are 10 more. At the time, a teacher abused his power over me and no one stood up and said anything. Be careful what you say because you don't know everything about this. Predators find weaknesses and work their way into the inappropriate relationship. Parents beware and talk to your kids if they are being a "special aid" constantly after school or if a teacher has a special interest in your kid. This story strikes emotions in me and I applaud who ever brought this to light. I hope this girl finds help and has proper couceling.


BAILEY well said !!!! IM male and i agree i find sad in todays world women feel they cant report a sex crime cause people always say oh she wanted it oh shes a sl ut and they question her sexual history. well way i look it i dont care if a womans slept with 20 men it dont give a man right to assult her. it makes me puke people supportthese kind men!