With new appraisal, airport board hopes to lower taxes

$400,000 appraisal on the commercial building too high, board member says.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 13, 2013


The issue involving real estate taxes at the Huron County Airport took a new twist at Tuesday afternoon's airport authority meeting.

For years, the Huron County commissioners paid the real estate taxes at the airport and also allocated funds from farm rentals back to the airport coffers.

In recent times, the commissioners have begun to charge the airport for taxes and keeping the farm rent, much to the dismay of several airport board members who called it a "double whammy."

Board member J.W. Kelley has said recently the $400,000 appraisal on the commercial building at the airport is far too high.

On Tuesday, board member Carl Essex said a new appraisal has valued the commercial building and surrounding 5 acres at $75,000 and $15,000, respectively, for a total of $90,000.

A story about this subject was published in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.


Jonathan Christman

I think I have a problem with this and I think I need to speak up. Does the Fair Board pay property taxes? Does the landfill pay property taxes? How about the dog warden, license bureau, or Human Services? What about the Sheriff's office or Human Services? You see, I think it might just be illegal for the commissioners to charge the airport authority property taxes without charging any of these other department property taxes...I would certainly like to see someone look into this. If any commissioner would like to contact me and explain how you decide to charge one group these taxes and not others I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at 419-668-9962 or email me at jonathan@christman.net.


Good thought !


Aha! Essex finally has finally found a way to devalue the airport property. Is $90,000 Bader's price or will he be given a steep discount for being such a "valuable asset" to the community?


Kelly Kelly Kelly, you few there keep losing altitude.

hit the road jack

Just about everyone is in the same boat(over appraised property) it looks good as long as everyone pays their taxes.


And those who claim "civil disobedience" ruin it for the rest of us who pay our taxes on time.


How many years have they been charged 4 times the taxes on it?

Now The Rest of...

All of this for an airport that's has an a average of 10 landings per week, the playpen for a privileges few..