Janesville employees feel left out in cold by city administration

Parking changes the reason.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 14, 2013


Janesville Acoustics employees and supporters made their displeasure known with the city administration at Tuesday night's council meeting.

Casey Martin, Janesville union president, told city officials the employees weren't pleased with the recent no-parking signs which were posted on Norwalk Commons Drive, effectively ending a protest by fellow employee Kevin Fenwick.

Fenwick, whose car had been draped with protest signs for the past month, said his right to freedom of speech had been violated.

See full story in today's Norwalk Reflector.



As more articles come out about this move, I'm starting to figure out why Janesville would want to leave. Is this guy for real. "Salt the streets" OMG.


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I couldn't agree more brotherkai, I mean, protesting doesn't solve anything anymore! People look at you like a moron with little to no intelligence..... If I owned the company I would want to leave sooner if the employees were acting like this! Accept the situation, and go find another job! I know it's not easy but you have time, and the sooner you do, the more satisfaction you will recieve by leaving Janesville high and dry to fill your position!!!


Please tell me where you work, so I can boycott your employer.

"Stop the dumb."




Duncan is republican. A republican administration will always side with the company and against workers.


LOL yeah and the democrats really care too huh? Oh wait they lie and make you think they care about you.Hows that obummercare workin out for ya?


Can you tell me how the Affordable Care Act has negatively impacted your life?

journey rules

raised my rates


Works fine for me, thanks. Sorry about yours.


Re: "A republican administration will always side with the company and against workers."

A partisan cheap shot comment.

So Mayor Duncan is HAPPY & WANTS the co. to leave?

The City loses also Sport.


I thought I was original when I called it oh bummer care,guess I'm just


I'm a working man and I have never seen a republican back a working man. Yes, I have seen several democrats back working men. I am not a democrat or a republican. Personally, I think the majority of politicians are crooked but, I will vote for democrats most of the time because they are the ones that are, most of the time, voting for the working man/woman. Also, all of you that are stuck on debating "Obama Care" are fighting a losing battle. It's been voted in by house and congress and placed into law. It's over people. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing is to be determined but your whining and complaining on small time blogs is doing nothing.


Re: "I have never seen a republican back a working man,"

Yea, let's forget those "Bush tax cuts" for the lower and middle class that Obama made permanent.

Better to give more of your money to BIG Govt. eh?

Also, why worry about those 15 million people who lost their individual health care coverage due to ACA?

According to Pres. Obama, they're ONLY 5% of the population - "F" 'em!


Look man, I don't pretend to know why our economy went to s#!+ or why politicians do what they do. All I know is that ever since I graduated high school in 1998 all I have seen politicians do is point the finger at the other side and the general public follow form. It seems to me that if someone claims they are republican or democrat all they care about is putting the blame on the other side. I'm tired of watching fox news or MSNBC and listening to the rhetoric of why republicans or democrats suck. Let's be united and fix our problems no matter what political party you belong to. Think for yourselves and if you are elected to an office that can make a change than make that change.


Re: " listening to the rhetoric of why republicans or democrats suck"

If you're tired of it, then I'd suggest that you quit spewing out the partisan crap.

I saw two of the WORST presidents in my lifetime back-to-back, LBJ and Nixon; one a Dem and one a Repub.

Just because I dislike Pres. Obama and most of the Big Govt. Democrats doesn't mean that I like the Repubs. more.

For the most part, I agree with you.


Hypocrite much? (Don't answer that; I know the answer.) Calling someone out for being partisan? Really? Mr. Libertarian-I-owe-nothing-to-the-society-that-sustains-me? Big Government Democrats...please. Conservatives have historically grown the Federal Government much more than any Dems. Pick up a history book, dude.


Re: "Conservatives have historically grown the Federal Government much more than any Dems."

So "conservatives" expanded the scope and size of the Fed. Govt. with the likes of: The Fed. Resv., the Federal Income Tax, Medicare, Medicaid, Soc. Security, Obama☭are, et. al.?

Get your head outa your partisan *ss, dudette.


The thing with Dem"s siding with working man?? Remember the tax breaks you receive has to come from somewhere.. Think on this. Socialism (government dependency) (which is what dem's always go for) socialism is good, till you run out of OTHER PEOPLE's money. Besides when you call yourself a working man, WHAT the heck do you think Bob Evans, Col. Sanders, Heinz, Gates, Papa John, Stallone, (heck i can go on and on) are? BUT because they made it big and build a business/career instead of "just a job" you now hate them and feel you are somehow superior?? working man??? doesn't even give you credit with me.. and I am probably what you refer to as "working man" . But i feel like most conservatives and rep's. Rights! You have EQUAL rights. NOT the "RIGHT to EQUAL outcome.....and if you keep playing this Equality (DEM) game.. whether you have a job which comes with great skill and responsibility or a no brainer burger job. You quality living will be the same, and i for one do not feel a guy/girl who does not work deserves the same.. THE END.


The End? Finally? Thank goodness. Like most, I'm tired of hearing the dumb.


I am sure you are one who feels Equal Rights should mean Equal outcomes huh?? Everyone get a trophy..Boo hoo


Couldn't agree with you more,BeTrump! But I am certain he isn't going to shut up....


another thought is to ask Janesville for a job at the new location,no demands just having experience might interest them.
forget the UAW,they have high paying jobs while they lost thousands of jobs for northern ohioans also they have left the union stigma that keeps other companies from locating here


it looks as though oh bummer care will collapse within it self because young healthy people are not interested in paying for whiny old codgers
doctor bills.
sorry dude but they should have read the bill before they signed it into law


The city didn't care when we lost our jobs at Giant Eagle either, but we didn't protest the store we just did our jobs right up to closing..They sure cared about Norwalk Furniture though. And I like to think of it as Obama-don't-care.

Kottage Kat

Golly who was Mayor at that time
Refresh my memory
Thank you

swiss family

Kat... maybe you have not been paying attention lately, but we have a new Mayor and he even campaigned on getting more "jobs, jobs, jobs" here... but we are losing more and more jobs every day.... so you can NOT blame the old Mayor unless you are also going to blame the current Mayor for the loss of local jobs!

Kottage Kat

Just like blaming Bush

former local

Pretty sure you can only blame the current mayor for job losses on his watch. You know people who blindly think their candidate can do no wrong is part of the problem in this country!


Sure, she & Lt.Gov. Fischer tried to talk to Furniture & others. btw still wanting free food?