City calls no-parking signs near Janesville a fair compromise

Norwalk's public works director provides update.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 15, 2013


Following Tuesday night's city council meeting, Norwalk officials went right to work to try and come up with a compromise involving the parking situation near Janesville Acoustics.

Janesville employee Kevin Fenwick had been parking his car, which was draped with protest signs, on Norwalk Commons Drive near the plant.

On Tuesday, the city posted no-parking signs near the truck entrances on that street.

Tuesday night, a number of Janesville employees voiced their displeasure about the signs at the council meeting.

At that meeting, Mayor Rob Duncan said he would instruct Josh Snyder, public works director, to handle the situation.

Snyder provided an update for a story published in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.



What a bunch of woosies! He has the right to free speech. If Janesville wasn't screwing their employees over, they wouldn't be embarassed by his signs!
The City isn't going to keep jobs here by sucking up now!


does anybody understand that other companies might be looking at the industrial park,this is an outdated tactic that never worked in its day.
if I potential employer I would turn and run,so many places to go,norwalk offers nothing special


How many empty buildings are in that industrial park? EEEfff, janesville.

former local

I don't understand why the city is sucking up to a company that is leaving town!

Now The Rest of...

Seems like the jobs, jobs, jobs mayor and his safety service director are throwing the public work's director under the bus. Wasn't we told the safety service director ordered the signs? This protest will not entice any new employer looking at Norwalk to relocate. Parking or no parking the jobs are gone, get over yourself and look for a new job..


I'm finding it hard to believe that not one person protesting knows the law well enough to get around what the city is doing. I don't even work there and am about to go protest just to get them fired up due to their rights being taken away. The city of Norwalk is trying to oppress free speech because they think it might effect a future company from coming here. The protesters should go to Mayor Duncan's house and protest from there. I believe that the public has the right to stand on public grounds, including sidewalks and public utility easements. Since these are public places paid for with tax dollars the public has a legal right to be on that property. As long as they keep moving (so your not charged with public loitering) and have someone there with a brain they can't be forced to leave. If you tell an officer this and they ask you why you think that, you don't have to answer. Just keep moving. Don't be rude to the officer. If the officer keeps asking questions simply ask if you are being detained. If not then keep protesting. If they ask you to "stop" or say "yes, you are being detained", ask to be read your Miranda rights and to speak with an attorney, IMMEDIATLY. You don't have to give the officer an ID, just your name, date of birth and address. Don't say anything else. Any GOOD attorney would be able to get an crap obstruction charges, disturbing the peace charge or inciting public panic charge dropped. And that is all really the police can charge you with. IF you fail to give them your name, address and DOB, then that's a forth degree misdemeanor and you can be arrested for that. Don't ever give up your rights to a city, an employer or to anyone you think is oppressing you. Stand up for your rights, legally and in an adult fashion. And here's the bonus if you get arrested and no charges are brought against get to file a class action lawsuit against the city of Norwalk. Why? Because the protesters' right to free speech, liberty and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures were violated. When being arresting you have to be patted down, this is called Terry's law and it originated in Ohio. Ohio doesn't have a stop and frisk policy that allows for you to be searched unless you are being arrested. The police may say they have "Reasonable Suspicion" but they don't since no criminal activity is taking place. Just a peaceful protest which is protected by freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble. So if they pat you down and arrest you without just cause then they illegally searched you.


I'm not sure this is good advise for a parked car

swiss family

Again I have to say that I can not believe that the acceptable style of our current Safety/Service Director, and our "city law officer, who sit together at their own little table, at the city council meetings,is to boldly LIE to the public... I heard the complaints from the workers at the meeting, and I heard the B>S> spewed out by the Safety/service Director, claiming that the "no parking" signs had NOTHING to do with the cities decision to try to quiet the building tension between the Janesville big shots and their employees who are loosing their jobs....we all know that the company didn't like looking at the truth facing them, and now claim that the semi's are having a difficult time getting in and out of their assigned areas...come on.. people have always parked there and it has NEVER been a problem.. so it seems logical to believe that they felt harassed by having to look at the desperate workers signs trying to save their jobs.

I have had the honor and pleasure of attending some city council meetings this past year, and sadly I have to say, but with the exception of 3 representatives on the council, they will lie to your face,and not flinch as they do so, they will also tell you about how they "understand" your complaint, and they will have to get the proper people to investigate the source of your complaint, and then do NOTHING...they will tell you that they are compiling a letter to be sent to you to inform you as to what they plan to do and not do for your problem, and then as of 7 weeks later, still NOT send a letter ...( and I am expecting to hear from the Safety/Service director, telling me that he sent the letter, and has no idea why I didn't get it) I would be willing to bet because you NEVER DRAFTED THAT LETTER, and on the small chance that they did, will claim that it mist be lost in the mail somewhere...

I am begging the Reflector, or the Cable supplier to please air the meetings. I think people would be shocked and terrified to see and hear how these local citizens have transformed from being one of "US" like they were when they were campaigning, and now have turned into one of "Them" who are using terms like "how can we embarrass" how can we "expose these people" how can we "humiliate" these same citizens who voted them me, if you were to go to these meetings, or even just one, you would walk out of there wishing and hoping to vote all of them OUT.. in my opinion


Re: "I am begging the Reflector, or the Cable supplier to please air the meetings."

With ya!

When Continental Cable was the provider, I showed the Admin. how this could be accomplished at no charge to taxpayers.

They were NOT interested.

Unfortunately, those Fed rules no longer apply.

Mayor Duncan campaigned on transparency.

Guess that went out the window along with the "jobs, jobs, jobs" rhetoric.

My suburb back in Chicago would cablecast city council mtgs. and repeat them often.