Norwalk might spend $20,000 for 5-year financial forecast

City council members share opinions about proposal.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 15, 2013


It didn't appear Thursday that Norwalk city council members were sold on the idea of spending $20,000 on a five-year financial forecast.

The idea of the forecast first surfaced in February, but received a less-than-enthusiastic response from council members.

When council members recently received the 2014 proposed budget, Councilman Kelly Beck noted the inclusion of the five-year forecast.


Read what he and other council members said about the subject in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.




Boy that seems like a brilliant way to waste my tax dollars. Here's another thought, finish fixing all the side walks instead of fixing just one side of the streets side walks and leaving the other. Or how about getting rid of all the trees in the tree lawns that are tearing up the sidewalks in the first place. Now at least the handicapped citizens in wheel chairs can get half way to the trails on Eastwood drive since you decided to stop fixing them up to a certain point. How about you just have a bonfire with the money instead?

former local

The city Finance Director can't do this?

Cliff Cannon

Correct me if I am wrong. Our finance director Diane Eschen ( Please God let me have spelled her name correctly ) is a certifiable genius, who has forgotten more about Norwalk's financial shape than any consultant could ever know. Any disagreement ?

So why not use the talent's of this genius to it's full potential and let her tell all of us, of her conclusion's of the foreseeable future ?

" Consultants' " to me are people who come in to tell you what do, when you don't know how to run your business, would you agree ?. They also, of course, provide " political cover " in troubled times, true ?

So, why waste the money ? Personally, I for one could care less about 'political cover ' as we all know revenues are going to fall for our fair city, don't we ?

So here's pleading with city council, to nix this idea of a "consultant " that they would pay 20,000 grand, to tell us what our gifted finance director has already known for a long time--- Norwalk is in for a serious belt tightening. And again, thank God we have a gifted genius like Diane Eschen as our finance director.


Well said Mr. Cannon.


Re: "Diane Eschen"

According to the article, it reads like members of the NCC are thinking the same thing.

Let her put some projection numbers together and see what she comes up with.

Who's the "consultant" firm? The name isn't mentioned.

Kottage Kat

Go to council and suggest that..


Isn't this exactly why we elected these so called official? How can you run for office, get elected and suddenly can't do your job!?!?!?! Shut the system down, empty it out of all the politicians and reload with some other ones that's gonna do a better job if they can't

Kottage Kat

You lead and I will follow.u

Cliff Cannon

Many times, I written of having " Bloggers curse " ( lack of information ) and once again, I find myself being victimized by said curse.

You see Saturday, it was my privilege to be a volunteer helping to clean up some of our fair city from the recent storms. So let me first say, I believe Mayor Duncan had a stroke of genius in seeking volunteers to help. As well, as to say---- volunteering on city projects' is one of the waves of the future.So here's hoping it grows.

Mayor Duncan, told me,I presume, after having read my prior comment here.( Point being; Keep blogging,they are read ) That Mrs. Eschen is for getting the budget plan done. Then, not having read Friday's paper with the story till today. Of course, Councilman Mushett noted her approval as well.

So a talent of her magnitude,obviously must be listened too. Still,this citizen is against spending this money. To wit : Let's say this $20,000 plan was delivered to city hall last August 27th. The next day Janesville closed, which would've rendered this plan a very expensive paper weight,true ? So how many 'surprises ' lurk out there in the future, to do the same thing ?

Of course, as part of a comprehensive plan. Way's to cut/save money will be major components, agreed ? Yet,we already know most of the consultant's idea's; keep equipment longer, cut employee's,implement permanently tiered wages for future hires, slash non-essential services or ride the wave of the future,then consolidate as many government functions in our schools, city's & county, as legally possible.

Personally, I am even more draconian. As I am all for cutting ----every government employee's wages & benefits as much as possible, then using the money to hire, what I believe the uncertain future will require most----more cops.

Of course, there are countless numbers of great idea's unspoken yet. So shouldn't we seek the extremely valuable input of as many imagination's filled with good idea's--- particularly from government employee's as possible in these troubled days ?

Because, no matter how the vote on this consultant issue comes out. One thing is for certain; It will be the talents, imagination, courage , perseverance & dedication of our good citizens, that will ultimately carry the day, won't it ? So why not tap this free vein of gold ?